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Brent Mccoy
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
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Join the community and enjoy all the benefits! In today’s customer -centric world, companies can’t afford to keep customer service as an afterthought.

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The power has shifted within sales markets, so buyers now have the upper hand, and they can easily choose who they do and don’t want to do business with. Positive customer experiences fuel sustainable business growth by boosting your retention rate.

If your company is known for unsatisfactory service, people will start to develop a negative view of your brand. Unhappy customers aren’t shy about expressing their qualms on the internet, and customer service horror stories are all too common.

Even a single bad customer service review online can drive away new potential customers. For businesses, aligning your actions with the words you plaster all over your website and office walls is important.

Customer service plays a huge role in customer loyalty and referrals. People are actually willing to spend 17 percent more to do business with companies that deliver excellent service.

On top of this, their brand Kirkland’s (a home decor store) is known for excellent service and a liberal return policy, which always pleases customers. They constantly improve to create better customer experiences, including elements in their stores like cafés and children play centers.

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Recently, they’ve even added augmented reality apps for smartphones, allowing customers to virtually design a room with their furniture. Their service team is easy to reach, and the company possesses a robust knowledge base that allows them to help their customers quickly and easily.

Additionally, HubSpot also has an active community element that provides helpful information for their marketing, sales, and service hub, as well as web developers and their educational platform, HubSpot Academy. They even have an ‘Ideas’ section where customers can submit suggestions on how to improve their tools.

Instead of letting their customers come to them to start a chat, they open with a question targeted toward their relevant audience. This tactic boosts engagement and displays their active involvement in the interests of their customers.

Unsurprisingly, the company and their genius staff of knowledgeable service provides has earned a place on this list. Apple only hires the best of the best in their industry, which ensures that their people really know what they’re talking about when troubleshooting with a product.

Their company is made up of a small team, which allows them to pay attention to important details. Chick-fil-A As if people need another reason to love Chick-fil-A, this kingdom of delicious chicken is known for having great service.

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They focus on pleasing customers by providing a family feel, and it always pays off. They consistently win consumer choice awards for quality customer experience within the food industry.

Nevertheless, Toyota is ranked amongst the top-rated automobile markers, and they’ve won awards for their vehicles and service to their customers. While low-cost airlines are sometimes known for having poor customer service, Southwest really outshines them all and competes with the big dogs for providing an exceptional passenger experience.

No problem, you can quickly and easily book that through their “jet with your pet” option on their mobile app when you’re checking in for your flight. For example, Chief People Officer Dave Clark recently handed out refreshments and donuts to customers waiting at a long check-in line, and even raffled off free flight tickets to 60 different cities.

No matter how experienced they are, invest in training your whole team on your business practices and core values and on how to handle challenging situations with unhappy customers. Believe it or not, customer service begins with your first interaction with a lead, and carries through the entire customer journey.

Remember, quality support leads to happier customers and thus higher retention rates. Collect information about each customer during the initial phases of their buyer journey, even if it’s just simple personal facts like where their favorite vacation spot is or what kinds of pets they have.

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In addition to personal information, make sure you pay attention to each customer’s individual pain points. Developing buyer personas will help you better understand the challenges and pain points of your target audience.

If a customer has to jump through hoops to find a solution to their problem, you can bet that by the end of the experience, they won’t be happy. Via GIPHY Whether it’s remotely resetting a device or walking through steps with them via a screen share or other technology, you should seek to reduce the customer’s efforts as much as possible.

Practicing these simple notes of gratitude can strengthen your relationships with customers. It's easy to let customer service fall by the wayside in pursuit of bettering other departments.

By taking examples from the companies listed above, as well as the best practices that they follow to delight their customers, your business can rank amongst the best of the best for top-tier customer service. Most experts I know eventually turn to the authoritative American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACS), which publishes its scorecard by industry category, for a response.

But since its inception almost a quarter century ago, the ACS has never shared a list for all of its companies. It ranks companies within their industry based on customer evaluations of the quality of goods and services purchased in America and produced by domestic and foreign firms with substantial U.S. market shares.

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ACS commentary : “Despite a spate of recent large recalls, the world's second-largest automaker remains a favorite with owners.” ACS commentary : “A smaller regional supermarket like HEB, Germans makes grocery purchasers in the northeast U.S.

ACS Commentary : “Its rapid delivery and easy package tracking make FedEx customers satisfied.” As promised, here's a little more on ACS's rigorous methodology and how they answered the question of which companies have the bestcustomerservice.

These rankings were compiled year-by-year based on a company’s performance on customer satisfaction, along with consumer perceptions of service quality, value, and brand loyalty. “A company had to appear in the top 25 for two of the three years to be included in the final rankings,” says Morrison.

“Those meeting this criterion then had their blended score on the variables mentioned above averaged across the three years, resulting in a final ranking for the three-year period.” If you have any story ideas, comments, complaints, or news tips -- or if you just want to send me a lengthy email lamenting the death of customer service in America -- I'd love to hear from you.

You can email me at chris@elliott.org, or you can get help with any customer service issue on my consumer advocacy site.

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