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David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
• 7 min read

In efforts to set ourselves up for our most successful bakes yet, we tried the salted variety of the following brands: Eras von Kiel, Full Circle Market, Kerry gold, Land O’Lakes, Land O’Lakes European Style, Organic Valley, Organic Valley Cultured Pasture Butter and Shrine. Land O’Lakes: 7/10 Our testers considered this one “textbook butter with just the right amount of salt, which is exactly what you’re looking for in baking.

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Full Circle Market: 7.1/10 This certified organic butter is made with cream from cows not treated with antibiotics or added growth hormones. We liked it for its slightly higher salt content, making a really satisfying spread for a toasty baguette.

Looking at Land O’Lakes European Style at the grocery store, I had to wonder what made this butter premium. Maybe that extra two percent really pushed this butter from being good (like it’s honorable mention cousin) to great.

Shrine, a private label brand sold at many independent grocers, proved to be my crew’s favorite butter. Since we were so stunned by this generic, I did a bit of digging to find out exactly what was setting Shrine’s butter apart from the pack.

After all, why would butters like Kerry gold and Land O’Lakes European Style cost so much if they weren’t worth it? Of course, a few testers walked away with a new brand they’d want to see on their short stack, but overall, we don’t think that the differences are quite enough to make significant changes to your favorite recipes.

Whereas once Luria was as classy as it got, these days there are more types of butter than you can shake a French stick at. Eric Lanyard, who is a prissier and the presenter of Channel 4's Baking Mad program, says: “Entire is one of the best butters.

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Its cult status ensures that the pure- butter croissants, made in-house, sell out before lunch. Entire's appeal lies in its delicate, creamy and distinct flavor, which in part is due to its provenance.

Sylvia Griffin, a product developer at Marks and Spencer, which stocks the butter, says: “The quality of the raw materials is astounding. Entire is produced with a huge amount of care and attention to detail, but the fact that it is from a small area comes across when you eat it.

The co-operative makes 950 tons each year, just 0.2 per cent of France's annual butter production. The cream is then pasteurized and set aside to ripen before being slowly turned into butter in small batches in the original churns made from Burmese teak.

Handling is kept to a minimum because each time the butter is touched, molecules break and quality is lost. Gerard, a charming Frenchman, explains: “Each time you mix it or press it, you change the texture, so producing it by hand lessens the impact.

Butter is a relative latecomer to the artisan food movement compared with the boom in traditional breads and cheeses, where provenance and original production methods are major selling points. In December a 250g pack of normal butter went for £50 on the black market after poor weather and a nationwide low-carb diet trend caused the country to run out.

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The butter was served in the form of a slim pat alongside a freshly baked, raisin-studded roll. Last week I bought a pot of Entire (it comes in a rustic little basket, instead of grease-proof paper packs) and having never baked with it, I planned to cook all- butter biscuits.

Unadulterated and in all its naked glory, I had it melted on warm crumpets, toasted hot-cross buns and with a little freshly ground black pepper on a jacket potato. But my favorite way was to eat it like cheese, cut in thick slices and served on fresh, plain bread.

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