Best Andalusian Red Wines

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The wines from Spain have an excellent international reputation, which those made in Andalusia increasingly carry more weight, where half a million hectoliters is produced per season. A popularity that has increased in recent years with the arrival of international awards, which Andalusian wineries have taken advantage of facing the wine tourism (Guided tours, tastings and shows).

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The Denominations of Origin Jerez-Xérès-Sherry has the oldest regulatory Council of Spain; perhaps they are the most recognized wines worldwide. They use the Palomino grape Pedro Jimenez and Muscatel to develop Generous Wines (Fine, Amontillado, Colors and Pale Tornado), Generous Liquor (Pale Cream, Medium and Cream) and Sweet Natural (Pedro Jimenez and Muscatel).

This Pale Tornado is an exclusive, unique generous aged for more than 32 years, combining the finesse of the Amontillado and the body of the Colors, perfect with blue cheeses and flies. Gustav is one of the most prestigious wineries worldwide and thus was recognized by the 45th Edition of the International Wine & Spirits Competition, where it received the Sherry Producer Award 2014.

Its dark amber color, the scent of noble woods, with pronounced saline touches and its immensely long finish make it ideal for combining with cured cheeses and game dishes. The aging of this wine is limited to the town of Singular de Barrameda, also in Cadiz, due to its special microclimatic conditions along the Atlantic.

The Wine Spectator included the Manzanillo Solar, of the Armadillo Wineries, in the Top 100 of the best wines of 2014, highlighting it as one of the most breeding chamomile of the market. It is a chamomile with character, full of elegance and finesse, pale yellow in color with beautiful reflections, very bright and intense, dry on the palate but soft and harmonious aftertaste, saline, with a very persistent taste, which combines perfectly with prawns and ham.

Another chamomile most awarded of the market is the Manzanillo San León from the Harder de Argüeso Wineries. To its credit, it has the Gold Medal from the Brussels World Contest or the Grand Prize of the Libertine Wine Competition.

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This wine won the jury with its amber color, countersunk sharp aroma, complex sensations of good wood, with memories of a long biological aging. In the palate it is extremely attractive, large and powerful with a very persistent, sharp and elegant retro nasal passage.

It is made from raisined grapes in the sun, very elegant, with a wonderful palate and a perfect eternal end to finish a meal and quietly enjoy its taste. This Generous Liquor is an original wine from Sauce de Bollullos Par del Con dado Wineries.

This is one of the first wineries that saw in the orange an ideal complement to bring new sensations to the traditional Andalusian wines. It is aged for more than 10 years in American oak casks, to which the orange peel dried in the sun is added, which brings a distinctive mild flavor, citric smell and amber color, which counteracts with its sweetness.

It has a pale yellow color with green tones and an aroma reminiscent of flowers such as orange blossom or jasmine. Dry, very structured, pleasing to the palate, perfect for grilled fish, shellfish and seafood.

Sweet wines with Denominations of Origin Malaga have a long tradition dating back centuries. In the nose, it has a high olfaction intensity, with aromas of roasted pineapple, papaya, dried figs and balsamic finish.

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It is a complex and seductive wine, in the mouth it has great quality in its nuances and fit acidity, suggestive from start to finish. But not only sweet wines are the ones that stand out in Andalusia, thus it is shown in the Denominations of Origin Sierras de Malaga.

This red wine aged for more than twelve months in French oak barrels has intense aromas of ripe black fruit and liqueur that combine other with cedar and spices. In fact this wine from the Dona Felisa-Chinchilla Wineries was tasted by the Kings of Spain during their visit to Ciudad del Tao in 2014, year in which it received the Gold Medal at the Concourse International DES Cabernet's 2014 held in Paris.

With a deep blue color, it has a high intensity and aromas reminiscent of the environment with iodine notes, saline, of the Mediterranean woods, fresh and fruity. Marbella, Coil, El Romped or TORRO are some sites where you can find these amazing accommodations, close to all these wine tourism points we recommend.

The home of Flamenco and Moorish architecture is the southernmost wine-making area in Spain. While the area does produce some quaffable still wine, it’s the country’s great fortified wine, sherry, that is most often associated with the region.

The west coast along the Atlantic, with cooler climes is home to the subregions Jerez and Singular de Barrameda, which primarily grow the Palomino grape for use in Fine and Manzanillo sherries. The hotter climate in the south is best suited for the sweet sherries of Malaga and Sierras de Malaga, using the grapes Pedro Jimenez and Muscatel.

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The hot, but drier conditions farther inland in Montilla-Moriles are also more conducive to sweeter styles. In the northern part of the region, still wines are produced from the white grape Aired, as well as reds from Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Petite Vermont.

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Macabre is Spain’s most widely planted grape. From there, it has made its way to southern France’s Bouillon region, ...

History of the grape: Monastery is a native of Spain, first grown in Murkier near Valencia, and was eventually bro... “With so voluptuous a perfume, so sweet an edge, they make the blood run hot,” Joel Freshman, wine columnist at Van...

Jerez, or Perez, is in southwest Spain in Andalusia (Andalusia), taking its name from the town ... The winery has extensive vineyards located in the most famous “pages” (wine production areas) of ...

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Its has an overwhelming nose of raisins and nuts and the toxicity of oxidative sherries. In the mouth notes of coffee and raisins, extremely viscous and sweet, Although it has the necessary acidity to compensate, Great body.

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Traditionally the sweet Malaga desert wines from La Marquis. In addition to the above there are several smaller wine making districts called “Cameras Nicolas”.

It could have been brought there by the Greeks 2,500 years ago or even earlier, by seafaring Phoenician traders from the east. What we do know for sure is that by the time of the Romans wine was being made in Andalusia in a big way, and the activity has continued more or less uninterruptedly ever since.

From the 15th century onwards, Andalusian wines were shipped to appreciative drinkers elsewhere in Europe, particularly England, where there was a great fondness for Sack (as Sherry was called) and sweet wines from Málaga. This happy situation prevailed until the 19th century when European vineyards were affected by odium (a fungus), followed by an even more devastating plague of Phylloxeridae, the American vine root louse, which first appeared in Bordeaux in 1868 and spread to Jerez and Málaga 20 years later.

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Jerez's vineyards were replanted with plague-resistant American rootstock, but some areas never fully recovered. It’s been stigmatized as cheap and cheerful, with a banana bubble-gum flavor, mostly due to Beaujolais Noumea, which is released on the third Thursday of November each year, only weeks after the harvest.

That’s an ingenious cash flow concept for winemakers rather than tying up the wine in barrels for aging. The other red wine grape of Burgundy is Pilot Noir, considered more complex and cellar-worthy, but you’ll also pay a lot more for it because it’s far more susceptible to vine disease and rot from rainy weather.

In 1395, the Duke of Burgundy, Philippe the Bold, banned growing the grape, calling it “disloyal Gamay” because of its “very great and horrible harshness” and it occupied land that could be used for the more “elegant” Pilot Noir. Gamay is produced in the Loire Valley, Chile, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Oregon and Canada, mostly in Ontario, with some smaller acreage in British Columbia, Quebec and Nova Scotia.

Gamay wines are usually low in alcohol, and you can serve them just lightly chilled for extra refreshment. These vibrant, juicy, mouth-watering red wines pair well with lighter fare like grilled veggies and seafood, tomato-based pizza or pasta.

I’m going to start with the 2018 Seller Estates Gamay Noir, a vibrant, juicy, Niagara-on-the-Lake red wine, with notes of field berries. Gamay Noir ‘Droid’ is a red wine unique to Château DES Charles.

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In the early 1980s, winemaker Paul Boss discovered a single Gamay Noir vine growing straight up and taller than the others in the vineyard. The wine had classic Gamay cherry flavors and a medium body, but there was also more complexity.

Genetic testing revealed that Canada’s first infer vine was born right in their vineyard. They were granted International Plant Breeders’ Rights so no one else in the world can grow this vine or make this wine called Gamay Noir ‘Droid’.

I’ve loved this wine for many years: not only does it have fleshy ripe dark berries, but there’s also a peppery top note. Ruby red in the glass with dark cherry, blackberry and pepper spice aromas on the nose.

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