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• Thursday, 03 December, 2020
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If not, before moving forward I suggest you go back and read our guide on Bitcoin Mining. More importantly, it allows you to put your miner to work and start making money by connecting to a pool, or to the Bitcoin network if you are mining solo (not recommended).

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However, if you want to become a professional miner you’ll have to use dedicated mining equipment and more advanced software. CG miner is a command line application written in C. It’s also cross-platform, meaning you can use it with Windows, Linux and macOS.

The software includes overclocking, monitoring, fan speed control and remote interface capabilities, among others. With ASIC, GPA & GPU and multi pool support, CG miner is more than an adequate solution to handle your mining operation.

Pros : Powerful miner with many features, Cross platform, including Raspberry Pi Unlike CG miner, BFG miner is designed specifically for FPGA and ASICs and doesn’t support GPU mining.

More oriented towards the tweaking audience, it features dynamic clocking, monitoring and remote interface capabilities. Besides being a super versatile program, BFG miner is also cross-platform, including an option to install on Raspberry Pi which is pretty neat.

Among the ASICs supported by Bitter you could find Ant miner U1/U2, Block Erupted USB, Red/Blue Fury and more. Additionally, the tool includes its own “Moneymaker” mode which allows you to instantly create a paper LTC wallet and connect to its own private pool.

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From several testimonials, it appears that Windows antivirus software products tend to get jumpy along the installation process. Apparently, this is “thanks” to some hackers that used malicious versions of the miners as part of a botnet attack on affected users.

Also, while officially Easier is only available for Windows, you can find an Ubuntu version of the software on this link. Known as one of the most beginner-friendly mining software out there, BFGminer-based Multiline is a graphical, powerful yet simple solution for your Bitcoin mining needs.

Though very appealing for newcomers, Multiline also allows more advanced options for power users such as direct access to API settings and engine arguments. For detailed information on the latest releases and instructions on how to install on different OSes, follow this link.

Pros : Easy and intuitive UI, The pool’s site is informative and approachable Originally started as an idea to create a user-friendly mining software, Bit minter was a fully fledged mining pool.

For the creators of the program, it’s all about making Bitcoin mining “easy” and winning “high payouts”. Besides being available for operative systems like Windows, Linux and Mac OS X, Bitter assures a good mining speed and long polling in order to reduce stale work.

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If you want to mine profitability you’ll need to invest heavily in equipment, get cheap electricity, and locate yourself in a cool area since miners tend to heat up very fast. Whether you’re mining solo or as part of a pool, the software is your only way to monitor, configure and connect your hardware to the network.

You’ll want to have a safe place to keep them in, preferably a hardware wallet Beware of scummy download links! If you’ve had some personal experience with mining software or think I missed anything, let me know in the comments section below.

Read Our Buying Guide Bitcoin mining rigs and systems have come a long way since the beginning. The first Bitcoin miners made do with the tools they had at their disposal and set up various software to control the mining hardware in their rigs.

Not only did that slow down the mining process, but it also made it difficult for newcomers to join in on the fun. Necessity is the mother of all invention, so along came solutions like Awesome Miner, ethos, and Implementing that streamlined the mining process.

Now that we understand mining software and how it helps in the mining process, and you have your Bitcoin wallet and address, let’s look at different software on different operating systems. Brains OS is part of Satoshi Labs and is the creation of the original inventor of mining pools, Marek “Slush” Palatines.

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Satoshi Labs makes money off of Brains OS by offering you incentives to join their Slush mining pool, although this is not required to use their software. Thankfully, Brains OS+ makes the S9 family so much more efficient, that it can extend the life of your S9 ASICs.

For aging hardware like the S9 family, this is a crazy performance boost, so we can’t wait to see what Brain’s will be able to do once they launch support for next gen Ant miners like the S17 and T17. Every important change made to a user account requires email verification.

We furthermore recommend enabling two-factor authentication using either TOP mobile app or a hardware token (U2F). Slush pool takes the security of your earnings very seriously, which means a robust set of two-factor authentication options are at your disposal.

These guys are constantly innovating, so even if you are running Linux, you won’t be disappointed in choosing Brains. To combat the inefficiencies of other mining systems, Hashr8 constantly monitors the performance of your rig and automatically restarts it when there’s an error.

It also comes with a handy mobile app that notifies you of any changes and allows you to control your mining system remotely when you’re on the go. Now that you have a basic overview of Hashr8, it’s time to look at some specific benefits of using this mining operating system over the alternatives on the market.

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The app (which is available for both iOS and Android devices) that comes with Hashr8 allows you to control multiple mining rigs from your phone. First, it’ll notify you the moment there’s a low hash rate, or when any parts overheat or malfunction.

Simply go to the Hashr8 website, download the disk image, and connect it to your rig via a flash drive. Since Bitcoin mining is such a rapidly evolving space, any service providers have to adapt their systems to serve their customers.

Corporate Miner gives you a dedicated account manager, additional configuration and integration options, as well as a discount when you use more than 300 mining devices. Go to the Hashr8 website and click “Login” in the top right corner and then “Register” to create an account.

Open the installation file on your flash drive or external hard disk and paste the information you just copied to into the document named “token.txt” and save. Plug your flash drive or external hard disk into your mining rig, turn it on, and wait until it’s registered as online on your Hashr8 dashboard.

EToro Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum & 15 other coins Start trading fast; high limits Your capital is at risk. To combat the inefficiencies of other mining systems, Hashr8 constantly monitors the performance of your rig and automatically restarts it when there’s an error.

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It also comes with a handy mobile app that notifies you of any changes and allows you to control your mining system remotely when you’re on the go. Hive OS is a dashboard which allows miners to monitor and control all of their ASICs and GPUs from one centralized location.

Instead of having to monitor miners with different programs, it’s now possible to keep track of everything using Hive’s beautiful, one-stop dashboard. Hive OS supports Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cash, Monera and many other coins.

Installation is easy as Hive OS automatically detects mining rigs and adds them to the dashboard. As a full feature dashboard Hive OS, like Hashr8, allows miners to track a number of different metrics.

Hash rate Online status GPU errors Pool configuration Electricity usage Team activity That means that you can manage a mining operation from anywhere, you don’t have to be physically connected to the miners.

To increase the efficiency of your miners Hive OS has firmware that can boost hash rates as well as cut down on energy usage by as much as 25%. If you deposit three months worth of funds into your account Hive will give you a 30% bonus on your purchase.

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For Ethereum miners Hive hosts its own mining pool which they claim is one of the most profitable anywhere. Hive mentions that due to their worldwide servers their pool is secure, efficient and also has a high payout.

Independent Reserve (AU/NZ) Low fees with instant AUD deposits EFT, Pole, Oslo & SWIFT Top cryptos, tax reports, local support & OTC desk EToro Supports Bitcoin, Ethereum & 15 other coins Start trading fast; high limits Your capital is at risk.

One of the great things about Hive OS is that they have a mobile app that allows you to execute all the same functions and monitor all the same metrics as the dashboard. With some recent updates the app also appears to function well, based on user reviews.

One of the cool things about Hive OS is that even if you’ve not yet signed up for the service you can get an idea of who is using it. On the Hive statistics page there is a bunch of relevant data that miners may be interested in.

If you’re in the business of cryptocurrency mining Hive OS can offer a real advantage in terms of efficiency, setup speed and ease of use. What used to be difficult is now easy with essentially plug and play mining for Ethereum, Bitcoin and hundreds of other coins.

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Whether you’ve already got the equipment, or you’re considering a new investment, Hive OS is definitely worth checking out as an all-in-one mining dashboard. Hive OS is a dashboard which allows miners to monitor and control all of their ASICs and GPUs from one centralized location.

It’s also worth noting that you can use Tor to route your traffic through to remain especially anonymous while mining. Once you have this setup and are mining, you may need to cash out some of your coins in order to pay off your expenses such as electricity.

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