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Elaine Sutton
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Screwdrivers are considered an important part of every household, especially in the current do-it-yourself age. You need a full set that comes in various types and sizes to fit in your tool bag.

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I hope that after you have read this article, you will be able to narrow down your choices into choosing the best value for the price you pay. It features professional quality Phillips and slotted screwdrivers, and it does an excellent job whenever you want to tighten or loosen a screw.

It is a 17-piece set including enough sizes that will be able to accommodate multiple standard jobs. With over 100 years of experience in the tool making business, Klein is more than just a company; they are a legacy.

American owned and family-run, their pursuit of excellence has seen them craft a somewhat iconic screwdriver set. Evenly split with three slotted and three Philips screwdrivers, Klein tools can handle most jobs thrown at it.

The cushion grip handle is a fantastic feature that keeps the device in your hands no matter how wet, sweaty, or oily your hand is, and it comes with internal flanges that firmly hold the blades in the screwdriver. What’s more, the shafts are heat-treated, which makes them a durable unit, capable of withstanding the general wear and tear of heavy usage.

Made with high-quality material, the shaft and blades are also immune to corrosion, so even after some time without use, your screwdrivers will still be as good as ever. Additionally, the blade tips are honed to perfection, and due to this, they are the right fit for every slot.

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So, if you are someone who isn’t particularly experienced when handling jobs that require screwdrivers, this is a great choice for you. Nevertheless, thanks to the labeled ends, you can keep track of what tool you’re using even if you can’t identify it by sight.

Klein Tools is undoubtedly a top contender when purchasing a screwdriver set. For more tools to add to your collection, check out our reviews of the best breaker bars.

With three slotted and three Philips screwdrivers, you have a decent selection of tools to use for a varying amount of jobs. It comes with an innovative rack that makes storage of the devices after use very straightforward, and retrieving a screwdriver when the need arises is a no-brainer.

The handle is made from a combination of hard-wearing plastic and rubber and the grip is solid and soft to the touch and fits into your hand perfectly. A lot of thought went into the construction of the Were Kraft form with the idea behind it to reduce the stress of using the screwdriver.

The soft handle helps prevent blisters and calluses, and the soft areas of the handle minimize friction, drastically making for a painless experience when using this screwdriver set. There are also markings at the bottom of each screwdriver that alerts you to the size of the tool to reduce confusion when using it.

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What’s more, it also features a non-roll attribute with the hexagonal construction preventing your screwdriver from rolling off a table leading to loss or potential accidents in the workplace. What’s more, the grip is comfortable to hold, and the handling is excellent, making tasks smooth operations that require no undue physical endeavor.

Additionally, the handle sports a ‘speed zone’ that is pretty handy for quick rotations, which in turn, helps shave time off work. With eight pieces included within, you have a myriad of tools to carry out most tasks that you encounter.

The Craftsman screwdriver set also comes with a lifetime warranty that makes it a long-time companion that sticks through thick and thin. With world-class customer support and a knack for always getting the job done, this is a screwdriver set that is worth considering when next you go shopping.

First one on this list is the 62-511 9-Way Screwdriver Set from Stanley, which is a very popular brand when it comes to hand and storage tools. It is interesting to know that the brand already has produced millions of saws, rulers, chisels, and hand planes.

Now, the brand also boasts its screwdriver set that ultimately helps in reducing the number of tools a user may need to carry. With the Stanley 62-511 9-Way Screwdriver Set, you will be able to maximize versatility through its interchangeable bars.

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The brand also offers a limited lifetime warranty but does not cover products that were improperly used, altered, or repaired. The Performance Tool 39-Piece Screwdriver Set features an organizing rack that has built-in holders, as well as a magnetizer and a demagnetizer.

For easier and a more convenient use, the screwdrivers provide a comfortable non-slip molded grips. Another great offering by Stanley is the FMHT62052 6 Piece Fat Max Diamond Tip Screwdriver Set.

It is equipped with industrial grade simulated diamond technology, which can be found at the tip. This feature makes the set tough and ultimately helps in prolonging the tip’s life.

To add, these screwdrivers are designed with ergonomic quad-lobe that ensures optimum tip torque. The black phosphate bars provide outstanding corrosion resistance.

Another great feature of this screwdriver set is the color-coded handles, which makes identification a lot easier. Every purchase of this screwdriver set includes 3 straight edges (3/16 × 4”, 1/4 × 4”, and 5/16 × 6”) and 3 Phillips Flat Heads (1PT x 3”, 2PT x 4”, and 3PT x 6”).

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Lastly, like the previous Stanley screwdriver set, the brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on this one. In addition, they are also highly durable due to the fact that they are made from high-quality materials.

The screwdrivers are plated with premium chrome that provides a smooth feel and a corrosion resistant exterior. This offering by Fell is not your ordinary wood handle screwdriver set.

This product features a lot of modern improvements such as the Beachwood ergonomic handle that comes with an anti-roll design, as well as a wear-resistant leather cap. This feature will be able to protect your tools and will prevent splintering while being struck by a hammer.

In addition, its anti-roll handle aids in resisting rolling on either vibrating or inclined surface. The screwdrivers, on the other hand, have a non-glare, matte-finish blade that is manufactured from the finest Chrome Molybdenum Vanadium steel.

The set has full-length screwdriver blade that runs completely through the handle, thus, ensuring a longer life. It also has a hex bolster found at the bottom of the handle, which permits the use of pliers or wrenches for applying additional torque.

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Its construction is also an assurance of great quality, as this set is engineered and made in Germany. The screwdrivers feature an ergonomic handle, with a non-slip design, as well as a leather cap to prevent splintering.

It has a non-glare matte finish blade that is constructed of chrome molybdenum vanadium steel. The set features CNC machining for an increase in fit and life.

The screwdriver set features CNC machining that enhances life and fit. This offering by Drake Off Road features a tribe ergonomic handle that provides a maximum balance between strength and comfort.

Etched on the chrome vanadium steel shaft are the sizes, as well as the part number. To add, it comes with an innovative dual material handle that enhances overall performance and comfort.

Don’t forget to also check our guide to bolt cutters for more great tools. Part numbers and sizes are etched on the chrome vanadium steel shaft.

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Last but definitely not the least is the Williams 19-piece Premium Mixed Screwdriver Set, which offers a wide selection of Phillips and flat head drivers of various lengths. With the number of options, you will be able to find it easy to select the right tool for the job you need to get done.

As a 60-in-1 set, you’re spoiled for choice, with tools suitable for repairing laptops, phones, consoles, and more. This in itself demonstrates fantastic value, as you no longer need to rely on professional engineers to get to the root of your device issues.

The unique non-slip driver gives you the control you need for the really fiddly parts, while the magnetic kit keeps screws and other bits right where you left them, so there’s no chance of losing anything. There’s also a flexible shaft which is ideal for working on larger projects and provides further versatility for all your home gadget repair needs.

All Points Fasteners has a variety of Ten® screws on hand for you to get for your next job. The drill bit tip creates a small hole by tapping before driving it in.

Time-saving: Ten® self-tapping screws cut back on the number of steps necessary to complete projects. No corrosion: Ten® screws are made from stainless steel and other materials that won’t corrode.

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Durability: You can count on your Ten® screws having a long life span, whether you use them in multiple projects, or they’re left in extreme conditions. Many contractors depend on Ten® screws’ strength for reliable connections.

This single operation fastening results in better thread engagement, better alignment and a tighter fit. With their durable construction, you can rest assured that Ten® screws will provide the strength you need for your application.

This type of finish provides exceptional corrosion resistance as well as increased strength to withstand the most challenging fastening demands and environments. They are common in the electrical industry, and they can be used for work with steel studs and other thin metal applications.

Their self-drilling nature allows work to be completed faster, which makes them well-suited for jobs that require a high volume of fastening tasks. The exception to this is some self-drilling screws that are manufactured for roofing applications.

This allows the threads to bite into the material and the screws to self-tap into the metal or wood for a secure hold. Self-drilling screws are available in a variety of shank diameters and lengths, as well as head styles.

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Modified truss: These screws have an oversized domed head with a flange, like an integral washer. This creates a larger area under the screw head for a greater bearing surface.

In the case of hex head Ten® screws, check out our video to help you understand how to determine the size of screws based on the size of the hex head, plus other additional information. For extra assurance that the screw will go in straight, you can create a pilot hole.

If the hole is the same size or larger, the screw’s grooves will not catch and provide secure fastening. One of the benefits of self-drilling Ten® screws is that you do not need to drill a pilot hole to use them, so many people choose not to.

If you do not use a pilot hole, drive the Ten® screw in slowly to ensure it goes in straight. Overtightening can cause head stripping, which makes it difficult to remove the Ten® screw in the future.

The screw will snap if its threads make contact with the metal’s surface before the tip has bored through, as this will result in the tip and the head of the screw moving at different speeds and generate stress in the middle. We have a large selection of Ten® screws available in many head types, lengths and more.

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Our team will help you find the right part, so you can trust that what you get will work how you want in your application. The values listed above are averages achieved under laboratory conditions and imply no warranty.

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