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Ellen Grant
• Friday, 25 December, 2020
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This part of South West England is packed with fantastic things to do, fascinating, family-friendly attractions and beautiful scenery. During a week’s stay on the Isle of Brubeck in Dorset, on the eastern end of the JurassicCoast, we rediscovered the joy of being holidaymakers straight out of a Famous Five books.

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Quaint stone buildings around a gorgeous marketplace, a picturesquely ruined castle and a steam train running through it all. The ruined post office at Wyndham ghost village One of the main sights of the JurassicCoast and a true wonder of nature.

The cliff at West Bay has had a starring role in the TV drama Broad church since 2013 and attracts droves of David Tennant-seeking fans. The cliff at West Bay, Dorset Monkey World is an ape rescue center not far from Ware ham.

There are a lot of sad stories here about the residents’ previous lives and how they’ve been mistreated, but the keepers obviously care deeply about the animals and their talks are both moving and informative. Beach huts on Sandbanks chain ferry from Stud land to Sandbanks welcome to Poole sign in Sandbanks It actually rained the entire time we were there, but it looks like it would be a cool place to go on a drier day.

Chest Beach on the Dorset coast A gorgeous traditional seaside resort, famous for the fossils that have been found in the cliffs around the town for hundreds of years, and also for the Cobb (the wall which protects the harbor). The Cobb features in Jane Austen’s novel Persuasion and in John Fowler’s The French Lieutenant’s Woman.

I was particularly interested in the story of Mary Anning, a cabinetmaker’s daughter from the town who became one of the world’s leading authorities on fossils during the 1800s. The troops performed exercises using live ammunition and a new type of tank in front of VIPs including the King, who were safely hidden in a huge concrete bunker named Fort Henry.

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Beach huts at StudlandInside Fort Henry Getting to Hurdle Door is a bit odd because the car park is in a caravan site, so it definitely feels like you’ve taken a wrong turn. Once you’re parked up on top of the cliff, take the path down towards the edge, and there it is; a magnificent limestone arch standing proudly above its own sandy beach.

Personally I really like the Dorset coast section, as that’s where you’ll find some of the best things to do, like Core Castle, Hurdle Door, West Bay and Lyme Aegis. All the attractions above are easy to visit in a week-long trip to the Dorset part of the JurassicCoast, staying near Swan age on the Isle of Brubeck.

The JurassicCoast ranks with the Great Barrier Reef and the Grand Canyon as one of the recognized natural wonders of the world. It provides a fascinating scenic walk through 185 million years of history covering the Jurassic, Triassic and Cretaceous periods.

The Ax mouth to Lyme Aegis Under cliffs National Nature Reserve is one of the most important wilderness areas in Britain. The area was brought vividly to life in the novel and film “The French Lieutenant’s Woman”.

Christopher Wren famously chose the stone for the rebuilding of St Paul’s Cathedral after the Great Fire of London in 1666. After you have finished exploring, join us for a delicious Afternoon Tea, the perfect opportunity to sample the finest Dorset cream.

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The JurassicCoast is an incredibly beautiful part of England, full of natural wonders. All the way East from Wycombe Point, Ex mouth to Stud land Bay in the West, the JurassicCoast is 100 miles (160 km) of incredible beauty.

The 21 places to see on the JurassicCoast are not ranked: they are all equally beautiful, and it comes down to personal preferences to decide which ones to visit first. If you need to plan your trip, you can download my FREE private map of all these places by clicking on the button below.

Hurdle Door Worth Cove Barrow Bay Wyndham Village Worth Castle Pulpit Rock Cheddar Gorge Core Castle Core train station Saint Catherine’s Chapel Castles on the Isle of Portland Simmering Bay and Cavell Tower Stud land Beach Dorchester quaint streets Portland Bill Lighthouse Old Harry Rocks Sandbanks Chest Beach Chapman’s Pool Win spit Quarry The Blue Pool This guide is not exhaustive, as there are plenty of others places to see on the JurassicCoast, and you can definitely spend a lot of the time exploring the whole coast.

The places I’ve listed are either places I’ve personally visited during my 3 days road trip in Dorset, or that I planned to visit but couldn’t due to a lack of time. The idea of going to explore Dorset actually stemmed from seeing Hurdle Door photos on Instagram, and then researching more about the location.

All the words I would use to describe it would not do it justice, but maybe the picture above can help you visualize how beautiful Hurdle Door really is. The rock formation, arching over the sea, is even more impressive when you’re standing right in front of it, and you fully take in its size.

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What really makes Worth Cove unique is the particular shape of the bay, with the beach going in a U-shape, with cliffs around on the eastern and western parts. It’s also the perfect place for outdoors activities, such as snorkeling, diving, or kayaking.

If you’re going after it has rained, you might want to wear boots as the hiking trail turns into mud in some places. In 1943, inhabitants of Wyndham Village were given 28 days by the British government to leave, in order to let space for D-Day preparations.

The castle is located really close to Barrow Bay, Worth Cove and Hurdle Door, and it can be a good idea to add it as a quick stop to enjoy its architecture. At the southern point of the JurassicCoast is where you can gaze upon this massive pile of rocks.

Cheddar Gorge is a place that I had never heard about before actually going in Dorset and exploring the area. After seeing Array’s photos of the place, I was hooked: my girlfriend and I drove straight to the location.

The town of Core is also a charming city, and meandering in its streets transports you back in time. To complete the immersion into another century, make sure to visit Core train station.

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Black nor Fort, also called West Wears Battery, was built in the 20th century. Portland Castle is way older than Black nor Fort, as it was built around 1540 by Henri VIII to fend off French and Spanish invaders.

The quaint streets of Dorchester looked to me as I had always pictured classic British villages in my mind, and it really added to the overall experience of discovering Dorset and the places to see on the JurassicCoast. With its red and white colors, it looks wonderful, and is to me the perfect representation of a classic lighthouse.

You can also go up the lighthouse if you want to explore it from inside, and you’ll have a fantastic view of the Isle of Portland. Old Harry Rocks is, with Hurdle Door, one of the most famous places to see on the JurassicCoast.

The chalk cliffs and rock formations standing proudly in the sea are really a sight to behold during your trip to the JurassicCoast Formed about 65 million years ago, Old Harry Rocks is a pretty singular place.

To get to Old Harry Rocks, it’s an easy 40 minutes walk from Stud land, on mostly flat terrain. On the way to Old Harry, make sure you stop at Stud land Viewpoint for another grand view of the area.

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It’s an old, abandoned quarry situated near Worth Mat ravers, that was used before World War II to produce stone. The interesting thing about this quarry is that it’s located on the edge of the cliffs of Dorset, and it’s a really cool place to explore.

The last location on this list of 21 amazing places to see on the JurassicCoast is the Blue Pool. You can go on a nice afternoon stroll around the lake, watching the water change color as time passes.

There are benches along the banks of the Blue Pool where you can sit down to relax and take in the view. As I stated before, there are way more interesting places to discover in Dorset, but I had to make a choice and list what I believe are the best ones among all, and that you will enjoy exploring.

To help better prepare your trip to Dorset and the JurassicCoast, I’m giving away for free my private map of the area, that I use during my road trip.

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