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• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
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In addition to “Domino,” owner Rebecca Hogan has produced numerous World, National, Rather, BCF and European Champions in nineteen years of breeding. Rebecca started in 2001 with one Appaloosa that she bought from down the road and, with the help of many wonderful people, has had great success and gained an immeasurable amount of knowledge.

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“I have been in a sharp learning curve and had tremendous help from talented, smart people… I am grateful to them and many others that have made this dream come true.” We invite you to join Rebecca and the rest of the team in her quest to continue this vision, whether you are new to the horse world or an old pro.

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It is also why the temperament of an Appaloosa horse must be considered before deciding to own or ride one. In many ways, it would be fair to compare the Appaloosa to the American Quarter Horse in terms of overall temperament.

If you are able to give them some scheduled activities and a regular routine, then you will have a successful experience with this full-sized breed. They are quite gentle and respectful when they believe their relationship is solid, but can be stubborn and somewhat aggressive if they feel like they are being abused in some way.

You’ll find this breed working cattle, racing, and entering dressage or jumping competitions. There may be a direct effect on the amount of energy that that Appaloosa has and the type of temperament that you’ll see on any given day.

Certain horses within the breed are bred to have certain performance traits, which can lead to different personality temperaments. Appaloosas that are generally bred for racing tend to have higher energy levels on a regular basis, which means they’ll have more of a fiery disposition than an Appaloosa that was bred for riding a trail.

You’ll see more negative behaviors as an owner if the horse is kept in the stall most of the time or turned out into a small pasture or fenced-in area. If that isn’t allowed, then you’ll begin to see an increase in the aggressiveness that tends to come with a high spirit.

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You’ll know if you have an Appaloosa that is going to be somewhat difficult in temperament if the horse is quite opinionated. There are some who believe that the Appaloosa horse temperament develops based on its parents.

When the dam and sire are somewhat unpredictable and stubborn, then there is a greater chance for the foal to be when it grows up as well. For this reason, many try to meet the horses that will be responsible for parentage before going through with the process since there is the thought that personality is a somewhat genetic trait.

It would be fair to say that if an Appaloosa can fool and experienced owner or trainer, then it is also entirely possible that this breed is capable of outsmarting the average person who isn’t as familiar with horses. One of the most common reasons that an Appaloosa can become suddenly temperamental is the fact that this breed is very susceptible to parasites.

The regular grooming, veterinarian care, and preventive precautions provide the horse with an added level of attention it enjoys and will keep the parasites away, so it’s a win/win situation for everyone. The bottom line is this: an Appaloosa horse has tons of personality and isn’t afraid to show it whatsoever.

The Appaloosa Horse Club recognizes 13 different base colors, including bay, black, chestnut, white, and palomino. The identifiable characteristics of the breed are: white sclera around the eye; striped hooves; sparse, short mane and tail; and, mottled skin around the nostrils and genitalia, a characteristic unique to Appaloosas.

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There is a distinct difference in physical characteristics between the American and European Appaloosa. In the US, Apps have been crossed with Quarter Horses and have taken on the size and build of this breed.

The European Appaloosa resembles the warm blood breeds and has been bred to withstand the rigors of jumping and dressage. In the United States, the Appaloosa was developed by the New Peace Indians who lived in Northeast Oregon along the Pa louse river (northwest US).

The New Peace used Spanish horses “liberated” from the Spanish explorers (see the History of Mustangs for details) as their foundation stock, keeping those horses who carried the hereditary spotting genes. When the white man wiped out most of the New Peace tribe, its horses were dispersed to settlers and allowed to breed randomly.

It wasn't until 1938 that a group of dedicated horsemen formed the Appaloosa Horse Club to revive the breed. Quick access to this search is available from the Links section of the toolbar and the category bar.

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