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This bit rate will allow you to get much more music on to your MP3 player, but you'll sacrifice a great deal of audio quality as a result. The happy medium between small file sizes and true CD quality audio is a 256kbps bit rate.

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This offers vastly superior sound quality over 128kbps, without eating up too much disk space. Consider this bit rate if you own a player with 4 GB of memory or above, or if you only carry a few albums with you at any one time.

This is because in order to reduce the size of a music file, the MP3 encoder literally throws away data from the original recording. Lossless encoding throws away nothing -- your music file is identical in quality to that of the original CD.

Interscope Records / Polymer Bad bitch lyric: “Light of my life, fire of my lions / Be a good baby, do what I want” Note: “Bad Reputation” and “Lady Marmalade” are unavailable on Spotify, but you may listen through YouTube in the links above.

All song data is contained in the URL at the top of your browser. You can add or remove notes by clicking on the gray rows at the top.

Those numbered boxes at the bottom of the editor are the different patterns you can edit. Click the other boxes to move to a different part of the song, or click the arrows on the currently selected box to swap which pattern is played during that part of the song.

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No songs are ever received, recorded, or distributed by Peepbo's servers. Peepbo does not collect, track, or share any user data.

In particular, you can use the synth code as demonstrated here to play Peepbo songs in your own JavaScript projects! Those who yearn for simpler times can find the old version of Peepbo here.

Only stairway can come close to it, however falls short of Freddie Mercury's masterpiece. Queen aren't the best band of all time, the Beatles are, the stones and zeppelin are better, but they are seriously underrated in the band rankings, despite the mass amount of fans. This song has a cappella, ballad, rock and opera and every section is mastered to perfection.

It may not seem like it flows well, but the exemplary musicianship helps every part flow perfectly together. A sentimental song written by Freddie; no one really knows the meaning and this makes it even better, which may seem weird but that's how it works for this masterpiece. You can make a very strong case for stairway at number one but Robert plant's vocals do not compare to Freddie's and nothing in ... more. No idea what this song is about and back in 1975 I hated it, because I was a Queen fan and everybody suddenly jumped into my world, and I was too selfish to share them.

Now, in the year 2020, I regard this as the finest piece of music and lyrics and vocals that has ever been recorded by mankind. I was privy to see Fred five times on stage in the UK and never has any band blew away an audience like Queen did with the Borax finale.

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His guitar solo in this song is one of his greatest played with undeniable passion and ease. “Stairway To Heaven” is a legendary song composed and performed by the greatest rock musicians of all time, Led Zeppelin.

Stairway to heaven is the greatest song ever written in all respect. I love Bohemian Rhapsody a lot but trust me no song comes close to this absolute masterpiece.

OK so no shade to Queen but honestly Stairway to Heaven deserves number one. The song starts with a calming synth and guitar intro that paves the path for Robert Plant to do his thing.

The structure of the song is very similar to a staircase, building upwards over time. This attention to detail is just incomparable and is what makes Stairway to Heaven the best song ever written.

Despite the fact that this is “Most Played Song on Radio” Stairway To Heaven. Is the greatest song in not only Heavy Metal & Hard Rock History it transcends far beyond that genre.

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The song didn't sell out it's heavy metal/hard rock style like Metallica did (Nothing Else Matters) to bring in newer audiences that weren't accustom to Zeppelin's pioneering Heavy Metal Sound, but it showed their progressive ideas within the bands' artwork. Jimmy Page one of the first guitar heroes, along with Ritchie Blackmore, Jimi Hendrix & Eric Clapton, had written one of the most iconic guitar solos of all time.

The progression of the song is what most sticks out as it schizophrenically transitions from smooth, calming folk music to extremely emotional & groundbreaking hard rock/heavy metal. Led Zeppelin the most innovative blues hard rock band who helped create along with Black Sabbath a new genre of music Heavy Metal.

Truly inspirational lyrics, to release your per-conceived or ingrained notions of time and space, division of people; those going to heaven vs. This song is great, the lyrics are powerful yet subdued, the melody is timeless and despite some critics the message is absolutely positive.

If you take the words in this song at their text book definitions and refuse to read between the lines than you may get offended and never truly understand the big picture. Take a moment to think about living in a world as imagined by John Lennon in this song, take away Material Possessions (wealth, status, greed, envy...

If the world truly lived as one your only responsibility would be to wake up and breathe, enjoy your life. This is a unifying song that people all over the world love and sing.

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He talked about all the things that he believed would make the world a better place. He does talk about religion and lots of people were offended by this because he believed that it was a thing that people killed and died for, many of you may not believe this but its true not to long after this song was made and a man had murdered this amazing artist for being against Christianity in my opinion this man only proved his case and that's why this song is the number one song in the world because this man spoke the truth.

The lyrics, music, drum beat, bass and of course the guitar solo it's just amazing! I remember I heard this song 20 times a day... Can't stop listening again and again.

That said, “In Bloom” and “Lithium” were better singles, and there are a few others on Never mind that I liked better: “Breed”, “Drain You”, “Stay Away”, and “Something in the Way”. In Uteri and Bleach were also superior albums, but Never mind is nonetheless more iconic and influential, and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” likewise has earned its place in history.

And Stairway to Heaven is not ZEP's best song at all, it's a pimply song for hobbit heads. Smells Like Teen Spirit is a fine song, and I have to give it the Number One Spot.

Everything from the dark yet meaningful themes and topics to the dual guitars, shredding, arpeggios, solos, instrumentation, lyrics, vocals... it's all there (well, without a bass, but oh well). I love everything, from the energetic drumming to the aggressive riffs to the beautiful solos to the structuring and arrangements to the musicianship itself.

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Its gradual descent into the heavier, chugging end is mirrored by the misery of the armless, legless man of the story. The guitar solo absolutely kills, with some of Kirk Hammett's best performance ever put on tape.

James Hatfield does some of his best work, with some absolutely awesome cleaner vocals in the verses, and his signature 80s growl in the choruses and the latter half of the song. When I found out about what the lyrics of the song meant, it instantly became my favorite song ever, not because of its complexity or of its memorable and powerful riffs, but because when I heard it, imagining myself losing my hearing, my sight, the ability to feel, and having my arms and legs removed and being forced into a machine for the rest of my life gave me such chills that OI have never gotten from any songs.

It is not so important to know the whole “Wall” story to experience the magic of this song. It builds up a unique atmosphere where intensive voice and rather acoustic music seem to carry each other forward into the story of a depression.

The listener gets drawn into it, and while the first solo of Glamour in the middle of the song is still rather harmless, the second one where the song (and the respective story) culminates in is so brilliant and magnificent that I still get fully blown away from it even after 35 years and probably more than 100 times hearing it. While other 70s songs Bohemian Rhapsody, Hotel California, and Stairway to Heaven are great songs, (although “Stairway is extremely overplayed,) Comfortably Numb is absolutely perfect.

The opening notes are beautiful but melancholy and set the stage for Pink's story (the main character on the album, not the musician. The music shapes the journey of a troubled rock star struggling to get through his every day life.

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That combined with brilliant lyrics, a heartfelt chorus- “I have become Comfortably Numb”- and guitar solo that sends a shiver down your spine, this is truly as song worthy of first place. The lyrics feature interplay between a doctor treating Pink (verses, sung by Waters) and Pink's thoughts (chorus, sung by Glamour). Guilmour and Waters share credits for this song as the music was made by Glamour and lyrics by Waters.

The song can be associated with a memory, a loved one, a difficult period in your life. To me this song will always remind me of a bad breakup, even though it's written about an addiction.

His palms are sweaty, knees weak, arms are heavy, there's vomit on his sweater already, moms spaghetti, he's nervous, but on the surface he looks calm and ready, to drop bombs, but he keeps on forgetting, what he wrote down, the whole crowd goes so loud, he opens his mouth, but the words won't come out, he's choking how? Everybody's choking now, the clocks run out, times up over, now, Snap back, oh, there goes gravityLOSE YOURSELF IN THE MUSIC, THE MOMENT, YOU WANT IT, YOU BETTER NEVER LET IT GO, GO, YOU ONLY GET ONE SHOT, DO NOT MISS YOUR CHANCE TO BLOW, THIS OPPORTUNITY GOES, ONCE IN A LIFETIME.

As my name is Jude, I get this song sung at me nearly every day by friends or family. I think this says something about how great this song is, if, years on from when the Beatles were big, it is still part of the collective consciousness and people are very aware of it.

AXL has this voice that no one else can even get close to matching, Duff is the most badass cutest bassist EVER! Slash is a legend that is just totally unrealistically amazing at guitar, Steven can rock out on the drums like no one else and Izzy is just absolutely awesome.

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Genius intro and solo by SLASH AWESOME vocals by AXL ROSEAmazing work on rhythm by IZZY StradlinBadass awesome drummer Steven Alderwood bass by DUFF, ... Whenever I listen to this song when I'm sad or upset, it makes me one of the happiest people in the world, it gives so much energy, and it's all because of the way AXL sings and Slash's crazy awesome guitarist.

This (and Fade to Black) are the best rock songs OF ALL TIME PEOPLE! James' vocals and guitar work are AWESOME, Kirk does the LEGENDARY solo (this song without a shadow of a doubt has the greatest guitar solo in the HISTORY OF MUSIC).

Many things by The Beatles move many individuals, and technically speaking, this wouldn't even be the best song if that was the case. But A Day In The Life single-handedly changed music forever, so I have no regrets.

I find it very distasteful that people talk about the “innovation” of songs like Bohemian Rhapsody when trying to justify it being at #1. I'm not saying that modern music is bad, but your ignorance doesn't make Rhapsody the best song ever.

Its popularity is 95% due to it being fun to sing along to (see Hey Jude above). While everyone is entitled to their own opinion, I think that truly great songs have no relevance to such things.

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A Day in the Life and many other songs truly broke the mold using completely different sounds and techniques that what was being done at the time. Most importantly, however, few people get “inspired” or are moved emotionally when Rhapsody comes on the radio, they just sing along.

When this comes on, if you are truly listening to it, you will get goosebumps and fall into deep thought and awe of its magnificence. Bohemian Rhapsody and maybe space oddity are a close second.

Pepper's album from start to finish and was left in an expected trance. The composition sees it start with a narrator reading a newspaper, reminiscing his past, and then eventually dying.

Not a rhetorical question, Axl Rose knew and so does anyone else who ever heard this song. Every damn time when I hear part :I know it's hard to keep an open earthen even friends seem out to harm doubt if you could heal a broken heartwood't time be out to charm you have torn on my chick.

It's just such an awesome part which immediately reminds me all bad things I had during last few years and that this song was with me. Only a genius like AXL ROSE can Write and Sing this song.

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This song is an example of slow and beautiful guitar and epic riffs and solo! It would make really furious if this masterpiece wasn't considered one of the best songs ever made... One of the most mesmerizing intros you could find anywhere, deep meaning and breathtaking in every aspect...

Bruce sings his balls off, but the guitar again is where the song shines. The progression in the song is superb with an electric riff that you can't get out of your head after your first listen.

The song is about a man facing his mortality and finding a renewed faith in God, it's a beautiful message that reminds me of my late grandma whenever I hear it. With high soaring, engaging vocals; a classic and unforgettable instrumental bridge and a hair-raising outro; this song is and will be on the top of my list for the rest of my life.

Though I'm surprised Number of the Beast, Run to the Hills or Rainmaker didn't make it on this list. If you are going to make a list about the best songs of all time it should be a mixture of all eras of music, not just classics.

Even on the thousandth visit you find yourself suddenly realizing what the artist is trying to tell you. This song is like a punch in the gut every time I ever hear it.

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When you listen to Dylan and pay attention to the lyrics, your brain starts to grow automatically. You take Idiot Wind, Changing Of The Guards, Hurricane, Highlands, It's All Right Ma, Visions Of Johanna, Desolation Row... These songs are what Dylan truly is: an exceptional songwriter that absolutely no one can fully understand. When you meet Cinderella, Romeo, Ophelia, the Hunchback of Notre Dame, Cain and Abel, Dr. Filth and many others rotating around a desolation row, you come back here and think which truly are the all-time best songs.

This is certainly the greatest song ever. Not only because of its musical fascination, but also because of its meaning for the society we live in! I don't have much against other bands, but I wouldn't choose Sweet Child O'Mine for GDR, and even though I have nothing against other songs above this (except for A Day in The Life, Beatles again) and Lanyard Skyward, which I don't like either, I can even bear MJ and Bob Dylan even though I don't really like them, I respect them as good singers.

I would vote for Papa Roach or Seethed or Breaking Benjamin, 3DG, Rise Against, Shine down, Rammstein, Slipknot, whatever, but since Numb is the closest to the top ten I voted for it. This song has a lot of features that make it deserve the top ten.

It features a brilliant instrumental part and amazing vocals by Chester. This song is one of the most complete ever played, aggressive and melodic at the same time.

The loss of one you once loved and respected can be devastating, and there are times when you just want to cry out and, for lack of a better term, “wish they were there”. This song understands the importance/impact of the visceral and all too human feelings of grief, loss and sadness, something any conscience being can relate to.

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Wish You Where Here is the single best Pink Floyd song, and the best homage to a former band mate, and the best song honoring another person. The only other tribute that got even remotely close to the power of this song is when David Bowie covered Imagine in '83.

I've never repeated a song lyric in my head more than “we're just two lost souls swimming in a fishbowl”. This song at LEAST deserves to switch places with Comfortably numb on this list.

Just listen to the lyrics, the slow smooth melody, with your eyes shutting out the rest of the world for a while. I, for one, think the lyrics can reach in deep to almost anyone who remembers what transitions are like and how difficult they can be.

Both songs were mind-blowing in their respective eras, but Billie Jean was huge and covered the masses. Teen Spirit really hit me hard, but I really was an American thing.

The masses are not metal fans although they pushed the limits and spread rock globally, they are not Michael Jackson. The Smiths deserve a vote for How Soon is Now because that is the most memorable song ever to come out of the U.K. U2 is lame and if you ever bought an album from them then you are definitely going to a hell without bacon.

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“Billie Jean” is a song by the American recording artist Michael Jackson. It is the second single from the singer's sixth solo album, Thriller (1982).

It was written and composed by Michael Jackson and produced by him and Quincy Jones. Originally disliked by Jones, the track was almost removed from the album after he and Jackson had disagreements regarding it.

One suggests that they are derived from a real-life experience, in which a female fan claimed that Jackson had fathered one of her twins. Jackson himself, however, stated that “Billie Jean” was based on groupies he had encountered.

The song is well known for its distinctive baseline and Jackson's vocal hiccups. The song was mixed 91 times by audio engineer Bruce Sweden before it was finalized.

As a Jackson fan, I'm a bit biased, but this is a true classic that I recognized before getting into his music, and pretty much everyone else knows as well. The rhythm is purely composed for dancing on it, and this is one of the best songs to perform.

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I was taken back to the 80s where this song first aired and become a word of mouth to this date! Another of John On Jodi's awesome songs and probably one of the most popular and one of the best.

In my personal opinion this is the best song ever, although I would not argue that most of the other songs in the top 10 deserve to be there. It's a song I never tire of listening to and can sing along to at the top of my voice if alone in my car.

It is instantly recognizable to a broad spectrum, so I think it should be placed higher in this impressive list. To me, Beat It by Michael Jackson was a milestone in the music industry and the sole reason for this was its dance inducing music video that helped popularize MTV.

Add to that, Michael's vocal range during the song and a guitar solo by Eddie Van Halen, and it's a match made in heaven. Now this is what I absolutely desire and adore, heavenly-made song by a heavenly person, the one and only Michael Joseph Jackson the King of not only Pop, but also the entire Music and Art, because Michael is not just an artist, he himself is an art.

2, Monster 3, Demon 4, Root 5, bad liar 6, On top of the world 7 before others. To think that a pop rock band is better than the likes of Led Zeppelin and queen means that the kid who said that imagine dragons is the best band ever needs to listen to his parents music.

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