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Carole Stephens
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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The wide clip is easy to use and the shaping allows freedom of movement.” “The padded ring in the center was hard to place initially, but my horse felt freer in his stride while wearing it.

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It’s tricky to check the tightness as it doesn’t touch his sides, but once I’d worked out which holes it needed to be on it wasn’t a problem.” “I really liked the theory behind this girth, and it certainly suited my horse well, holding his saddle in place while keeping him comfortable.

The leather is soft and the shape was almost like a stud girth, perfect for extra protection.” The fit was fantastic and true to size, and the elastic was strong so there was no danger of over-tightening.

The verdict: “Alternative design for sensitive horses, but may need a size up from normal.” Full grain English leather, triple crossover elastic at both ends.

The elastic was tough enough to prevent any over-tightening, and held the saddle firmly in place. “The leather was soft and easy to clean, and the cut-away style allowed for more movement.

Soft, padded leather, shaped for a narrow girth groove. “I liked the narrow style of this girth, which suited my mare and allowed her to move more freely through the shoulder.

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Elasticated with AIR cushion, stainless steel roller buckles and central D-ring. Because it’s quite a thick pad it made the girth come up a bit small, so I’d recommend a size up.

Soft leather and shock-absorbing gel pad with airflow to reduce sweat build up. I was concerned that the gel pad would attract hairs and dirt, but it was surprisingly easy to keep clean and not as sweaty as I expected, either.

I didn’t like the plastic feel of the PVC material, but it wasn’t noticeable when in use.” Hairs tended to get stuck in the stitching, but it cleaned up well and fairly easily.

“I liked the design of narrower sides and wider over the sternum, which fitted my large hunter-type well. The rounded edges stopped any rubbing and the leather was soft with neat stitching.

The verdict: Slim, contoured design, would benefit from elastic at both ends.” “The slim, contoured style of this girth suited my mare and allowed her good freedom of movement.

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The leather isn’t as soft as other, more expensive alternatives, but it fitted well and was great for everyday use. It wasn’t easy to keep clean, and it needed a lot of washing, but absorbed sweat very well, so I was surprised to find that it actually kept my horse cooler despite the thick lining.

It was quick and easy to clean with a damp sponge, and although the material felt a bit cheap, it has lasted well and still looks like new.” “I liked the soft, contoured design and the elastic ends kept the pressure even.

It was easy to clean, just requiring a rinse, so was great for muddy days. Wanted something that frees up elbow, current girth sits too far forward on him for my liking.

For a less extreme shape test the harry dabs waffle are not a bad start. Mine should have been ideal for polite shape, but he dragged it forwards, and it gaped at the sides (that looks the same shape as the remain) so we went back to less extreme curves and ultimately with a pro-choice instead. Other horse has an ideal affinity F2 that is nice.

Mine should have been ideal for polite shape, but he dragged it forwards, and it gaped at the sides (that looks the same shape as the remain) so we went back to less extreme curves and ultimately with a pro-choice instead. Other horse has an ideal affinity F2 that is nice. Was looking at Harry dabs after good feedback on previous post on here but thought shape wasn’t too far off what he’s wearing now.

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Anatomical bridles, in particular, are designed to avoid putting pressure on horses’ sensitive facial nerves or pinching the ears. The brow band is also typically straight and snug across the horse’s forehead.

Anatomical bridles, on the other hand, are strategically designed to avoid key facial nerves, relieve pressure points, and increase muscle freedom, and boost overall comfort. Head shaking, face rubbing, and a bit resistance can all be signs of discomfort.

Your first step might be trying a bridle that offers slight improvements, like the ExionPro that allows more ear movement and pads sensitive areas around the nose and over the crown. The short answer is “it depends.” Your horse, budget, and preferences will help you decide on the “right” bridle.

The headstall and brow band clear all sixteen ear muscles and doesn’t put any pressure on surrounding nerves. Sensitive neck and throat areas are also pressure-free, and hinged cheek pieces ensure a wider field of vision for your horse.

This bridle comes standard with Stubbed’s innovative flash system that can be removed. This innovative bridle comes in two variations (Alpha/Beta) that differ only in the width of the nose band and whether the brow band has crystals.

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It bypasses critical blood vessels and arteries, as well as relives neck pressure. Dispersed poll pressure, ear cutouts, and elastic bit cradles take comfort even further.

As a result, your horse’s range of movement, extension, and flexion should improve. The padded crown piece has ear recesses for optimal movement and comfort.

The Mattes Equestrian anatomical girths are the most widely customizable on the market today, there are several designs to short specific conformations to ensure maximum comfort for your horse. The feel for the horse is particularly comfortable thanks to the particularly dense lambskin, padded with POLY-FLEX® and very soft thanks to SOFT-EDGE.

This girth is severely cut back in front of the elbow area to compensate for this. This Girth shape suits round horses with short backs and wide ribs or a narrow chest.

The special shape of the girth absorbs the rib curvature so that it cannot slip forward. The special shape for the belt prevents in almost all cases, any saddle slippage that may result in the girth sliding backwards.

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