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Map updates are paused. So your not quite ready to hit the clubs, dance on tables or practice your salsa skills, but you want to have a couple of drinks in a nice place, with a relaxed atmosphere and a few good tunes playing in the background.

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Check out our top drinking spots here in Corral Siberia Chill Out: The name says it all, chill out, located just off the main street of Corral, this bar has lovely lounges out in the sun, good music and surf movies on the big screen. If you're around for Paella night you get free food with your drinks and if you feel like getting a bit Rudy, you can also try the flaming Harry Potter shots.

On the huge sun terrace you can recover from surfing and enjoy DJ’s or live music with a cocktail or fresh juice in your hand. Surf movies playing on the wall and fellow surfers all around make for a relaxing time.

Almost every night there is another live band playing and tourists as well as locals gather in and around the bar to share a good time. The cocktails are fresh, expertly prepared and beautifully decorated and there are fantastic mini-tapas served as snack on the side.

Recently enlarged and redesigned weekly Salsa courses are held on Wednesdays and Sundays and also on most other nights you’ll find people dancing. On the huge sun terrace you can recover from surfing and enjoy DJ’s or live music with a cocktail or fresh juice in your hand.

For assurance, check to be sure the bar’s female staff is working when you head here. The woman who runs it is friendly and serves reasonably priced drinks.

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The Corner House Again, an excellent family pub and also a sports bar. The Corner House is a lovely bar in which to watch sports.

On Friday nights, the Abbey girls are worth the visit. The Robins Nest Bar This place ensures a great night and the drinks are cheap.

The staff, as well as the owners, Paul and Mandy, are welcoming and friendly. Enjoy cheese nachos, dips, BBQ ribs and steak while the rock band plays music.

Rock Island Bar features an unplugged style of music, offering a chilled-out vibe and an acoustic lounge. In the heart of Corral is Flicks Bar, Fuerteventura’s premier nightspot.

This fun-loving party center offers you the best of both worlds. Its long-standing Karaoke & Disco bar plays all the latest club sounds, you can choose to sing on stage or dance the night away to its great music.

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Known as the birthplace of iconic brands like Heineken and Hostel, Amsterdam has long attracted beer fans. Whether you choose a flute (small) or a vase (large), your bartender will be sure to serve your beer with a two-finger head.

Never, gin’s cousin, is made with juniper berries, herbs, grain alcohol, and malt. Rude (old) never is maltier, slightly sweet, served chilled, and sipped straight.

Jorge (young) never is clear, less malty, tasty in cocktails, and often paired with beer in a drink called a toastiest, or “blow to the head.” Order it straight and watch the bartender fill the tulip-shaped glass until the liquid swells above the rim. De Die Fleshes (Three Little Bottles): Near Dam Square is a historic never tasting room (circa 1650) with wooden barrels lining the walls.

Proeflokaal De Admiraal : The rustic Van Wees distillery’s tasting room will transport you back in time to the Golden Age. Wynn Locking : This tiny tasting bar and distillery, also near Dam Square, is Amsterdam’s oldest and has been producing never and liqueur since 1679.

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In late afternoon, join the lively after-work crowd for a glass of beer or never in the adjoining alley. House of Boys : Though touristy, this attraction near the Van Gogh Museum offers a dose of never history followed by customized cocktails at the end of your tour.

Order a trendy gin and tonic or a smoky Manhattan in a secret speakeasy or fancy hotel lounge. Settle into a comfy couch or leather wing back chair and order an original cocktail, such as a Pineapple Julep or the Sherry Cobbler.

Door 74 : The only way to find this secret speakeasy is to call or text your reservation request and hope you get a response. If it’s your lucky day, you’ll enter this sophisticated, intimate bar and find yourself back in the Roaring Twenties.

Based in Virginia Beach, Peggy Sijswerda writes about travel, food, and spirits. Explore the Canals and Streets of Beautiful AmsterdamTake 80 seconds to immerse yourself in the sights and sounds of the fantastic city of Amsterdam, and see why it should be your next destination.

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