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Amado outdid himself in 2019 after not only winning Champion Western Pleasure Open but also the Supreme Champion Western Pleasure Open at the Andalusian World Cup in Las Vegas. Amado was also the 2019 (2017 and 2015) Canadian National Champion Sr Stallion and Gold Medal Movement winner.

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Amado was shown in 2010 and was pronounced US National Reserve Champion Colt, 2 years and under, when he was only six months old. On Amado’s topside, his sire is Canadian National Champion Senior Stallion, Mystique’s Manometer.

His Great Grand Sires were Moliere IV and Navarre GF, both multi-national titleholders. On Amado’s bottom side, his dam is US and Canadian National Champion Stamp MA.

He also has Levi ton, Hos co and Genie III in his long list of champion forefathers. His 2013 son, VA Also, was shown at 3 months of age at the Canadian National Andalusian show with Judge Sue Burman of Santa Barbara, California presiding.

His beauty, strength, conformation, and his superbly elevated movement, are what make him the superstar that he is. Starting as early as a yearling, Manometer was awarded the grand slam in the halter world.

He was also shown at open shows in dressage by both Olympic rider Ms. Leslie Reid and Mr. Sven Spain scoring in the 70s up to 3rd Level. Acosta won the 2008 Canadian National Champion Colt, 2 years and Under as a yearling.

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He was then shown under saddle as a 3-year-old in 2010 where he won 5 national titles in dressage and English pleasure both in open and Junior Horse. Just prior to Acosta’s 4th birthday he performed at the Fiesta where he did a spectacular exhibition freestyle displaying extensions that would take your breath away.

Acosta was sold in 2011 to Wendy Feller where he stands at stud near Portland, Oregon. Acosta is the sire of our beautiful black ¾ Andalusian filly, VA Sofia.

Actually, and seeing the different lines of Andalusian horses that exist, you can find stallions for virtually any equestrian sports discipline with certain guarantees of getting good results. Obviously the stallion is only a part but it is certainly an important decision that requires seeing the offspring that it has had and assessing, if with the chosen mare it can have the desired product.

In cases where there is a clear breeding line, the purchase of the stallion can represent savings, especially when several mares are going to be covered. The Best Stallions are usually horses with a lot of race, of a considerable size and that transmit functionality, nobility and beauty.

In our Stallions Catalog we have three horses of excellent origins and that over the years they have provided us with colts and fillies of great quality that have proven their worth both in morphological competitions and in their equestrian sports activity. In Nevada Disobey we have a Qualified Stallion, Team, a Spanish Gray horse from which you can watch videos, photos and some of their foals.

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Stud Fee: $1,000Sort Studs by: RelevanceNewest Oldest Slowest PriceHighest Presort by Colors by BreedShortest HorsesTallest HorsesYoungest HorsesOldest Horses He has the easygoing sweet nature of all our other Roberto II foals and moves straight with great elevation and extension.

Photo by Paula Maryann in 2012 Harmony Hills Argon is tall and well boned. Straight and extravagant movement and a temperament to die for make him our sire of the future.

He has commenced his official dressage career in 2017 with amazing scores and a wonderful can do attitude. Leo is a pure Spanish stallion of excellent bone, outstanding conformation and superb temperament.

He successfully competes in official Dressage and enjoys all work whether in the arena or out hacking. A perfect gentleman with the ladies at all times, he is available for natural cover or chilled semen.

Four times National Supreme Champion Led and Ridden under four different international judges he remains in a class of his own. Straight moving and standing just over 16hh he epitomizes superb conformation, excellent bone and an exceptional temperament.

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Roberto is revised by the CIA Caballero as a PRE and registered by the Alpha. Romerito's unusual height of 17 hands enables him to perform breathtaking extensions, his classical conformation guarantees light collection. With his rare color, bone size and height, Roberto's athleticism is the dream of Classical Dressage enthusiasts and serious Andalusian breeders.

In partnership with Maryville Lodge Andalusian Stud we imported Roberto's frozen semen into Australia in 2005. Invasion's frozen semen was imported in 2007 in partnership with Maryville Lodge Andalusian's.

Invasion is impeccably bred with Levi ton appearing in both the top and bottom of his pedigree. You might be surprised to find out there are more than 20 breeds of horses and ponies that originate from Spain alone.

Here are the most popular Spanish horses that managed to survive up to the 21st century: Andalusian horses enjoy worldwide fame and numerous prizes in equine sports and competitions.

The breed is also known as the pure Spanish horse or the Pure Gaza Espinoza. Unlike most Spanish horse breeds, the Andalusian has changed little over the years.

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Even though the Andalusian horse is the most popular Spanish breed, there are plenty of others that originated from the Iberian Peninsula. Today, the Budget horse is used for heavy work and, sadly, for meat.

It came to life by crossing Arab and Andalusian horses in the northern region of Spain. Therefore, great efforts are being made to preserve the breed and increase the population.

Originating from Galicia, in North-Western Spain, the Galician horse shares a lot of its DNA with Portugal’s Warrant breed. It is believed that their ancestors were brought in the Iberian Peninsula by Celtic immigrants around 600 BC.

They originate from the Majorca island and is also considered a critically endangered breed. Mannequin horses originate from the island Menorca and are also endangered, with less than 3,000 individuals counted in 2011.

Just like the Algonquin, Mannequin horses can only be black with a limited number of only white markings. They are very calm and obedient, showing a discernible grace and elegance in movements.

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They have strong bodies and limbs, convex head profiles, and round, joyful eyes. This breed is indigenous to the Guadalquivir River area, but can presently be found in the Donna National Natural Park, South-Western Spain.

It is one of the oldest horse breeds in Europe, with a history that goes over 3,000 years back. Another highly endangered horse breed, the Sorrier are extremely well adapted to harsh environmental conditions.

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