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• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
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Deliciously tender roast pork topped with perfect crispy crunchy crackling is much easier than you think… This recipe takes just 2 hours from start to finish and only 5 minutes is hands-on time! This sudden blast of heat is the key to crispy crackling.

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A decent Valpolicella would also work well here… or even a Burgundian Pilot Noir, if that’s more your style. Roast Pork Leftovers will keep for 3 days in an airtight container in the fridge.

Make sure you get your leftovers into the fridge within 2 hours of finishing cooking. Simply place your leftover pork and crackling in a plastic lidded container and put it in the freezer, where it will keep for up to 1 month.

When the pork has been out of the fridge for 30 minutes, and the oven is at the correct temperature, place the pork on a rack in a roasting dish and put it into the oven for 30 minutes. Remove the pork from the oven and leave to rest for 10 minutes before carving.

Serve with Yorkshire puddings, roast potatoes or mashed potatoes, plus apple sauce, pork gravy and all your favorite roast dinner vegetables. Roast Pork Gravy To make a delicious gravy to go with the roast pork, simply mix 1 tablespoon of cornflower with a small splash of cold water in a jug until you have a thin paste.

Add the hot chicken stock to the jug and stir to combine. Tip the contents of the jug into the roasting tray and stir gently to mix the stock with the pork juices and to release the stuck-on bits from the bottom of the pan.

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In fact, scoring can compromise crispy skin if not done properly! Roast uncovered for the whole time (to keep the skin dry) Roast on a low first to slow-cook the flesh until tender, then high to finish the crackling Keep the skin surface level by using scrunched up balls of foil.

Boneless pork shoulder; freshly cut by butcher rather than purchased vac packed from the grocery store (usually rolled and tied or netted); has dry flat skin; and no need to score the skin. A freshly cut piece of pork shoulder from the butcher.

Pork shoulder is a cut of meat that can sustain the 3+ hours required to make wonderful crackling. It’s a tough cut of meat, so the flesh needs slow roasting anyway.

In fact, scoring poses a risk to crispy crackling because if you (or the apprentice butcher at the supermarket) accidentally cut through to the flesh, the juices will bubble up onto the skin as it cooks, wetting it, and you’ll end up with rubbery rather than crispy skin in that area. There’s more detailed information on different pork cuts and why shoulder is the best if you scroll further.

Creates a steamy environment for the flesh, so it doesn’t dry out during the slow roast. It means we don’t need to cover the pork (which discourages crispy skin); and Creates some moisture in the oven which keeps the pork skin supple enough during the low temperature, slow roasting to allow the bubbles to form inside the skin before hardening into a crispy crackle during the final blast of high heat to form the crackling.

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The lower parts of the skin will take much longer to become crispy, and sometimes it doesn’t at all. Just level out the surface of the pork skin as best you can, and later on we can use patches of foil to protect parts that crisp up faster than others.

The crackling is so crispy, it won’t soften even in the slightest if you rest it covered with foil. Rest the pork loosely covered with foil to keep it warm.

Don’t worry, this will not soften the crackling in the slightest, even if you leave it covered for hours. If you do not cover with foil, the meat dries out on the outside during the rest time.

All that effort for epic crackling only to douse it and make it soggy?? If you reheat it with the meat in the microwave on the other hand, the surface goes soggy, and it’s just not as much fun.

And with that, you are now armed with the steps you need to make the ultimate pork roast with guaranteed crispy crackling. But because this is a master recipe and a good piece of pork is not cheap, I am also sharing background information about the method I use.

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There’s a lot of detail, so it’s strictly for fellow food nerds!!! All too often, you see pork roasts and rolled pork loins with a bit of bubbly crackling on the top, some crispy but flat, really hard crackling on the sides and disappointing patches of rubbery, chewy skin.

The observation that crackling is always better at the top of rolled works, and not so great on the sides. How rubbery bits tend to be in the valleys and creases on the skin or the lower edges.

BUT we’re using pork shoulder here which is beautifully marbled with fat, so you don’t lose juiciness for the sake of crackling ; The flesh side can be rubbed with seasonings then cooked on a bed of onion, garlic and white wine to infuse the pork with flavor; Pork shoulder is an ideal cut for slow cooking which not only means tender flesh at the end, but the skin has plenty of time to dry out during the low temperature roasting phase before cranking up the oven at the end to make the crackling bubbly and crispy It’s best to get a fresh cut, boneless pork shoulder if you can because the skin is smooth and flat.

Whereas if you buy a rolled pork shoulder which you then unroll, there will often be wrinkles. This recipe will work fine with rolled pork (i.e. trussed with string or netted) and Pork Neck, aka Scotch Fillet Roast (Collar Butt for those in the States) but because they are shaped like a log, this usually results in good crackle on the very top but just ok-to-mediocre crackle on the sides.

PRO TIP: All too often, grocery store pork is cut by inexperienced butchers, so the scoring is done poorly. This isn’t a groundbreaking stuff here, it’s pretty common knowledge.

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Elevates the pork slightly which helps with even cooking; Adds more flavor into the flesh; and Creates super-tasty pan juices which is used to make a gravy. I also add a liquid into the pan which keeps the flesh extra moist.

My first choice is white wine, followed by dry apple cider. Juicy, slow cooked meat requires long, slow cooking at a lower temperature, whereas developing crispy crackling requires very high heat.

So we start this pork on a lower temperature for 2.5 hours to cook and break down the tough meat to make it beautifully juicy. During the slow roast phase, the pork shoulder will look a bit warped.

But the skin is still rubbery though you will see the start of a few bubbly bits, as pictured above. Most of it has bubbled up beautifully and the small parts that haven’t are still ridiculously crispy.

3 kg/ 6 lb boneless skin on pork shoulder, NOT scored, unrolled / netting removed (Note 1 & 6) 3 tsp cooking / kosher salt (NOT salt flakes or table salt, Note 7) 1 1/4 tsp black pepper 2 tsp fennel seeds (or other herb/spice of choice) 1 tbsp+ 1 tsp olive oil 1 garlic bulb, halved horizontally 2 onions, halved (brown, white, red) 2 cups dry white wine, or alcoholic or non-alcoholic cider (Note 2) If time permits, leave in the fridge uncovered overnight (even 1 hr helps).

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Sprinkle all over with remaining 1 1/2 tsp salt, taking care to get even coverage. Unsalted patches will not become bubbly crackling, it will be a hard flat sheet.

If so, adjust to make the skin surface as level as possible using balls of foil and moving large dislodged pork pieces to the side (key tip for crispy crackling, Note 3). If there are bald patches on the skin without salt (e.g. it fell off), spray lightly with oil spray (or brush lightly with oil) then sprinkle with salt.

Add liquids: Pour stock in while whisking, so it’s lump free. The perfect piece is a neat square or rectangle shape that is fairly even thickness all over with a flat, smooth skin.

Use scrunched up balls of foil tucked under the pork to level the skin before blasting with high heat to get the bubble. Gravy color is dependent on the browning in the pan juices.

GRAVY GLUTEN-FREE OPTION : Mix 2 tbsp cornflour / cornstarch with a splash of the broth. Then add it into the saucepan with the rest of the broth and the pan juices, per recipe.

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