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• Sunday, 27 December, 2020
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An important first step in beginning the sport of barrel racing is selecting the proper equipment for you and your horse. A barrel racing horse must be able to fully utilize their body with comfortable freedom in order to perform at their peak.

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There are many kinds of boots and each type does a specific job, protecting different parts of your horse’s leg and hoof. Leg gear comes in a variety of colors and patterns, but don’t be distracted by the visual appearance; the goal is to provide the proper protection and support for your equine athlete.

They cover the cannon bone from just below the knee or hock and envelope the fetlock joint. They have a sling-like strap that runs behind and under the fetlock to offer extra support and prevent hyperextension of the joint.

While polo wraps are often used at upper levels of competition, it is not appropriate for 4-H members to use these as leg protection. When not used correctly, polo wraps can do more damage to the horse’s legs than good.

Polo wraps are also more likely to come unwrapped during competition, which can be very dangerous and cause injury to horse and rider. Riders must respect the control they gain with the bit equipment they choose.

As events and disciplines become more specialized, so, too, do the American Quarter Horses that are bred to excel in those sports. These statistics, powered by AQUA, were compiled from January 1 to December 31, 2019.

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1995 palomino (Sun Frost-Caseys Charm by Tiny Circus) Breeder: Frances Roseau of Andrea, South Dakota Owner: Mel Potter of Marina, Arizona Offspring Earnings: $628,553 Money Earners: 68 Average Earnings: $9,243 No. 1998 palomino (Frenchman's Guy-Caseys Charm by Tiny Circus) Breeder: Frances Roseau of Andrea, South Dakota Owner: Kenny Nichols or James Barron of Waco, Texas Offspring Earnings: $630,414 Money Earners: 56 Average Earnings: $11,257 No.

2007 black (Designer Red-Dreams Of Blue by Dream On Dancer) Breeder: Allen Atom of Conroe, Texas Owner: AQUA Professional Horsemen Charlie Cole and Jason Martin of Pilot Point, Texas Offspring Earnings: $709,049 Money Earners: 41 Average Earnings: $17,294 No. 1 Money Earner: Slick Lane Ta Fame, 2015 black mare out of Short Lane Ta Fame, $131,285 View Slick By Design’s page on QStallions.com.

1987 palomino (Sun Frost-Frenchman’s Lady by Laughing Boy) Breeder: James and Frances Roseau of Andrea, South Dakota Owner: Bill or Debbie Myers of Saint One, South Dakota Offspring Earnings: $744,567 Money Earners: 206 Average Earnings: $3,614 No. 1989 chestnut (First Down Dash-Sudden Fame by Tiny’s Gay) Breeder/Owner: Bob Burt of West Jordan, Utah Offspring Earnings: $1,890,020 Money Earners: 321 Average Earnings: $5,888 No.

5 sire PC Frenchman's Heyday are both out of Casey's Charm, a daughter of American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame Casey’s Ladylove. Casey’s Charm’s paternal grand sire was Tiny Watch.

3 sire Slick By Design was the 2012 AQUA junior barrel racing world champion. Sure, first learning to ride and trust your horse can be fulfilling in its own right, but participating in a sport together is a whole new rodeo.

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With the right training, a good horse and a lot of practice, many riders can compete in barrel racing at a local level. Many barrel racing events are designed to encourage and support beginners in the sport.

Barrel racing is a timed event where the rider and horse must work together to complete a set pattern around 3 barrels inside an arena. The objective is to run the pattern in the quickest time without breaking it or knocking over any barrels.

Understanding the concept is easy, but knowing how to prepare before you step into the arena is the key to competing in and truly enjoying the sport of barrel racing. You and your horse should be well in tune with one another before you decide to enter into any sporting event together.

Barrel racing entails a combination of running, teamwork, and body posture. You and your horse will need to learn how to complete the pattern correctly and spin in a tight circle around each barrel without hitting it, all while you are trying to go as fast as you both can.

Barreling Quote: Let’s see you ride a 1200 pound animal at full-speed, turning barrels on a dime and still keep your balance. Most beginner barrel racers will need to work closely with a trainer to truly understand the basics of barrel racing.

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The best trainers for barrel racing are fellow equestrians who have participated and done well in the sport. They will offer you the kind of advice that only an experienced barrel racer can provide, and they will be able to point out the small changes that can make a big difference in your runs.

Once you and your horse feel comfortable, you can start trotting through the pattern. You want your horse to know what is coming; it will help prevent them from possibly breaking the pattern when you are running with them later.

As you head towards the third and final barrel, you will keep the reins in your left hand. This is a great opportunity to shave off some time as you finish your pattern.

Some will offer different classes based on a combination of age and experience. This type of event allows novice and beginner riders a chance to place and possibly win money.

Most events also have a low-cost exhibition class so that beginner riders can practice in an arena setting. This is a good opportunity to try out a new horse or to help them get familiar with riding in front of spectators.

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The reason for that is the divisions are determined based on the fastest time at the event. I f horses are running slow that day, you may place in a higher division.

Typically, this will be timed with an automatic timer that turns on and off as soon as your horse’s nose crosses the invisible start line. Most call-ins, or requests to ride in the event, are at the beginning of the week prior to the show.

Even though it’s a high speed sport, barrel racing is still relatively safe. Barrel racing organizations do have some rules regarding rider dress code and horse tack that help to increase the safety level.

For the rider, most events have a dress code that you must adhere to in order to ride. The required length of the shirt sleeves may be relaxed according to the weather, but it depends on the event coordinator.

Breast collars are often utilized to keep the saddle from moving backward at you take off running. Many riders also invest in special support boots for their horses that help to prevent injury from their legs and from overstretching tendons.

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Barreling Quote: THE ONLY THING CRAZIER THAN A BARREL RACER IS HER HORSE When choosing a horse specifically for barrel racing speed and good conformation are key. Top level competitors with excellent pedigrees can easily fetch $50,000 or more.

Don’t be discouraged though, it is possible to find a horse that hasn’t been started on barrels yet and move it up through the ranks. This means that barrel racing is an excellent sport for those of you who own a grade (unregistered) horse.

Making sure your horse has good conformation will ensure the best chance of them staying sound. Running and tight turns can put stress on tendons and joints, so it is important that horses have good structure.

Poor conformation doesn’t necessarily mean your horse can’t excel at barrel racing or will run slower, but it can increase the chance of him getting hurt depending on what the conformation issue is. You can learn the pattern at a walk, trot or slow canter.

Going to a rodeo ground or barrel racing event without your horse lets you get an idea of how things run. Pay attention to where entries are, how riders run, mistakes that are made, scoring etc.

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Once you are comfortable running the pattern with your horse, the next step is getting in the arena and competing in events. Whether you win or lose, the most exciting part is that you and your horse are working together to achieve your dreams.

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