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Maria Garcia
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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Many homes and offices contain porcelain tiles, such as on the walls or floors, which may require drilling to perform certain plumbing jobs or installations, such as a towel rack. However, because porcelain tile is harder and denser than other tiles, it typically requires a special drill bit for maximum results.

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As such, we will be exploring the best drill bits for porcelain tile that will yield maximum results for any home project. They are stronger and stay sharper longer than most other drill bits, which makes them useful for cutting impervious materials, such as porcelain tile.

Carbide drill bits range in price anywhere from about $8 for a set all the way up to about $20 for specialty pieces. Some of the most popular choices for the best drill bit for porcelain tile of 2021 are as follows, which are ranked based on material, user’s opinion, rating, and usability.

The bit will run hot and get dull quickly if you do not constantly use water while drilling, which can cause the process to take longer As long as you’re not bothered by the metric system, you’ll have a smooth time using these quality drill bits for porcelain tile.

They also contain a unique triangular shaped handle, so the drill can be tightened and not slip, as well as a neat, smooth opening, so there is little resistance, which helps prevent heat. On top of that, the cutting flutes of the countersink drill bit is made of CNC gear grinding, which guarantees no skidding no matter how hard your project might be.

The Eagle Tool EM25072 Flex Shank Installer Drill Bit works well with tiles, concrete, brick, and other masonry products. On top of that, this bit can easily drill even through Wonder blocks, which further adds value to an already premium package.

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Pros High-quality carbide tip masonry bit Good fit for hard to reach places 3 flat non-slip grip on the end Flexible spring steel shank with wire fishing accommodation holes in the shank and the head This makes the Mag bit Carbide Tipped Bell hanger Drill A bit excellent for masonry, brick, concrete blocks, and even some other materials aside from porcelain tile.

These bits fit seamlessly in many tools, including the best portable drills on the market today. Because of this, you’ll spend far less time on your projects compared to other bits for porcelain tile on the market.

Verdict The EUC Multi-Material Glass and Tile Hole Saw Drill Bit does a very good job overall. It might not be the best drill bit for porcelain glass when compared to other more suitable options on this list, but it still holds up quite well if you’re on a tight budget.

They come with a reinforced spearhead design to prevent a bit cracking and extend the life of your equipment. The Aunt 6 PCS Tungsten Carbide Drill Bit Set is specialized for glass and porcelain tiles.

Made from high quality tungsten carbide, you can rest assured that they will most probably last you a long time. And to make this already affordable drill bit set for porcelain tile even more desirable, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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Verdict When looking at the Boffo Masonry Drill Bits Set, you might at first think that their shape is weird. Other bits for porcelain tile might also work with other types of drills as well, which further strengthens the argument that you should read the instructions on the packaging or manual carefully.

You can find many bits on the market claiming to be able to drill a porcelain tile, but not all are equally effective. These floorboards are smooth and will not let you get a good grip with just any drill bit.

To make it easy on you, we have rounded up five drill bits for porcelain tiles in this article. We have made our selection carefully so that you can safely pick out any of the products on our list without regret.

Amidst all the confusion, it is easy to make the wrong choice. Our roundup of these drill bits for porcelain floor tile aims to help make it easy for you to find the right product.

First on our list is the 10-piece masonry drill bits set by Owl Tools. With this set of bits, you can drill not only ceramic tiles but also through cinder block, hard plastic, or even concrete and bricks.

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It means you can expect it to stay sharp for an extended period of use. Especially when you compare it with steel drill bits, carbide always comes out on top.

To help keep your tools organized, the manufacturers include a convenient storage case with your purchase. Often, you will find your bits get rusty and dull when kept without proper care.

Next up on our list, we have this beautiful five-piece drill bit set from the good folks at Seiko. It is well-made and comes with a unique slug removing slide holes to help keep your working condition neat and clean.

The great thing about the set is that the bits come with diamond coating. It makes the bits even more durable than carbide-tipped units and also helps it retain its edge for a longer period.

You can cut precise holes in finicky materials like glass and ceramics with no excessive effort. Corrosion and rusts are an annoying thing to find on your bits when you pick them up after a couple of months.

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However, thanks to the plating, you can expect this unit to be free of any rust damages. The bit set from BLEND is exceptionally designed to handle all your drilling needs.

Featuring exceptional design and longevity, this is genuinely a one-set-does-all type of deal. It is a low-speed, low-pressure drill bit that uses regular water lubrication to ensure a smooth operation.

This feature enables it to have a long lifespan and not suffer any unnecessary damage. Using this precise tool, you can drill holes on any surface without messing up the finish.

Also, thanks to the included operating instructions, even beginners will have an easy time using it. This set features ten different sized bits for all your intents and purposes.

As per the manufacturer’s advice, you should use it for drilling holes in concrete or depths of above 1/2-inches. Designed and manufactured by WORK, who is reputed for making useful power tool accessories, this minimalist set is perfect for drilling porcelain tiles.

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On top of that, you can use this product for drilling concrete, glass, plastic, and even wood. The tip comes with carbide coating and features a pointed spear design that can easily penetrate any surface.

Thus, you can safely assume that the bits included in the set will have a decent life and will not break while you are working. The product further features U type slot design to remove dust or material residue easily while drilling.

The heavy-duty nature of the set allows it to make short work of porcelain tiles. To round up our list of five drill bits for porcelain tile, we have this set by Bosch for true minimalists.

Featuring high precision drilling and amazing functionality at a very affordable price, this is every DIY lovers’ dream set. The included bits in the unit comes tipped with carbide with a reinforced head.

It allows the products to penetrate hard surfaces like porcelain tiles with no effort. The tool is designed to reduce stress and cracking, which ensures a longer lifespan.

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Furthermore, the high speed of the bits, thanks to the innovative geometry, allows you to get the job done quickly without compromising precision. As you can see, all the common sizes required for basic drilling are included in the box.

It allows you to get creative and lets you perform any drilling operation you see fit. Since they have a sharp edge and capable of cutting at high speed, they save a lot of time on the user.

It uses the edge of the tip to make a clean round hole in the surface. This type of drill bits can work fast and are also quite accurate when it comes to punching a round hole.

The tip of this type of drill bit comes lined wholly with diamond along the edge, which makes it quite reliable hen working. This type of tool is effective when you want to make a small but complete hole.

Drilling porcelain or slate tile may be a simple task, but there is still a lot to learn before you take it on. Once you understand this, you need to find the right drill bit to penetrate the tile.

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Now that you have the correct bit to drill the tile, you need to mark the spots where you will penetrate. It gives you an idea of how you will proceed with the task making it easier to operate.

You can use something as simple as masking tape to make the mark on the tile. You need to give extra attention to stability and precision when it comes to drilling ceramic tiles.

If your drill moves sideways, it might send shock throughout the tile, causing it to crack. Bit sets are not as expensive as they used to be, and it is very good news for all DIY lovers.

A little extra investment can save you from a lot of trouble when it comes to drilling porcelain tiles. Final Thoughts Porcelain tiles are a fantastic way to decorate your bathroom or the kitchen.

We hope our review of the best drill bits for porcelain tiles could help you find the right products for your inventory.

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