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An elegant premium option, the renowned Salvatore Ferragamo has produced several bit loafer styles over the years. We’re particularly keen on the Grandiose for its subtle styling and understated yet eye-catching pebble calfskin leather finish.

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A classic and elegant yet affordable bit loafer, Kenneth Cole have opted for a bicycle toe with a light use of moccasin stitching. The buckle on both the brown and black pair have a stunning vintage brass finish, which accentuates the leather’s rich patina.

A great casual yet stylish option for a hot summer’s day, the Terrence is made from a breathable fabric canvas. The contrast stitching of the moccasin toe looks absolutely great and adds to the loafer’s visual interest.

Essentially a driving shoe with a metal plaque style bit, the Anted is a stylish and comfortable casual option. Like the Donald J Pilfer loafers above, they’re ideal for summer wear and look fantastic with shorts and chinos alike.

Anyway, back in 1953, Gucci released their bit loafer in an effort to combine the comfort of a casual moccasin with the elegance of a dressy lace-up. The original shoe was made of a heavy saddle leather instead of the lightweight calfskin that’s used today, which was a nod to their equestrian heritage.

Not only were they the pioneers of the style, Gucci’s prototype -slimmed down with soft leather and sleek proportions- became so popular in the 1960s that it began to be worn with suits in the United States. At the time they invented the bit loafer, Gucci had a reputation for making leather horseback riding saddles.

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When they opened an office in the United States in the early 1950s, the shoe was considered too casual for city wear by everyone except continental Italians (that is to say, not Italian-Americans). They added a piece of metal adornment across the vamp in the shape of a horse’s snaffle bit, which both cemented the shoe’s place as a dressy slip-on option and gave it its name.

With that said, truly stylish men will be able to pull off a lockless look with a dressy bit loafer, though we advise playing it safe and putting on proper socks if you plan to see client or have a big meeting with the boss. These will also avoid ruining the inside of your house, which will smell horrendous when you remove any shoe after a day of going lockless in them.

However, because of the immense sartorial ground they can cover, you should consider them as a sixth or seventh shoe to round out a basic collection. Whether you’re looking for the best horse bit loafers available or an affordable Gucci alternative, there’s something for everyone on this list.

Sometimes you want to break out and add a little flair to your outfit with the perfect pair of shoes. In this article, we’re going to break down what horse bit loafers are, how to wear them like a champion and our favorite versions of the style.

Horse bit loafers were first created in the ‘50s by Aldo Gucci after a trip to New York. He added a gold bit to replace the strap of leather that made the classic penny-loafer style.

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Gucci was well known at that time, but the horse bit loafer put the brand over the top. These shoes bridge the gap between formal and casual, so you have a variety of options when wearing them.

Knowing when you intend on wearing your new shoes will determine how much you should spend and what kind of quality you’re looking for. You don’t have to go crazy and spend your whole paycheck, but make sure you’re getting high-quality shoes that will look great for years to come.

If you only plan on wearing them with a specific outfit meant for a special occasion, then you can get away with something less durable. You can wear horse bit loafers with jeans, but they’re especially great for dressier looks.

| He Spoke Style, Wall Street Paper, Noah Williams In the spring and summer, do as the Italians do and go lockless. In the fall and winter, horse bit loafers look great with thick socks.

We recommend staying away from excessive patterns like polka-dots when it comes to pairing socks and horse bit loafers. Jay Butler makes the top of our list because of the value they bring with every shoe.

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The Blake stitching keeps the profile slim and sleek, and the upper is hand-stitched in the traditional moccasin style. We were able to try their olive suede, though Jay Butler has brown, tan, and black leather available as well.

This brand is one of the best values you can get, especially when you’re looking to branch into a less common, higher-echelon shoe like a horse bit loafer. These horse bit loafers feature a solid brass bit for a more subdued look than standard gold or silver.

They come in five different colorways, all top grain leather with Valletta interiors for extra breathability. The Beaumont is a great choice when going lockless through spring and summer and the handmade quality is extraordinary.

The Ran court & Co Horse bit loafer features a Goodyear welt rather than a Blake stitch, so the profile is a little taller. This shoe is a great blend between the classic American loafer and the Italian fashion icon.

In terms of build quality and general craftsmanship, you can find something similar in Jay Butler and Beckett Simenon at a fraction of the cost. Dress Andre Horse bit Loafers Compared to some other options on our list, this one is pretty dressy.

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We wanted to add a budget shoe on our list and the Aldo Basin is squeezing right in. But if you can hold off and save just a bit extra, the jump in quality to Jay Butler, Beckett Simenon and Ran court is tremendous.

Even though today, these siphons are synonymous with bourgeois leisure (and Wall Street bankers), they were originally worn by fishermen in Norway, and the easy-to-wear silhouette made its way through Europe, and eventually to America in the 1930s. These instantly recognizable leather bit loafers have become a status symbol among investment bankers (and have inspired a legion of knockoffs), but they look just as polished outside of Wall Street.

Made to be worn with your sharpest suit, or your simple shirt-and-jeans combo, these Gucci loafers can instantly elevate any fit for generations to come, and they’ll live up to your investment. Case in point: these gorgeous loafers sourced from Turkish carpets, and embroidered with red, white, and blueprints of animal iconography.

Allen Edmonds takes the same meticulous approach to these sleek black loafers as it does with its durable dress shoes and boots. This means you can wear these handcrafted leather loafers with everything from a navy cotton suit to slim black denim and a white Oxford shirt (think Alex Turner à la the Arctic Monkeys).

They should be cool and sleek, but not too precious, which is why we love these siphons from Shoe The Bear, which can easily be worn with summer staples like off-white jeans, a navy polo, or olive chino shorts. Because these toe the line (pun intended) between dressy and casual, we recommend wearing them as part of a high-low combo of slim olive chinos, a white Oxford shirt, and a navy blazer.

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Swing through Bespoke Post to pick these breezy siphons, which feature hand-stitched side detailing that stylishly offers some ventilation for those hot summer days. Step right into a handsome pair of loafers made by this James Bond -approved British heritage footwear maker.

Wear them at your cabin with olive camp pants and a white pocket tee on a breezy summer morning (coffee not required … but encouraged). Nicholas Kirkwoodsaksfifthavenue.compared detailing and a short heel adds an interesting touch to these chic black loafers.

With memory foam in the base, you can wear these puppies all day long. Try out their signature loafers in a leopard print, so comfort can finally meet style.

The cult favorite and Meghan Markle-approved brand makes comfortable yet chic loafers in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. Try out this elegant black velvet pair for a modern take on the smoking slipper.

Rothys.another Meghan Marklefavorite, Roth's are made from recycled plastic and are machine washable. These breathable shoes even come in loafer form, as seen with this playful navy pair.

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The “Screw You” embroidery adds some fun to a classic style, but if you don't like this motif, you're in luck, because the brand has a wide array of patterns to choose from, or you can customize the shoes to your heart's content. Wear them with camel-colored pants and an earth-toned chunky sweater to fully lean into the Upper East Side aesthetic.

The classic style is made fun and festive with the addition of flowers and butterflies. The loafer jazzes up a neutral fabric base with some trendy faux-snakeskin piping.

The gunmetal hardware paired with the iconic brand logo makes these loafers the perfect combination of edge and class. Pair them with faded jeans or a breezy dress for an easy, cool look.

Aquazzurashopbop.these slim croc-effect loafers are flattering to the foot and subtly add interest to any look because of the delightfully unique hue. YUL Yieshopbop.cemetery wardrobe should have a light pair of loafers to add edge to winter white outfits and summer ensembles.

Freda Salvadorshopbop.compare your classic sturdy loafer that will be as supportive as they are stylish and add serious edge with the metal bar across the front. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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