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Height: 15-16.2 hands (60-64.8”) Physique: Robust, heavy build Weight: 900 lb Lifespan: 25 years The Andalusian Horse originally came from the Iberian Peninsula, and it is named after the Province of Andalusia, which is the part of the world where it is the most famous.

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In fact, the Cartesian Monks were excellent horse trainers and breeders, and they were able to keep the bloodlines pure. And even though an epidemic in 1832 devastated the horse population in Spain, a small herd of the Andalusian horses found at the Monastery of CARTA survived in order to keep it going.

In Spain, where it excels in traditional equestrian pursuits and ranch work, this breed is referred to as Pure Gaza Espinoza, which translates to Pure Spanish Race. Described as robust yet elegant, the Andalusian horse has a unique ability to bring its haunches far beneath its body in order to elevate its forehead.

This trait makes them talented when it comes to upper movements of dressage, including giraffe, airs-above-the-ground, and passage. These tasks go beyond dressage to also include jumping, general riding, mounted athletics, and various forms of work.

The breed has a desire to learn, and these horses can easily adapt to new and changing situations with ease. Because these horses are responsive, obedient, and cooperative, they are easy to train and quite versatile, and they can also learn quickly.

The nose will gradually narrow and the nostrils are almond shaped, while the eyes are expressive, lively, and somewhat triangular. The ears are small, and the distinctive tail and mane are abundant, long, and wavy.

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An Andalusian ’s back will be solid and almost straight, as well as muscular and a bit short, while the withers should be subtly wide and the chest should be deep and full of arched, long ribs. Even the shoulders are muscular and long, and the hindquarters of this breed are lean, strong, and broad, while the tail is set low.

Height: 14-15 hands (56-60”) Physique: Powerful, elegant build Weight: 900-1,100 lb Lifespan: 25-30 years When one man learned his beloved pup had cancer, he decided he wanted to make every day she had with him count, and ...

Actually, and seeing the different lines of Andalusian horses that exist, you can find stallions for virtually any equestrian sports discipline with certain guarantees of getting good results. Obviously the stallion is only a part but it is certainly an important decision that requires seeing the offspring that it has had and assessing, if with the chosen mare it can have the desired product.

In cases where there is a clear breeding line, the purchase of the stallion can represent savings, especially when several mares are going to be covered. The Best Stallions are usually horses with a lot of race, of a considerable size and that transmit functionality, nobility and beauty.

In our Stallions Catalog we have three horses of excellent origins and that over the years they have provided us with colts and fillies of great quality that have proven their worth both in morphological competitions and in their equestrian sports activity. In Nevada Disobey we have a Qualified Stallion, Team, a Spanish Gray horse from which you can watch videos, photos and some of their foals.

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Generally, the Andalusian breed stands around 156 cm and weighs as heavy as 412 to 512 kg. Regular health check-ups from the vet will help in ensuring that he lives a healthy and satisfying life.

Another nickname for the breed is Pure Gaza Espinoza (PRE), which means ‘Pure Spanish horse.’ This majestic breed was created by crossing Portuguese Iberian horses with native horses in Spain. The Andalusian breed’s origins began thousands of years ago.

Because of the Pure Spanish horse’s nimbleness and speed, he quickly became a favorite of armies and European royalty. The Andalusian horse is closely related to his Portuguese counterpart, the Luciano.

He is very popular in areas of southern Spain, around Córdoba, Seville, and Granada. As a light breed, a fully matured Andalusian horse weighs around 412–512 kg and measure up to 156 cm.

The most common coat color of the Pure Spanish horse is gray. However, there are numerous color variations of the breed’s coat including black, buckskin, chestnut, dun, and palomino.

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Grooming an Andalusian horse requires extra effort as he has quite a thick coat and mane. Do not forget to check the Andalusian horse’s mane and tail for parasites and mites.

Avoid shampoos that contain harsh chemicals that can deteriorate the quality of his coat, making it lose its sheen. The Andalusian horse is a flexible breed that is highly capable of doing a wide range of work.

Because of his striking and elegant stature, the Andalusian horse is a favorite pick for demonstrations and parades. The Andalusian horse is mild-mannered and intelligent, which makes him seem like a great mount for beginners.

It is recommended to limit him from excessively grazing to prevent the risk of digestive upset. Ensuring that his daily basic needs are met is one of the simplest ways to keep him healthy and happy.

The Andalusian horse is famous for his signature ‘Spanish walk,’ which enthrall spectators during parades. Approximately 80 per cent of the Andalusian breed possesses gray coats.

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Conformation characteristics of a western stock horse with a pinto spotting pattern of white and dark coat colors. Pure Spanish Horse or PRE (Pure Gaza Espinoza) as the Andalusian is correctly know is best known for its dressage skills and film work but can make an excellent all-rounder as they are a very intelligent and sensitive breed.

Arabians are famous for their stamina and make great endurance horses. Height ranges from 14hh to 15.3hh in chestnut, bay, gray, black and roan with a dished faced and broad forehead.

Heavy bones and strong and thick legs make the Rennes horse suitable for draft work. Surprising fast and nimble with tremendous stamina for a heavy horse.

A draft horse breed known for its large but elegant appearance and is usually gray. A draft breed from Brittany, often chestnut and strong and muscular, 15.1hh to 16hh.

A breed originally from Northern Iran, 9hh to 11.2hh, valued for their speed and ability to pull or carry heavy loads The Clydesdale was bred for heavy farm and industrial work.

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It has a high-stepping, showy action, which makes it an elegant heavy horse. The Commons is a French heavy horse that comes in varying shade of chestnut, 14.2hh to 16hh.

They have an iron constitution, high courage and great intelligence, combined with a calm temperament. Pony character, hard & strong with a mealy muzzle and no white markings.

The Flagella is a very rare Argentinian breed of miniature horse. Flagella horses can be ridden by very small children.

Popular for its generally good temperament and used both as a harness horse and under saddle. They make an excellent riding, driving and competition sports horse.

Hackneys possess good stamina, and are capable of trotting at high speed for extended periods of time. The Harbinger is an all round horse for riding and driving.

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Highland ponies have a wonderful calm temperament and are easy to manage. The Irish Draft possesses a temperament of willingness, intelligence, docility and common sense.

This makes them suitable for jumping, evening, dressage, hunting and driving. The Lipizzaner are compact and muscular, with very powerful hindquarters making them suitable for advanced dressage and carriage driving.

The Luciano excels at classical dressage, as an athletic and talented jumper and a responsive driving horse. French draft horse usually gray or black, known for their intelligence and willingness to work.

American breed that excels at sprinting short distances. The Shetland pony is hardy and resilient, they are very strong for their size.

They are suitable as a child's riding pony or for carriage driving. The Shire is used in agriculture, pulling larger carriages and for showing.

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The Thoroughbred is best known as a race horse, the breed is also used for show jumping & combined training due to its athleticism. The Welsh Section B makes an excellent riding or show pony.

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