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Paul Gonzalez
• Wednesday, 16 December, 2020
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In case you’re in a hurry, here are my top three recommendations for the best long drill bit extensions. Let me help by providing detailed reviews on the best long drill bit extensions that I found in the market (and the ones you can buy online).

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These reviews will definitely help you gain awareness and understanding of the best features, pros, and cons of each long drill bit extension. Below is the table that shows all the long drill bit extensions covered in this review.

Now let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of each of the long drill bit extension covered in this article. This extension comes with a full-cone shape threaded tip that supports fast ad effortless drilling, even in the most difficult places.

You can rely on the hex shank power groove on this tool for the anti-slipping effect and to further strengthen your grip on the extension while working. This tool is designed to withstand lots of mechanical and non-mechanical abuses, however, it must be stored in cool and dry spots to prolong its shelf life.

Comes with a quick discharge mechanism for fast release and replacement of bits before and after usages. With a cleaner hole quality, there are lower chances of a breakout, with the use of this extension tool.

This is an even much longer extension for drill bits, measuring ¼” x 54” in diameter and total length respectively. The extension also comes with a quick switch hex that allows the entire piece to adapt to a very fast change chuck part.

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Drill bits are not included in this package; hence you need to purchase them separately, thus adding to the total costs. Eagle Tool US ETHX25036 Installer Bit and Drill Extension, ... Made in the USA Internal hex for attaching 1/4 hex shank in drill bits Custom slip resistant nylon patch set screws.

It also comes with nylon-patched set screws that are resistant to slip, which makes the tool remain steady during usage. In addition to the slip-resistant screws, the chuck end of the extension comes with a slip-resistant grip for easy handling.

The set screw on this extension will allow for griping around the shank bit with respect to the hex. There is a 54” model of this extension tool you can consider if you need to handle work in places more hidden from your sight.

The ¼ inch diameter of the shaft makes it very flexible for different angles of usage. Made from heavy-duty material, hence it is very strong and durable, resisting lots of mechanical assertions.

It handles torque and vibration, excellently well and changing bits is very easy with the extension. Prisons It is one of the cheapest yet efficient extensions for drill bits you can find in the market today.

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IRWIN Drill Bit Holder Extension, Impact Rated, Quick Change, ... Built for maximum durability and long life with impact drivers Patented jaw design is compatible with all 1/4” hex shank accessories including insert... Large chuck withstands higher torque demands of impact drills.

Fortunately, those who love the lock and load feature on their extensions for drill bits can opt for this tool It comes with a patented jaw design that is very much compatible with all the ¼” hex shank accessories you can think about.

It also comes with a large chuck that makes the extension resistant to higher torque demands during high impact drills. This tool has been completed with a black oxide coating that will extend its lifespan and reduce the risks of erosion.

The ¼” Quick-change shank will work with impact drivers efficiently to reduce slipping especially in the large drill chucks. You may have to change the shaft in order to use the normal drill bits for the extension.

You need to be sure you are purchasing the item from recognized places only if you want to enjoy the limited warranty offer. Though the hole is typically round, this extension will, however, accept most spade bits, and the hex ends.

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They are designed to be so long that they can handle different torque loads and at the same time still allow more flexibility for better control. The 3/16”, ¼” and 5/16” are some popular options you should consider, they are common extensions for drill a bit especially in wire installations.

Failure to follow this rule may mean you wouldn’t achieve the right drill efficiency, and you may end up performing shoddy jobs. It must fit perfectly into the drill to allow you to tighten the set screws in order to secure the bit into the long extension.

Adding a directional tool to the drill bit extension can also help in a number of ways. Being a very handy tool you can attach to a drill, this extension works just exactly like the drain snake used for plumbing purposes.

It may seem unnecessary to use an extension for the drill bit unless the project you are working on has some tight corners or some hard-to-reach areas. Assuming you are working on a home roofing project and one of the areas you want to access is a quite small and tight lip near the awning.

The extension for the drill bit is handy for any tight spot or work region where hidden holes and screws will require the application of extension for a drill bit to save you time and energy. The chuck is that piece located at the end of the drill that can loosen and tighten to hold the bits and extension.

extension bit hex drive
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Simply hold the bit in place with your thumb, alongside the index finger, in such a way that the shank faces the chuck jaws. Gently insert the bits into the chuck and almost immediately pull it back towards you about a centimeter distance.

While pressing the trigger, make sure your hand is still holding the bit loosely. You will need the chuck key in order to attach the extension for the drill bit.

Make sure you continue turning the key until the chuck has opened enough in order for you to slide the drill bit out easily. If the chuck has opened wide, and the drill is turned face down, then the bit will simply fall off.

Make sure you inspect the bit once it has been removed to see if there are worn or damaged regions. If the bit also shows signs of cracking or bending, simply throw it away so that you don’t put it back accidentally.

While the jaws of the chuck are still opened widely, simply insert the extension and the bit. Simply hold the bit with the thumb finger, alongside the index finger in such a way that the smooth part of the shank is facing the chuck jaws, and then insert the bit with the extension.

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Now if you are curious about how to use drill bit extensions, you can get a good idea from this short video. There are a number of factors you should consider when buying extensions for drill bits and these considerations can help you make the ideal choice.

Don’t go for a 12” extension when you will need something longer for many jobs you will be handling during home renovation or construction work. The lock and load system is, therefore, more economical especially when you have to perform so many jobs quickly, and it saves time and energy.

Magnetic extensions may be more efficient because they offer more superior access to hard-to-reach places when handling a job. The magnetic effect means the extension will get stuck to the bits even more efficiently thus leaving no room for misalignment.

Go for an extension with a patented jaw design that is compatible with all the ¼” hex shank accessories. When it comes to the issue of the price of extensions, many things will determine the costs of the product you choose.

If you can’t be certain about your personal specifications, perhaps you should consider purchasing a shorter and longer extension to complement each other at various times. Fortunately, there are some possible ways to use more than one extension at the same time to handle tougher or deeper drilling jobs.

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You may also want to consider magnetic extension options that provide even better stability and reduce cases or chances of shifting of drill bits inside. Pay attention to the recommended products and compare them in terms of length, compatibility, and strengths when making your final choices.

Perhaps you may want to seek some expert advice from tool shops and individual drill bit extension owners to be certain that you are making the right choices. You need to be careful when purchasing fairly used or refurbished extensions for drill bits, such products may not be in their best conditions and may create problems within a short period of time, thus making you lose money in the long run.

Refurbished and fairly used extensions are known to bend or break after a few days or weeks of usage, unless you are sure of the source you are buying from, you should avoid payments for such used items. If you want to know the real definition of frustration, try tightening a screw in a confined space.

This experience is so annoying that you may end up giving on DIY projects altogether. Luckily for you, creativity and innovation have led to the introduction of flexible drill bits.

Here now comes the challenge; finding the best flexible drill bit extension may be trickier than it should be due to the many brands available. We decided to make things easier for you by giving a list of the best brands to choose from.

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In this section, we have compiled and analyzed a selection of flexible drill bit extensions which we consider to be the best in the market. Opening our list is the flexible drill bit extension kit by Balkan, and it comprises 3 pieces of drill extension kits and three pieces of ¼ inch socket screwdriver.

You can expect the kits to serve you for a decent period due to the premium-quality carbon steel construction. The next aspect is the flexible drill extension shaft that gives you accessibility to enclosed spaces.

Next on is the drill bit extension by the Mudder brand, which is packed with several useful features that would make it a worthwhile investment. Let’s start with the high-carbon steel construction that gives the tool extended life.

Another thing we should mention is the ability of the shaft to twist and bend in different angles so that it can work in narrow spaces. Lastly, the black flexible shell ensures your hands are always safe for a smooth operation.

Then, the flexible extension bits feature a shield that would protect your hands as the internal shaft rotates. Finally, you can put the bits to a wide range of uses, including maintenance and repair for furniture and electrical appliances.

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Pros Superior build Allows for small space operation Protects your hands Another notable feature is the Rapid load head that allows for fast and easy bit changes.

This flexible drill bit extension comes in a pack of four pieces which are black, red, blue, and orange. Next is the high carbon steel construction that enhances the tool's durability and practicability.

Then, there is a flexible shield to protect your hands as the internal shaft rotates. We liked the convenience that this tool offers in that it can work in areas where a screwdriver would experience complications such as computer chassis or electrical appliances.

Pros Ideal for confined spaces Very flexible Looks nice as a gift It is hard to get the perfect combination of price and design, such as the one this extension bit offers.

We liked the creative and high-quality construction, which is a mix of durable plastic and resilient metal to ensure that the bits remain intact for the longest time possible. Finally, these bits are compatible with many drill models, including the cordless ones, and pneumatic designs.

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It is highly flexible and can bend and twist such that you can use it to drill into confined spaces where an ordinary screwdriver would have trouble reaching. Then, this drill bit extension can be used for a wide range of applications, including hardware maintenance and repairs.

You ought to ensure that it fits the into the drill well so that you can tighten the screws as required to secure the bit into the extension. In this case, we recommend that you go for a drill bit extension that fits different standard shaft sizes.

If you ignore this aspect, your drill won’t achieve the efficiency that you were hoping for. Your safety should always be a top priority, and that is why we have decided to include the following pointers to ensure you come out of the operation in one piece.

Always have a transparent safety glass as you embark on any drilling operation Control both ends using your hands and ask for extra help if necessary Watch out for live hidden wires Use lubricants such as oil and water whenever necessary We hope our article has touched on everything you wanted to know concerning flexible drill bit extensions.

In the end, you should be in a better position to make a reasonable choice next time you go shopping for a flexible bit extension.

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