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If you've ever dreamed of riding a horse along the sand, splashing gently in the waves as they lap the shore, this is the place to fulfil your fantasy (though only in low season I'm afraid). From this small fishing village, located on a river estuary surrounded by Marianas (salt marshes), take the boat out to the uninhabited spit of land opposite with its superb beaches.

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In contrast to Los Genovese, this is a fully-equipped beach, with chiringuitos and restaurants, waterspouts, bathroom facilities and flags to show the changing state of the sea. Crystal-clear, Caribbean-esque waters and the privacy afforded by its vast expanses only add to Sahara’s attraction; it is a favorite amongst Spanish celebrities and politicians.

The Play Managua is the closest of them all and is reached by just a 10-minute walk along the lovely promenade at the east end of Málaga’s great port. Its 0.6 mile-long, man-made stretch of fine sand provides the perfect setting for a refreshing dip and a dose of Andalusian sun, before lunch or drinks in one of the many excellent restaurants and bars on the nearby Paseo del Mueller Dos.

Despite its proximity to the city center, Cal eta doesn’t feel closed-in, grimy or overcrowded: from its clean sands are beautiful views of the rough, mountainous terrain that surrounds Málaga. The main “city beach” in Cadiz, this busy, popular strip of sand runs for 2,800 meters along Andalusia’s Atlantic coast and backs on to Pasco Maritime.

Dramatic rock formations tower around this small cove, from which the famous Mary waterfall can be observed cascading off the verdant clifftop above. Estonia also has one of the loveliest beaches in the province, with a mile-and-a-half of fine gray sand and tranquil bathing easily accessible from the town’s main promenade, the Agenda España.

Estonia’s slight underdog status among visitors to the Costa del Sol means that, although it’s popular with locals, it never becomes uncomfortably packed, even in August. Marbella has carved out a reputation for itself as being the loudest, most brash and bling destination on the south coast of Spain; a favorite among the world’s millionaires and billionaires.

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Situated along the length of Puerto Bands’ flashy marina, this clean and spacious beach is lined with smart beauty salons and sleek bars and restaurants. Some Coast del Sol’s best swimming and sunbathing is to be had on the beautiful beaches in the municipality of Midas, named after one of Málaga’s most iconic whitewashed towns.

Its six main beaches are now all connected by a recently-renovated four-and-a-half mile promenade, lined with palm trees and boasting exceptional views of the coast and the rugged landscape inland. Playa de Bajondillo is closest to Torremolinos itself and can become very busy, but heading westwards along the promenade brings you to more tranquil areas close to the charming old fishing village of La Orihuela.

Given that large sections of Andalusia’s stunning coast are now dominated by high-rise hotels, “English” pubs and massive resorts, Playa de Bolonia has survived amazingly well. As temperatures soar, lets take a look at the Best Spanish Beaches in Andalusia.

Here are my favorite beaches in Southern Spain in Alphabetical order according to province. Roquetas de Mar is a personal favorite due to the sheer size of the beach.

Although windy beach days aren't ideal for sunbathing they are perfect for surfers and sailing. So don’t forget to bring your wetsuits for surfing and your board when you are in Routes for a few days.

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Probably the most famous of the Almeria Beaches, Playa de los Puerto is not for everyone. Despite its stunning natural beauty, you need to plan your day carefully if you want to visit.

Situated in the Natural Park of Cab ode Data, this beach is difficult to access. The car park gets very busy in summer (worse on weekends) and you need to hike down a trail to the beach.

It's not a child-friendly beach due to the long hike and the currents. Also bear in mind that you will need to save some energy and water for the hike back up the hill to the car.

This fishing town on the edge of Cab ode Data Park is a popular destination. Lots of activities like a boat ride from the port nearby, kayaking and pedalos.

Although the town of Puerto de Santa Maria is more popular for its Sherry Bodegas. There is also a large car park (free) next to the river, a short walk from the beach.

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There are two beach bars or chiringuitos close to the Atlanta area which make a good place to eat when enjoying the day here. You can also head into Sahara de los iTunes where you'll find a bigger selection of bars and restaurants.

Showers, lifeguards, restaurants and water sport activities on offer. Called Playa del Still, it has a mix of dark sand and fine pebbles.

Again as the town is small and gets busy in summer months with visitors it can be difficult to find parking spots. The beachfront has shops restaurants and cafés so it's easy to find somewhere to eat in Cast ell de Ferro.

Mainly visited by Spanish families its busiest on weekends and in August. If you have lunch at Restaurant Viña del Mar don't miss the Mango Sorbet.

The Calabash restaurant is a high end dining place that's quiet and good quality food. With 3 kilometers of beach to enjoy it stretches up into Palms de la Frontera.

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It takes its name from the ruined watchtower built in the 16th century to guard the coast from Berber pirates. It is a good beach for walks due to the large expanse of sand.

Bordering the Donna Natural Park, there is an expanse of 4 kilometers of sand to enjoy. It does get busy here in summer due to the excellent quality and easy access of the beach.

There are plenty of services, showers, children area, lifeguard, tourist office…. Eat at one of the Chiringuitos or pop over to Co meme on the Pasco Maritime for a good family atmosphere and great food.

The Costa del Sol has lots of coastlines to enjoy, however I have my favorite spots. Although it's quite a distance (walking from the main town) by car it takes a few minutes.

In this part of Era you have quite a few shops on the main street and plenty of restaurants to choose from. The street above the beach is very steep, something to bear in mind when planning your day here.

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A quieter more residential area, San Pedro has plenty of beaches to choose from. There are plenty of services here, showers, lifeguards, public toilets and water sport activities.

Book at table at the Chiringuito Nero Ran, the oldest in Spain, in business since 1957 and enjoy a Paella, seafood or whatever takes your fancy. Set on the other side of Marbella, this area seems to be mainly used by local residents and people in the know.

It has gained popularity in recent years but it is less crowded that other areas closer to Marbella. There are also quite a few opportunities for water sports such as kayaking, jets skis or boat rides.

At the Marina you can see the boats in the port or pop to Andy's beach bar which is a great place to eat here. This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click through and make a purchase, I will receive a small commission.

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