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The first bit a horse carries in its mouth when beginning training should be as mild and as comfortable as possible. If you’re headed for the dressage ring, your horse will eventually carry both a snaffle and curb a bit at the same time.

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That’s a personal choice, but it’s wise to consider that in spite of your best intentions to keep your horse forever, dire circumstances may mean you may have to part with it. A horse will appeal to a wider number of people and have a better chance at a good home if it is able to go in both a fitted and witless bridle.

A young horse will chew and champ on the bit, and perhaps at first rub its head to get rid of this new and annoying thing in its mouth. The first choice will probably be a jointed snaffle bit with smallish rings that would be unlikely to catch on anything if the horse does try to rub its face.

Quite often, though, these mouthpieces are thicker than a metal bit and can be quite bulky in a young horse's mouth. If you want to add flavor to make biting a more pleasant experience, it's easy to smear on a bit of molasses, jam, or honey.

Because the curb bit acts on the horse ’s mouth, chin, and head, it can be overwhelming. The shanks are also a hazard if the horse tries to rub the bit, or its head, against objects in its environment.

If you're starting your young horse in the wintertime, make sure the bit is warm. There are many choices when it comes to bits, and the selection at your local tack shop can be overwhelming.

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It sometimes takes some experimenting to find just the right bit for your horse. If you feel you must use a curb bit, choose one with the shortest shank you can find.

If you are having trouble stopping, you may be better off going back to schooling and reinforcing the basics. There is nothing wrong with riding with a curb bit provided you understand how it works and how to use it.

One thing that is sometimes overlooked is the shape of the horse's mouth and dental condition. If you find your horse is having difficulty holding the bit, is lolling its tongue, tossing its head, or stiffening his jaw and poll, it may be because the bit is uncomfortable in its mouth.

Some horses have shallow palates, thick tongues, or other conformation that makes it difficult to carry some bits. It might take some trial and error to find a bit that is comfortable for your horse to carry.

It wouldn't be fair to use a long-haired curb bit on a horse that has only ever been ridden in a snaffle and expect it to understand your aids completely. If for some reason you want to ride in a curb bit, you can school your horse to understand your aids with considerate hands.

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The AndalusianHorse originally came from the Iberian Peninsula, and it is named after the Province of Andalusia, which is the part of the world where it is the most famous. However, this breed was principally bred by Cartesian Monks during the latter part of the Middle Ages.

In fact, the Cartesian Monks were excellent horse trainers and breeders, and they were able to keep the bloodlines pure. In Spain, where it excels in traditional equestrian pursuits and ranch work, this breed is referred to as Pure Gaza Espinoza, which translates to Pure Spanish Race.

Described as robust yet elegant, the Andalusian horse has a unique ability to bring its haunches far beneath its body in order to elevate its forehead. This trait makes them talented when it comes to upper movements of dressage, including giraffe, airs-above-the-ground, and passage.

These tasks go beyond dressage to also include jumping, general riding, mounted athletics, and various forms of work. The breed has a desire to learn, and these horses can easily adapt to new and changing situations with ease.

Because these horses are responsive, obedient, and cooperative, they are easy to train and quite versatile, and they can also learn quickly. The nose will gradually narrow and the nostrils are almond shaped, while the eyes are expressive, lively, and somewhat triangular.

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The ears are small, and the distinctive tail and mane are abundant, long, and wavy. An Andalusian ’s back will be solid and almost straight, as well as muscular and a bit short, while the withers should be subtly wide and the chest should be deep and full of arched, long ribs.

Even the shoulders are muscular and long, and the hindquarters of this breed are lean, strong, and broad, while the tail is set low. Less commonly, however, they can also be palomino, dun, black, chestnut, bay, and dilute colors.

When one man learned his beloved pup had cancer, he decided he wanted to make every day she had with him count, and ... Their naturally fluid gaits and expressive movement make them a pleasure to work with.

To find an Andalusian that is best suited for dressage, remember that your horse needs a conformation that will support suppleness, balance and strength. A higher-level dressage horse must show suspension, cadence and elevation while being relaxed, submissive and supple to your aids.

The horse ’s croup should be elongated and slightly slanted, which will allow him to drop and create lightness on his forehand. When more weight is put on the hindquarters, the shoulders of the horse can move freely and stretch out in front of him.

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The horse ’s neck and back should be what I consider average and proportionate to the rest of his body. If the back is too short, on the other hand, saddle-fitting will be an issue, and it’s much more likely that the saddle placement will block the horse ’s shoulders.

A horse that is more compact and correctly balanced over his back will be able to manage all parts of his body with more ease. If his hips are too far away from his shoulders, it becomes increasingly difficult for him to be coordinated and able to isolate one group of muscles at a time.

There are a lot of things that can be seen from the ground that this person can be watching for while you ride the horse and vice versa. Your trainer can tell you how the horse feels while he is riding, and he can tell you how that coincides with what he sees from the ground.

Go to Equine.com, the premier classifieds site of the Equine Network, to search for the perfect horse ! Our foundation PRE Andalusian's have some best combined bloodlines in Spain for competitive Dressage.

The outcome, well-mannered, thoughtful youngsters imbued with a strong, willing work ethic who are fun to be around and who have a solid foundation upon which you can build for their future career. Their gentle, noble disposition soothes and calms us to soften and lighten our emotional self.

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Their intelligence and willingness to learn leads us to extend and expand our horizons and spark our intellectual self. This is the spirit of Glen Aryan Farm PRE Andalusian Breeders.

Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion. Deck X clear;Deco) Frederick town, Ohio 43019 USA 2002 Grey Andalusian Stallion World famous Andalusian stallion.

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