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Did you think “rib eye” was just a name folks thought up for fun or that it comes from near some ribs? There are plenty of “The Top 10 Most Popular Steaks” types of articles out there, but we want to shed a bit more light than that.

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According to Beef Retail, these were America’s most popular cuts of steak a couple of years back from a sales standpoint: Don’t worry about committing the above top 10 list to memory; that would be a weird thing to do (unless you work in the beef industry).

Okay, maybe not beyond, but at your grill and out to eat are both great places to be knowledgeable about steaks. Because it comes from the very tip of the tenderloin, which is the most tender cut of meat in an animal’s back.

Cut that, if cooked properly, achieves that “melt in your mouth” phenomenon you hear people blathering on about. Elena Stroking/Getty ImagesMany people will argue that the rib eye, the section of meat by the cow’s ribs is the best steak to order at a steakhouse: It’s not as expensive as filet Mignon, it’s richly marbled, it’s amazing on the grill, and so forth.

Many people might even turn their noses up (which is a great time to punch them in the face) if they hear it mentioned. Flatiron steaks tend to be smaller cuts and can be a bit sinuous, but this relatively thin steak cooks fast on a grill or in a pan, offers plenty of tender bites, and costs very little.

First, the eye of meat in the center of the cut is marbled with a good amount of fat. Sadly, sirloin isn’t quite as tender as tenderloin, but dammit, a sirloin is pretty tender, often retails for less than $8 a pound, and can be sliced up for delicious sandwiches, used in savory stews, or enjoyed as an entrée.

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Explore Good to Know’s guide to beef to ensure you get the perfect cut for your roast. These are the muscles that don’t get used in walking or holding the animal’s weight, so the meat is tender.

When looking for a loin cut with intense flavor, you should choose the beef with some fat marbling as this bastes the meat when it cooks. All beef and lamb carrying this symbol has been through a strict selection process and is of a higher standard than required by law.

The mark will also tell you where your meat comes from, another great way to ensure you’re buying local produce. Generally, roast beef is cooked uncovered in an oven at a high temperature to caramelize the outside.

Roast beef is a Sunday lunch staple, but it can be relatively high in saturated fat. According to the British Heart Foundation, good meat alternatives to beef are chicken or turkey.

We love this gluten-free veggie Wellington, it’s wonderfully colorful and goes perfectly with some seasonal greens or roasted root veg. One of the prime roasting cuts because the main lean muscle is nicely marbled and the whole joint is covered with a natural layer of fat.

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These three prime cuts are all fantastic for roasting, as they are very tender and can be carved into large lean slices. This means that thin sheets of fat, usually taken from the flank of the same animal, are wrapped around the outside of the rolled muscle then tied in place with string to produce a neat, cylindrical joint.

Beef fillet with sherry vinegar and shallot just Let the meat come to room temperature before you cook it. And the last word from us, take a look at our Sunday lunch menus, which include a traditional roast beef option as a main course, with a sweet potato soup as a starter, and bread and butter pudding for afters.

Most people go to a butcher, supermarket, or an online store to scour seemingly endless steak options. The grade of the steak speaks mainly to the quality of the meat based on both marbling and age.

These 10 steak cuts will whet your appetite and leave your carnivorous bicuspids clamoring for more. The grade of the steak speaks mainly to the quality of the meat based on both the marbling and age.

The porterhouse is a thicker cut and has much more of the tenderloin relative to the loin portion. It's similar in appearance to the porterhouse, yet with a smaller portion of the filet Mignon side.

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T-bone steaks are cut closer to the front, and contain a smaller section of tenderloin. They are best grilled or broiled to medium-rare temperature; the meat near the bone tends to cook more slowly than other parts of the steak.

It has a lot of connective tissue, which in turn gives it great flavor, but makes it less tender. Flank steak is always served cut across the grain in thin slices.

A tablespoon of your favorite barbecue steak sauce can add 100 calories or more to you meal. Try using lower-calorie options such as lemon juice, hot sauce, horseradish, wide vinegar, and yellow mustard.

Many people prefer this cut cooked rare, or blue, showcasing the delicate flavor and naturally tender texture. It's not the most flavorful steak since it does not have a bone attached, but it can be wrapped in bacon or served with your favorite sauces and spices.

It can be broiled or grilled, but remember to cook this cut quickly to seal in all the goodness. The rib-eye has long been a favorite of steak lovers worldwide due to its luscious marbling, which allows the meat to be very tender and juicy.

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This cut is best when marinated and cooked quickly over high heat by grilling or broiling, and served rare or medium-rare to avoid toughness. The first step in cooking a perfect steak is choosing the right cut of beef.

Tenderloin steaks can also be taken from the butt or back end of the tenderloin where a small seam of connective tissue may run through the steak, making it less desirable than the filet Mignon. The reasons the cuts of beef described above make the best steaks is that they are from muscles that don't get much exercise and thus are very tender.

This makes them excellent for dry-heat cooking methods such as grilling and broiling. Often you'll see filet Mignon steaks prepared wrapped in bacon.

The tenderloin, you see, is quite lean, and it's the fat that imparts much of the flavor to a piece of meat. Thus, filet Mignon is wrapped in bacon to give it more flavor.

To me, for that kind of money, a steak shouldn't need a strip of bacon wrapped around it for it to taste good. You'll see all kinds of cuts of beef at the supermarket that have the word “steak” in their names but beware.

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Usually, if it has the word rib or loin or strip in its name, it's going to make a good steak. For years, my go-to steak was the New York strip, but I'm currently a rib eye man.

Fortunately, you can easily distinguish a high-quality steak from a lesser one, simply by looking at it. The word marbling refers to the little flecks of fat that naturally occur within the muscle of the meat.

Conversely, if you've ever looked at two steaks at the butcher shop and wondered why one cost more than the other, you'll probably see that the pricier one had significantly more marbling. Moreover, these quality designations are based in large part on marbling, so even if the meat hasn't been graded, you can identify a superior cut of meat by looking for the marbling.

Too thin, and you're missing out on the luxurious experience of eating a perfect, juicy steak, and you also run the risk of overcooking it. Too thick of a steak gives you the opposite problem: If you're not careful, you can cook the outside just fine but have the inside undercooked.

While it may be uncommon to find dry-aged beef at the supermarket, a better butcher shop or specialty food store should carry it. But, in the words of famed steak aficionado Frank Sinatra, that's life.

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And so (drumroll, please...), the best steak is a dry-aged steak from the rib, short loin or tenderloin primal cuts, with plenty of marbling and sliced about 1½ inches thick. Choose your meat wisely, and you'll be well on your way to cooking the perfect steak.

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