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He was very well-behaved and I had no issues, I just didn't feel like I could necessarily stop him quickly or gain complete control should the situation arise where I needed to. If your new guy goes well in a snaffle you may find that you actually upset him by batting up to something stronger when he doesn't need it. My suggestion lots of schooling time and building a relationship with this guy first, then head out on the trails when you have more confidence in him.

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Thanks, and I am sure that a lot of it does have to do with just getting familiar plus I normally ride barrel horses, so I am used to having a little more bit. Thanks, and I am sure that a lot of it does have to do with just getting familiar plus I normally ride barrel horses, so I am used to having a little more bit.

I couldn't agree more, it will help to remind you how to be soft with your hands and how to work with the horses with light cues instead of being heavy with big bits. I ride all my larger horses (draft and half- draft) in either a loose ring or a full cheek snaffle because that is the only bit I have to fit them at this point. At some point this spring, I will be having a curb bit custom-made to my specifications to fit my coming 3-year-old half draft, but that is because his training will have progressed enough that he is ready for a curb bit.

I ride my 2.5yo half draft (Percheron/paint cross) in an egg butt french link snaffle. He hates a regular loose ring snaffle and will do everything he can to get behind the bit.

When I'd ride my old gelding lol) and yet my big hairy beastly is incredibly responsive to the light cues given with an egg butt french link. We ride my mare with a simple snaffle with a lozenge in the middle. If you have to fight with your draft, then maybe it needs more schooling.

In matters of strength, you can't win with 750 kilos of horse. My Clydesdale goes like a dream in an Egg butt sweet iron snaffle.

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You'll notice that most owners ride a draft in one of the milder bits. You need enough pressure to make the horse aware but painful pressure will be counterproductive. With a strong heavy horse, and some examples show massive strength in the neck.

There are old books in libraries, for which photo copies are available, which talk about controlling draft horses for pulling wagons, etc. These books give some clues as to how to cope with an animal weighing 3/4s of a ton.

The significant consideration to remember is that in those days this type of horse was controlled from the seat on the cart/wagon or even from the ground on long reins. I have seriously considered twice buying a full shire for riding but their size and strength made me think twice and in the end I decided not to.

Ask your physics teacher to show you the calculations of the mass involved with a Shire at canter pace. We have a riding center in the UK who specializes in using drafts for trekking.

If I were close to buying or training a shire/Clydesdale/Percheron, or even a full Irish Draft then I'd go and spend a couple of weeks with them before taking the plunge. As I leaned over the stable door I realized very quickly that Tanya was in trouble.

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I opened the stable door and moved towards her, she was very nervous and as I put my hand up to stroke her she flinched. It is not nice to see a heavyweight Shire in pain because in such circumstances they can be unpredictable.

On one of hind legs the hair had been cut back roughly, the other heel also needed trimming. I could see streaks of what looked lie crystallized treacle dripping down the feather along with dribbles of bright red blood.

For much of the time she was standing on three legs holding the fourth up off the ground so that no weight was bearing down on it. Supposedly she was a long distance endurance rider who owned an Arab.

It was partly to do with me that the horse was kept on our yard together with her mate another Shire but a gelding. The son was on the yard doing some chores for the owner, so I called him over and told him that I was going to groom Tanya to get some mounting hair off her back She would be itching like mad.

I gently led her out from the stable and tied her to the hitching ring and then got to work. She stood meekly whilst I worked away and filled a bucket with her hair.

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The two hind legs were a different matter The feathers had been hacked at with scissors but a lot of hair remained. Hair on a horse is a sensitive matter, Some owners trim it back constantly others allow it to grow naturally.

I filled a bucket with antiseptic fluid and cleaned all feather that I could reach. I got a better view of the ½ inch wide scab which had formed almost all the way round the hoof.

All the time I was kneeling on the floor with an inch or two of those big draft horse feet. She was dependent upon those two hind legs to propel her forwards and each had to carry a quarter share of the weight of the animal.

Eventually I found out that she had been left caught in the electrified wire long enough to fill a wheelbarrow full of dung. None had seen her caught up out there in that big field It was no one’s job to check up on each of the horses that grazed in it.

The wounds had been hidden by the feather no one had looked deep enough to see the extent of the cuts. In the meantime the wound was supporting and unknown to me the first stages of a gangrene like infection was beginning to take hold.

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At long last the day had come and Tawny was off to meet with the surgeon who might just save her. A 16 hand 15-year-old Shire mare is not the easiest of horse to boss around.

And if the horse happened to be one dosed with pain killer the problem was acute. The previous day the Principle of the veterinary practice had come along and inspected her wounds.

He said that probably what was needed was for the right hind leg to be plastered up and held in position of for at least a week The questions was whether the surgeon felt that the work might result in the foot and ligament going back into position. The infected flesh surrounding the damaged legs would probably die off and be replaced but the joint had to go back into position.

Mum and all the kids, were at the yard and Dad was on his way to perform the job of driving. Now getting a normal horse into a trailer can be tricky but getting Tanya to walk up a ramp on two dodgy hind feet was something different.

If a heavy draft horse doesn’t want to do something then one had got one’s work cut out trying to persuade her otherwise. In the end it was all hands on deck with the boys pushing her bum that got her to walk into the trailer.

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There were used to fancy competition horses and the visit of a full Shire was a rare occurrence. A Shire is a horse bred to pull a heavy wagon or a plow or a tree they are not usually used to ride.

Tanya had an excellent temperament, and she tried to mix in the with the crowd but if she did not want to do something then she would not do it and none could make her. Initially she had been under the care of another vet who had misdiagnosed the problem That is a long story.

The time wasted waiting for a cure to Thrush had merely added to the problem, Now the real problem had been diagnosed and the question was could she take and benefit from the regular treatment. Tanya took one look at the crown of people surrounding her and wondered whether she was in the right place.

Gong close to her with a needle would have caused her to panic But the staff were very good. The wounds were leaned up and eventually the worst leg was inspected more closely through ultrasound.

With snaffles, kimberwickes, and western curbs, we can accommodate your draft horses in every riding discipline and at every level of training. Many trail riders, dressage riders, and equestrians who are just beginning their draft horse ’s under saddle training gravitate toward the simple Smith Worthington Curved Mouth Egg butt Snaffle Bit and the Weaver Draft Egg butt Snaffle Bit.

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Our friendly and experienced sales associates are always available to answer any questions you may have, and we invite you to reach out to us if would like any assistance in purchasing the right bit for your draft horse.

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