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• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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Kerry's combination of functionality, durability, and artistry are what makes each piece unique. Kelley is recognized as one of the top bit and spur makers in the U.S. and used by top trainers in the horse industry.

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By the way, we don’t just design and build bits, spurs and saddles ...we use them every day here on the ranch! No precut parts, no production assembly line, just a single craftsman building each saddle by hand.

Description: The bit shown here has a 2-inch port, a 5-inch-wide mouthpiece, and 7-inch shanks. The copper on the bars helps keep your horse’s mouth moist, and the bit will rust with use, further increasing salivation.

That’s a key for your horse’s comfort and thus his ability to respond to your cue. This correctional bit has four moving parts, and both shanks swivel.

In fact, I’ll bet that if I asked 100 horse people if they had a bit like this in their tack rooms, 95 of them would say yes. You can find this bit at varying price ranges anywhere from big-box chain stores to custom bit makers’ booths at horse shows.

I rely on it when transitioning a young horse from a ring snaffle to a leverage bit. It’s also helpful when I bring home a new horse, so I can see where he is in his response to a leverage bit.

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Holding a shank in each hand, you can rotate one side of the mouthpiece a complete 360 degrees. You can find this type of bit with all different shanks, varying from fancy to plain and longer to shorter, but what matters is the way it cues your horse, which is why I like it.

The longer shank on this bit slows the connection between my hands and my horse’s mouth, which allows clearer communication to start. Description: I’m a ring-snaffle guy; my friend (and champion cow horse trainer) Teddy Robinson swears by his D-ring snaffles.

This is the workhorse bit that plays a role in every horse’s training, from teaching a colt to respond to pressure when he’s first in training to progressing in his competitive career to thanked bits. When I use it: Snaffles are for starting colts, of course, but they play a role throughout each of my horses’ careers.

A leverage bit won’t fix anything I’ve missed training while my horse was in a snaffle. Bob Avila, Temecula, California, is an AQUA world champion, three-time NRC HA Snaffle A bit Futurity winner, NRA Futurity champ, and two-time World’s Greatest Horseman.

These bits are sturdy, versatile, and the titanium coating with the tapered web design gives them the extra durability they need to handle a wide array of projects from wood, to metal, drywall, and lightweight steel. Sporting the newest technology, Drill Hog is proud to release these bits that are made from Cobalt M42 steel, which has a melting point of a whopping 2853 degrees Fahrenheit.

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These bits are infused with cobalt M42 and have a tapered web, which means they are super durable and can handle a wide variety of hard steel like they were born for it. Constructed out of High Speed Steel (HSS) with a titanium coating, these drill bits will deliver tough durability and a longer service life that will endure through multiple uses.

Our Verdict With a titanium coating, these are packed with ultimate durability and will provide a longer service life through multiple uses without dulling. Always a trusted name in power equipment, Dealt delivers high quality to these bits that are coated with titanium to provide more durability and a longer life span when driving into non-ferrous metals.

Featuring titanium pilot points that start on contact, these heavy-duty bits are made to prevent walking, and the anti-spin no-spin shank is a treat. Constructed from 8% cobalt alloy and industrial grade high-speed steel, this 29-piece bit set is made to resist heat and extend the life of cutting edges.

Why We Like It Durable cobalt high speed steel Works with harder materials Rubber over molded case 1/64-inch increments Our Verdict These industrial-grade high-speed steel bits have an 8% cobalt alloy providing better heat and abrasion resistance.

Having cobalt alloy is worth the investment and ensures that you can complete the harder material tasks. These titanium-coated bits are roller-forged from quality high-speed steel that can be used in high-powered stationary presses, and the roller-forged and sharpened edges deliver fast, clean penetration that is ideal for automotive, industrial, and construction.

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This 30-piece, quick change set comes in increments of 1/64-inch, meaning you won't be at a loss for the right size. Our Verdict These bits are specifically made for wood and designed to bore into softwoods quickly and accurately.

These Dealt bits have a black oxide finish that provides better longevity and greater protection from wear. The rugged case container has a sliding soft-grip lock that secures and prevents lost bits.

Why We Like It Easy to use Durable black oxide finish Slip and walking reduction Soft grip lock for security Drill America features their 29-piece, 1/64-inch incremental bits that are constructed to perform in a wide range of materials specifically in the iron and steel families.

The gold oxide finish helps reduce friction and creates coolant pockets near the cutting edge that make these ideal for drilling in tough, hard metal materials for maintenance, construction, or portable work. With a heavy-duty spiral fluted design for faster chip ejection and a 135-degree split point tip for easy penetration, these tools are versatile and durable enough to use on a wide variety of materials.

Why We Like It Durable cobalt steel Spiral flute design Faster chip ejection Torque reduction cutting lips Our Verdict Made with the super-durable 5% cobalt M-42 alloy, these bits are ready to tackle the hard stuff with features that include a heavy-duty spiral flute design to bore cleaner and faster, and a 135-degree split point tip for easy penetration.

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For the price, this set delivers high quality and durability in its drilling, countersink, and counterboring detailing. The Snappy brand is known for its durability and long life countersinks, and this set has received many rave reviews by satisfied consumers.

Allow the tool to do most of the work while you continue to apply steady pressure that is directly parallel to the bit. These are special with a pointed end that is self-centering, allowing the bit to make the initial hole and bite right into the wood, rather than sitting all around the surface like others would do.

There is also a set of cutting spurs on either side of the point which will slice the wood fibers upon contact, allowing for a smoother, cleaner hole. These are HSS bits that are heated up to 950 degrees Fahrenheit that creates a black oxide finish, resisting rust and corrosion, and reduces friction that helps speed up drilling.

They are well suited for steel, copper, aluminum, brass, oak, maple, pine, PVC, polycarbonate, acrylic, nylon and composites. Carbide (Carb) bits are the hardest of all and are primarily used in production with higher equipment, not to be used in hand drills or presses.

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