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Shenzhen MSU- BIT University (SWIMSUIT) offers courses and programs leading to officially recognized higher education degrees in several areas of study. See the UNICAN degree levels and areas of study matrix below for further details.

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Not available; please submit a list of official affiliations and memberships to relevant associations and organizations. Not available; please submit an official general video presentation of this higher education institution.

In addition, keep in mind that no matter what torrent client you use, you’ll want a trustworthy VPN to keep your activity hidden from prying eyes, especially if it's not quite legit. In addition to a VPN, you should also a good malware scanner to ensure you aren’t downloading something nefarious.

There’s a Windows version available in “early preview,” for those who like to live on the edge, but I had trouble getting it to work, so keep that in mind. This is especially nice for beginners, since you don’t have to worry about a lot of stats and organizational features cluttering up the interface.

Dig into the settings, and you’ll find lots of useful stuff, like scheduled speed limits, folder organization, and a web interface to see your downloads from another computer, phone, or tablet. If you're a Mac or Linux user who likes things on the minimalist side, Transmission is probably the torrent client for you.

Dig into Deluge’s settings, and you’ll see what separates it from the competition: There aren’t quite as many options for configuring your torrents. That’s because Deluge uses a plug-in system for many of its features, allowing you to sort of build your own torrent client from the ground up.

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Plus, it’s got the ability to run as a daemon from the command line, so provided you can get the plug-ins you need, Deluge might be a winner for lower-powered and headless machines. While the previous three programs are pretty widely regarded as the best BitTorrent clients around, there are others that do things a little differently.

Biggest is an open source fork of Due/Aureus, a feature-filled client that got a bit too bloated with ads, crap ware, and unnecessary features. Biggest may still be a bit hefty for some users, since it uses Java, and in our tests it took up more CPU and RAM than the other clients on this list.

Even without the miner, torrent remains one of the more resource-intensive clients I tested, despite lightweight being one of its banner features once upon a time. Finally, torrent’s paid versions offer additional features that you can already find in other clients for free.

United States | Baltimore The only university ranking to be independently audited by professional services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers, and trusted worldwide by students, teachers, governments and industry experts, this year’s league table provides great insight into the shifting balance of power in global higher education.

The California Institute of Technology rises three places to second, while Stanford, Yale, Harvard and Imperial College London all appear in the top ten. The US is, once again, extremely well-represented among the global elite, while Canada’s top universities have risen up the table.

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Several new regions join the rankings this year as Brunei, Cuba, Malta, Montenegro, Puerto Rico and Vietnam all see institutions represented for the first time. The undergraduate engineering program rankings were based solely on peer assessment surveys.

The undergraduate engineering program rankings were based solely on peer assessment surveys. Although plenty of universities offer a blend of evening, weekend and online classes, some programs mentioned here still require you to be present on-campus to complete your data science master’s degree.

If seeking a local university, decide if you would like to attend an on-campus, hybrid, or online data science programs. Look for data science programs that connect you to different industries, offer a variety of opportunities and numerous networking events.

Although all coursework is delivered online, students are expected to attend a 4-5 day immersion session on the UC Berkeley campus. The program provides three elective tracks: Analytics, Mining and Algorithms, Visualization and Communication, and Management and Accountability.

Students cover topics in each track including Machine Learning, Human-Computer Interaction, and Privacy. In addition to technical material, courses include other important subjects such as communications, project management, and professional ethics.

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The program is available online as well as part-time, making it a good fit for students who need to keep working while they earn the degree. The capstone consists of a semester-length data science project sponsored by a faculty member or local organization.

Students can choose a track focused on entrepreneurship or explore a subject area in Columbia’s Data Science Institute. This diverse group of research centers is conducting work on everything from health analytics and cybersecurity to smart cities and new media.

The technical curriculum includes courses in topics such as analysis of algorithms, cloud computing, and security for networked systems. Bloomington has a sturdy reputation in quantitative analysis and computer science, and there are plenty of research opportunities open to students.

Students will come out of this program with an understanding of both the theory and application of data science tools and techniques. Their core curriculum is supplemented by many elective courses from various Northeastern departments as well as partner colleges.

The University of Michigan’s master’s in data science prepares students to identify relevant datasets and apply statistical and computational methods to answer questions and derive insight. Students will take 43 credits in topics including machine learning, database management, and applied regression.

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In the summer semester, students tackle a practicum focused on change management in a complex organization. Tuition is held to a flat fee, whether you live in Wisconsin or out of state, and courses have no set meeting times.

What’s really nice is that its Virtual Lab offers free access to software tools and programming languages such as R, Python, SQL Server and Tableau. Syracuse University’s online Master’s in Applied Data Science is designed for professionals to gain the specialization skills necessary to excel in their evolving field.

Through the online learning format, students can advance their current skillet while staying on track to meet their professional and personal goals. The program features a project-based, interdisciplinary curriculum that helps students build the in-demand technical, analytical and communications skills needed to manage large data sets.

Bay Path University’s program provides two tracks to fill the needs with all students. Both tracks provide a comprehensive curriculum including a capstone project where students apply what they have learned, earning 36 credit hours.

Required courses include diverse topics such as natural language processing, machine learning, project management and data visualization. The program finishes with an internship or capstone project giving students an opportunity to apply their experience.

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Working with score to analyze browsing activities in order to infer users’ age and gender. Duke’s program provides students with an interdisciplinary education in data science in 42 credits.

The core courses such as machine learning and data visualization are paired with electives from Duke’s many graduate programs. The degree also includes a practical, year-long capstone where students work with a non-academic stakeholder and a Duke professor to complete a project.

Harvard’s three semester, 12 course programs provides all the skills needed to apply data science to any field. Students learn the essential skills including building and understanding statistical models, visualizing and communicating data, designing computational pipelines using common tools, and collaborating with a team.

The degree includes a minimum of one research project or semester long independent study, allowing students to apply their learning.

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