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As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. Do you find yourself climbing trees often to prune off some branches or to cut high up the trunks? Even though it’s primarily aimed at rock climbers, Kiss loves Full Body Adult Safety Harness Outdoor Rock Climbing Momentum Harness is a fantastic choice for any climbing ventures.

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Finding the right size is a must make sure you stay comfortable wearing a tree saddle. This Kiss loves harness eliminates this problem by offering a single size that can be altered to fit your body shape.

To ensure both safety and comfort, the harness comes with soft cushioning all over its body. The polyester construction makes the harness durable while breathable mesh fabric used in the waist and leg hoops region keeps you sweat-free in humid conditions.

If you are looking for a tree-climbing safety harness that has a more generous weight limit, then this saddle from X Ben could be a good pick. If you happen to fall in the latter category, you would love putting on this saddle while you clamber up a tree.

The pressure points in this harness, which carry most of the weight, are fortified with thick padding. The 3D woven polyester mesh provides a smooth texture that goes easy on your skin despite hours of usage and accommodates adequate air passage to prevent sweat buildup and odor.

This harness can support up to a whopping 1100 pounds and will not break for a force lower than 24,000 newtons. The frame design promotes an exquisite spread of body weight.

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Therefore, the belts won’t cut into your skin even after hours of climbing. The high-tensile polyester webbing and durable metal D-rings combine to provide a safe and pleasant experience throughout your climbing session.

That means you have complete control over the level of security you would want for your climbing pursuits. The 5-piece tool holding ring makes this harness a solid choice for professionals like firefighters and tree workers, who need to carry along a lot of accessories while climbing.

You can also use this gear with an abdominal ascended fixing belt to expand its capabilities beyond its original standards. Besides being fabulously versatile, the harness takes the stress out of your climbing activities with its soft padding and moisture-resistant materials.

The utility rings provide ample storage for bearing accessories. Backed up by a plethora of positive reviews from users, you can easily trust this harness to take care of you during climbing.

But, don’t make the mistake of underestimating the competence of this equipment by judging it on its sheer simplicity. When you are learning the ropes of tree climbing, you would need superior protection and a free-range of motion.

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This Yacc tree saddle covers your entire body but barely interrupts your mobility. This harness is as heavy-duty as it gets with 1500 pounds plus weight capacity and tensile resistance up to 22,000 newtons.

The rugged construction makes the harness suitable for most types of climbing activities, including body rappelling and floor escaping. The shoulder straps have been purposefully made to take the pressure off of the waist belt region and distribute it smoothly across the entire frame.

The straps lock with the ventral attachment point and the waist belt slots to create a comfortable harness with ideal back posture. The final entry in our article is Sushi Adjustable Thickness Climbing Harness Half Body Harness, a tree saddle that offers a host of useful features at an affordable price.

It boasts a durable polyester exterior that holds up well after extensive use and goes easy on your skin as well. The adjustable clasps allow the users to change the sizes to their liking at minimal effort.

If you are not willing to sacrifice much of your mobility while wearing a tree climbing belt, this Sushi saddle could be the right fit for you. The thick padding of reinforced foam in the waist belt and leg loops adds to the harness’s comfort ability.

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To save your time and money both, I personally recommending you X Ben Climbing Harness (Check Price On Amazon) as the best. In this concern, we researched and finally found 5 of the best harness and 2 of the best saddle for every professional.

One thing, for making your purchase perfect, includes an in-depth buying guide with some must need factors. Good tree stand harness becomes popular for its versatile working capability.

These picks usually use for gardening art, tree servicing works, or fire-fighting needs. The waist strap limited to 85 o 120 cm that means anyone can comfortably wear it for their safety issues.

These straps made with breathable foam that lets them taking breath quickly, that’s because climbers or arborist feels utmost ease while working. Yes, you may indeed find d rings swing incorrectly in some rare cases.

After all, it’s an excellent choice for a master arborist, climbers, or others to make their journey safe and comfortable. That’s why their design and dimensions all are mainly for ensuring arborist or climber safety.

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Yacc focuses user comfort most that is why beginners to professional all guys recommend this harness. One thing, this would be the ideal choice if you are planning for family climbing.

It’s the polyester, nylon webbing, EVA foam, to make sure your safety and comfort zone. Oh, there’s magical tension transforming ability that feels you are sitting nothing else.

If you are on family needs, specifically for you, your partner or older child, I am then recommending this one to get the real twist of recreational climbing. Kiss loves with a double module to make your choice broad.

The primary purpose is to secure you and make your journey safe. These lovely brands concentrate on making a high-end harness with quality raw materials.

There is a pair of back buckles that set the waist confidently to move next. That’s why it saves your lot of bucks and provides multiple services.

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Well-suited for multi-type of jobs The Strongest buckles including front and back both. This black color red border harness comes with a full waist belt as well as the leg loops.

These mesmerizing factors have already made a core place on thousands of hearts. This excellent harness is giving you the frame construction guarantee.

The waist size is 30” to 59,” and the leg loops is 17” to 31”, that means all of your family members can easily use this harness. No matter they are giving their quality guarantee so you can undoubtedly pick this one to your cart.

Highlights: Fire rescue capability All the connections are solidly built Well-suited for adult as well as the teenagers Comparatively less price Quality certified harness Weaver Leather, the reputed brand, is featuring this saddle with many variations.

That’s because they attached a rubber made a back belt to give firm support. The leg straps made with 100% nylon that proved its durability and long-lasting.

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This well-made saddle offering a couple of colors, one is brown, and another is red. The fabulous pick only limited to fall arresting work.

The price seems to someone a bit higher but be concentrate on quality and trust me this one would be the best choice. Highlights: Angled D rings First aid kit facility Versatile color Secure to use as it cares most.

Moreover, this saddle comes with 4 sizing options, that means you have a wide range of opportunity. Double Dee rings make comfortable to access.

The extra 6” backside waist provides back support genuinely. Finding a great saddle is a bunch of relaxing and relieved from anxieties.

Highlights: Works well for spiking Safe and comfortable Built with strong materials Long-lasting saddle Provides cushioning facility But to be honest, still, there are lots of people who lost their dollars choosing the lowest product or for their low-knowledge.

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Finding the tree climbing harness doesn’t need any Einstein theory; instead, it’s a game of few essential factors. You should give priority only nylon, polyester, or aluminum included the harness.

Very few brands offer breathable foam using on leg straps. The term breathable indicates that these pads allow your skin to take enough breath as usual.

By the way, a quality waist belt can make your journey tasty. I saw lots of examples that made the same mistake by choosing the wrong sizes.

In some rare cases, some of us don’t think about audiences instead of buying randomly. That’s why you should be ever careful choosing your expected purpose harness to get the maximum output possible.

After a long journey, you reached the climax with a list of best tree climbing harnesses and saddles in 2020. After your consideration, you can keep X Ben Climbing Harness on your sense to buy, as I recommended it from my own experiences.

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