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Bob Roberts
• Tuesday, 15 December, 2020
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TRIP series is finally available on the Nintendo Switch, and after reviewing all the games individually, I thought I’d put together a fun little ranking to sum up my thoughts on the saga as a whole, Although I’m definitely more fond of some games than I am of others, they’re all good fun and have fantastic soundtracks and visuals.

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This is just a fun way of highlighting my personal take on the best and worst of the BIT. It’s not bad by any means, it’s just the low point in a fantastic saga.

There’s definitely stuff to like about FATE, and I wouldn’t go as far to say that some people won’t enjoy it, I just didn’t find the on-rails gameplay to be much fun and I don’t think it advances the main idea very much throughout its levels. BEAT is Pong taken to the ultimate level, with awesome visuals and music to accompany it.

TRIP FLUX is essentially a reworking of this concept but with so much added to it that this one was bound to slip down a few levels. TRIP CORE really surprised me when I played it and when reflecting back on the series I found myself wishing there was even more to it.

Much like with BEAT, I feel like this one falls down a little just because it was so early on in the saga that it doesn’t have things like checkpoints or many score levels. As the only game in the saga that I recognized before diving in, and with a gameplay style that I’ve enjoyed in the past, I really did think that RUNNER would be an easy choice for my top pick.

That’s evidently not the case, but RUNNER is great in its own right and easily recommendable to rhythm game fans. I think the main thing that holds RUNNER back ever so slightly is its need for perfection.

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Sure, it feels great to get each level down to a T, but it also takes many failed attempts and muttered swearwords. Much like CORE, I really didn’t think much of it before starting, and then instantly realized it was awesome.

It’s really the gameplay twist of having to deflate yourself that makes things special, as it turns what could be very simple into something much more interesting and unique. TRIP games, I think this one melds music, gameplay and story the best to create something truly memorable.

This is especially surprising considering it’s basically a remake of the first game, but it’s because it takes that proven formula and manages to improve upon it that makes it so special. A long-time Nintendo fan, George once cried after seeing the pure majesty of Sonic the Hedgehog in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

He now dials down his reactions and tries to talk about them rationally on Nintendo Insider. It’s worth noting that each title has separate difficulty options available which won’t be mentioned in their individual run downs.

Each title is $4.99, but there does seem to be a sale after buying one the others which will decrease to $1.99 for a great deal if anyone wants to pick up a couple. The gameplay consists of moving the paddle, also known as the iconic Commander Video, up and down to hit the oncoming bits along to a song.

bit trip core wiiware games graphics
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The boss stages in particular tend to stand out as well-thought-out ways to manipulate the four different directions players use to hit notes. Trip series as it has players taking on the role of a black circle that can freely move.

It can be decreased back to normal at any point by two different buttons with the simple goal to make it to the end of the level collecting as many bits and avoiding others as much as possible. Void has a lot more variety than others and often times allows for different strategies due to the ability to move freely instead of being stuck on more strict ways to approach many of its challenges.

In the original players take control of commander video as he runs, jumps, slides, blocks and kicks his way to the end of each stage. Unlike the sequels this original Runner title has no checkpoints, so getting hit once will send players back to the beginning every time.

There're three worlds to play through with additional challenge modes to take on through completing missions over time. Trip collection and has less focus on rhythm in any capacity and is instead a unique twist on an on-rails bullet hell shooter.

Commander Video is quite literally on a path and can move forward or backwards on it while shooting and defeating enemies in his way. Along his path he’ll occasionally find allies he can temporarily pick up for stronger attacks, but for the most part he’s just doing his best to avoid the oncoming fire.

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Trip Beat but with a much wider selection of music through successful hits, in addition to having a more enjoyable visual style which makes sense given it was the last of this original Bit. It adds a new style of notes but for the most part plays identically to Beat but has the player on the right side of the screen instead of the left.

Trip collection, but each one bring a good amount of challenge and variety to the musical gaming genre. It was published by Arc System Works for Wii Ware and Nintendo shop in Japan, and by NAMC Networks America Inc for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

Each game in the series features a chip tune -inspired soundtrack, but a different style of rhythm-based gameplay in each. The games also consists of 8 modes, Nether, Hyper, Mega, Super, Ultra, Extra, Gig, and Meta, which changes based on how well the player does.

Each successive game adds a new mode, the highest being Mega in Beat, and Meta in Flux. The game is played by tilting the Wii Remote to move the paddle, via stylus or circle pad on the 3DS, via touch on iOS devices, or via keyboard or mouse on PC.

Trip Beat as a digital download, first on Baby and then on other major music stores. Trip Beat was released on the Steam platform for Windows and Mac.

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Trip Core (2009), continues the rhythm based gameplay of the series. The gameplay involves players taking control of a plus shape in the middle of the screen that can fire a laser beam in only four directions (up, down, left and right), with the objective being to destroy patterns of blocks that zoom across the screen.

Trip Core as a digital download, first on Baby, and iTunes, then other major music stores. Trip Beat, Core's soundtrack is substantially smaller, with less than 15 minutes of music.

The objective of the game is to grow the void by collecting black squares that appear, while also dodging white squares that reset the size of the void and cause the player to lose points. The size of the void can also be reset by the player without incurring point losses, which is often needed as the void grows to sizes making it difficult and/or impossible to dodge the white squares.

Void features music by guest composer Null sleep, and its levels are named after Sigmund Freud's three parts of the human psyche. The gameplay involves players controlling Commander Video and making him jump, slide, kick, and more through various obstacles in his path.

The special guest band Anamanaguchi provides menu and credits music. The perfect completion of a retro challenge will award players with an exclamation point beside the stage and the word “PERFECT” beside the score in the scoreboard, but only if they have done everything “extra” (e.g., jumping on top of springboards that they do not need to in order to finish) in the challenge beforehand.

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Trip Runner won the 2011 Independent Games Festival (IGF) Excellence in Visual Arts award. Trip Runner was released on the Steam platform for Windows and Mac.

Among these characters are Commander Video and Junior Munchkin from previous BIT. TRIP games, as well as cameo appearances by Super Meat Boy and Mr. Robotize, who are characters from other independent video games.

Trip Flux (2011), the sixth game in the main series, returns to the gameplay of Bit. As with the other games, changes in the graphics and music of the title reflect how well the player is doing, though there are multiple checkpoints in each level, unlike in Beat.

While having the same main character and play style, the game is only a non-canon side story in between Runner and Fate. Trip series was released for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii in collections respectively titled Bit.

Trip Complete on September 13, 2011, in North America and March 16, 2012, in Europe. Trip Soundtrack Sampler” featuring a number of tracks from each of the individual games.

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This collection was announced at the 2015 PlayStation Experience and was released later that day, December 5, 2015. This compilation added achievements, and retained the difficulty levels from Complete.

Trip Beat an 8/10, praising the presentation of the game but lamenting the lack of online leaderboards. Trip Runner won the 2011 Independent Games Festival (IGF) Excellence in Visual Arts award.

In order to promote the first game, a viral marketing campaign and alternate reality game was launched, revolving around the mystery surrounding the Commander Video character. The campaign revolved around internet videos and “missions” sent out by The Commander, which involved spreading word about the game, uncovering information about it and creating an English Wikipedia entry.

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