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James Smith
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
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When picking out a dressage horse, it is important that you pay special attention to the personality and temperament of the horse. Their naturally fluid gaits and expressive movement make them a pleasure to work with.

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To find an Andalusian that is best suited for dressage, remember that your horse needs a conformation that will support suppleness, balance and strength. A higher-level dressage horse must show suspension, cadence and elevation while being relaxed, submissive and supple to your aids.

The horse ’s croup should be elongated and slightly slanted, which will allow him to drop and create lightness on his forehand. When more weight is put on the hindquarters, the shoulders of the horse can move freely and stretch out in front of him.

The horse ’s neck and back should be what I consider average and proportionate to the rest of his body. If the back is too short, on the other hand, saddle-fitting will be an issue, and it’s much more likely that the saddle placement will block the horse ’s shoulders.

A horse that is more compact and correctly balanced over his back will be able to manage all parts of his body with more ease. If his hips are too far away from his shoulders, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to be coordinated and able to isolate one group of muscles at a time.

For work related reasons I had to leave the United States and now live in Spain. I do advanced dressage and I had several horses at home as prospects that I left with one of the best trainers in the United States.

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I really need to sell them to... More Caliph is a very special horse with an absolutely safe AA and JR/YR friendly temperament. I bought him from his breeder as a yearling and have trained him entirely myself with the guidance of top coaches.

He is for sure the Barn... More Sol De Oro This is a 2009 old 15.2 hand tall Buckskin Andalusian Gelding by Color out of an Os ado A Mare. She has straight movement great freedom of shoulder and... More Cookies help us deliver our services.

Andalusian Horses are a symbol of our country that make thousands of people enjoy this beautiful animal all over the world. Selecting nobility and movements bloodlines, so we have achieved a balanced type of horse with the ability to learn and want to work.

When buying an AndalusianHorse, we recommend that our clients come to try them at our stud farm, where our staff compares them and shows them their level of dressage. The photos of our horses are published daily on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, where our followers can see their evolution and make comments that always help us improve.

The videos show their movements in the three airs, Step, Trot and Gallop, which allows you to get an idea of the quality of each horse. At the birth of the foals we perform the imprinting, which helps our horses to be easier to touch, bruise and handle when they are adults.

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Your first relationship with people in their first hours of life are fundamental, and we try to take advantage of them to create a good base. Even though people within the professional dressage world are getting more and more accepting when it comes to seeing the Spanish horse as a fully functional dressage horse, there is still a lot of prejudice aimed towards Iberian horses.

Who doesn’t want a horse that has the potential of getting up to a Grand Prix level in dressage or jumping? To a dedicated amateur rider these horses may look like an easy way to a professional career.

Truth be told, many of these horses belong in the hands of professional riders. What that really means, is that this horse has a strong character and/or is not suitable for most amateur riders.

If a breeding program is focused on performance horses, there is a high likelihood that a degree of inbreeding has occurred to preserve a certain trait (amazing movements, ability to jump etc.) As we know in humans, inbreeding can cause a range of physical and psychological problems in the child.

This in combination with a high level of agility could be a potential death trap for an inexperienced rider. The Spanish horse has been a working animal for centuries and has always been bred to be social and cooperative with the human.

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Even if we chose a hotter, more sensitive PRE for performance sport, the basic character and predictability is still there. Northern European Warm blood: From the start engineered to pull carriages and work farm land.

If we look at the conformation of a horse designed to pull, in short we can often see a lower set neck, a straight shoulder with a big wither, a longer back and back legs designed to push forward. This is a great horse to work in an “open shape” letting it reach forward to the bit and getting “his shoulder into it” and those back legs pushing forward (as if pulling), getting him into a good rhythm with a good cadence.

In that shape the back is following through the movement, which makes it swing up and down as the horse is reaching forward into his working position. He is big and strong and is designed to pull and requires a support and steady contact with the riders hands.

Because he has a higher degree angle in his shoulder, his front leg will take a longer stride under his body and the movement will travel more through the shoulder of the horse and up through the wither. This could give a jerky sensation for the rider if the horse is a big mover.

Then look at the Andalusian horse also pulling a cart and compare the position of front and back legs. Then look at the world champion dressage horse (amazing performance BTW) at WEG and look at his front leg position in the extended trot.

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Then look at the front leg position of another world-famous Spanish horse … Andalusian : From the beginning bred and used as a “war horse adapted to carrying a rider in arms to battle.

To be able to turn on his haunches in a millisecond to face an opponent or to sprint away from the danger to protect his rider. This means that it’s easier for the Andalusian to tuck his bum in and lift his own back and the rider up.

Because of it being no effort for him to carry a rider in this position, he will naturally work with more suspension, and he will feel softer to sit on. When a horse is working in this collected higher position with the rider he will feel lighter in the hand and softer to sit on.

The Spanish horse was from the beginning designed to carry a rider, and to collect. The northern European horses were designed to pull a cart, even though they have been modernized a lot since then.

The content of this is that it’s probably easier to find a PRE horse that will be light in the hand and comfortable to sit due to the above stated. Having talked about choosing the right conformation for a dressage horse it means very little if the horse is not willing to cooperate.

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Unlike a warm blood who will put you on the floor of the arena if he is unhappy, if the Spanish horse hurts he will not tell you. Owning a PRE horse is therefore a big responsibility for you as his “guardian” because he doesn’t have the “heart” to tell you if he is not feeling well.

They learn quick, and they are focused and levelheaded to be able to endure the stress during a film set. It’s that combination of “Corazón” and intelligence that makes them feel like they have a human soul.

In a movie set there is only a short time of action, the rest of the time is spent waiting around, whilst people, cameras, lifts and all sorts of funny stuff is right next to you and around you. It’s also the breed most suited for amateur riders due to its docile character.

When it comes to dressage, there are only a handful of horse breeds that are uniquely suitable for such competitions. So, no matter at what stage you see yourself at, this article will surely guide you on which horse breed for dressage best suits you.

In this section, I’ll go through the characteristics of each horse breed that I think is the best suitable for beginner riders. Appaloosa is an American horse and is recognized by its striped hooves and spotted skin around the eyes and mouth.

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These horses were originally bred along the Northern area of the Wild West by New Peace and were recognized as an official breed in 1938. If you are an expert dressage rider, then Appaloosas might not be your first option but for a beginner, I’d recommend this breed because of its high versatility and because they can be easily trained.

The world is fond of the beauty of this horse and is the main reason why it is often used in movies to show the superiority of kings. Andalusian's have characteristic long mane and tail and have a compact, yet elegant body shape.

Even though they are not huge, they are thought to be a dominant force at top levels of dressage. These horses rarely reach the upper ranks in dressage but some high bankers do exist.

Because of their exceptional jumping abilities, Holsteins make excellent dressage mounts. Due to its high tail carriage and unique head shape, it is one of the most easily recognizable horses on the planet.

With an average height of 57 inches, this horse, with the right training can do wonders in dressage. The Arabian is registered as a purebred horse with colors: chestnut, gray, bay and black.

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Due to the lesser weight and great overall appearance, the Arabian proves to be an excellent choice for dressage. Averaging 61 inches in height, the Frisian horse is full of character, so much so that it is sometimes described as mischievous.

Mainly this horse is a popular choice for novice riders because of its love and affection but other factors are also in-play such as great dressage skills. Occasionally, chestnut color is seen as well because there are some breeds that carry the red gene instead of black.

This is not the only distinguishing feature of this species as powerful muscles, agility and feathers on lower legs also go in its resume. Today, by crossing this breed with Thoroughbred and other warm bloods, the Irish Draft has evolved into a sports horse that excels in all types of contests like evening and dressage.

Because this breed has a very good temper along with courage and resilience, it wouldn’t be right to leave such an incredibly versatile horse out of the competition. While it doesn’t appear high in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses rankings, it doesn’t mean it’s not suitable for the competition as you may be surprised to know that the Irish Draft makes a fantastic dressage horse.

These horses have a naturally light gait that is laterally ambling yet smooth and four-beat. In the US, there are two types of Pass Finds: one originated in Puerto Rico whereas the other was developed in Columbia.

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This warm blood horse breed originated in Germany and has won a number of Olympic and other riding competitions. The Hanoverian is renowned for its beauty and grace while good temperament and athleticism also comes in its blood.

The breed comes in black, gray, chestnut and bay color and attains a height of about 64 to 66 inches. Due to its powerful athletic body and strong limbs, the Hanoverian is quite suitable for almost all types of equestrian competitions, especially dressage.

It has an elegant gait that distinguishes it from other dressage horses and hence, excels smoothly in this competition. Sell Français is a pure sports horse breed from France.

Today, Sell Français is exported worldwide with studbooks formed in the UK and the US. It attains a height between 61 and 68 inches while chestnut color is commonly seen in this horse breed.

Since this horse is eager to learn new things, it excels in almost all equestrian competitions including evening, showjumping and dressage. This horse breed has a unique and elegant way of moving that helps it win dressage and evening competitions.

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It is a classical example of a sport horse ; it is intelligent, strong, eager to learn and has good conformation, all at the same time. This horse has a very friendly nature with plenty of stamina to work all day round.

This horse is probably the latest European warm blood developed when Thoroughbreds were carefully crossed with Gelderland and Groningen. The Dutch Warm blood is the 2010 Olympic dressage winner as well as the number 1 ranked jumper by the WB FSH.

Next comes the Tiger Mustang which is slightly smaller with a deep narrow chest and sloped groups. When given proper training, Mustangs are excellent in dressage and other equestrian events.

Because the Westphalia are so easy to train and are suitable for any type of rider, novice or expert, they are highly valuable. The Westphalia is specially bred for competitive riding like show jumping and dressage.

You won’t be surprised to know that this breed was ranked fifth in dressage and sixth in show jumping by the WB FSH in 2010. Other than that, the Westphalia has won many Olympic gold medals in dressage and show jumping as well.

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Oldenburg excels in almost all equestrian riding sports because they are selected for breeding based solely on their qualities and not just for one particular discipline. This beautiful breed of sports horses comes from Denmark by the result of crossing between Danish mares with the elite European bloodlines in the mid 20th century.

The horses used to cross with Danish mares were imported from Germany and Spain. Selections to breed were very strict from the beginning which helped them build a good reputation in the equestrian competitions very quickly.

Originally, this breed was bred for military purposes but later on, used for transport and agriculture. You can not train a horse that is unsuitable for a particular type of equestrian riding like dressage or showjumping.

At first, untrained horses have no idea what to do or what you’re asking from them but if it has a willingness to answer, that breed can surely be trained to excellence. It doesn’t matter if you are the world’s best horse rider if your companion is not willing to be trained and not willing to understand what you’re asking from it.

While jumping, the horse should answer you well and accurately because making a mistake in a contest might put you off big time. Even if your horse does not perform well in its maiden contest appearance, always have faith in your companion.

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