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This innovative, exclusive technology helps Bitdefender adapt to the hardware and software configuration of your system to save computing resources and improve speed and performance. Most heavy scanning takes place in the cloud, this means your system’s speed and performance remain unaffected.

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The new cyber threat intelligence technologies included can analyze and identify suspicious network-level activities, and block sophisticated exploits, malware or botnet-related URLs, and brute force attacks. When Bitdefender detects such threats, it reboots the computer in Rescue Environment for clean-up and restoration.

Its smart capabilities mean that it can recommend security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns. Bitdefender detects when you play, work or watch a movie, so it knows not to bother you with unnecessary requests.

It temporarily halts pop-ups, adjusts visual settings, and pauses unimportant background activities to allow you to enjoy your device to the max. Bank and shop with Safeway, our unique, dedicated browser that secures your transactions.

Stay safe from malicious links and any online threats your friends unwittingly pass on to you via social networks. Secures your passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in a cyber-vault for easy access whenever you need them.

Delete a file for good and leave no traces that it ever existed on your PC. Offers digital help to parents and extra online safety to children.

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Time Machine Protection gives you the edge against malware that may attempt to encrypt or destroy your backups. Free your Mac from adware, hijacker programs, unwanted toolbars, and other browser add-ons.

Detects and removes both malware targeting macOS and threats made for Windows, so you are always sure the files you send to others are clean. Protects all you're browsing, including your online shopping and banking, and can filter out inappropriate content.

Bitdefender sniffs and blocks websites that masquerade as trustworthy in order to steal financial data such as passwords or credit card numbers. Combines a series of innovative proprietary technologies to automatically detect and remove any threat, with no negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance.

Its smart capabilities mean that it can recommend security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns. We use amazingly powerful Cloud-based technologies to detect and eliminate e-threats, to give you instant worldwide protection, with no drag on your Mac’s resources.

Scanning is fast and light on resources, so there's no negative impact on your Mac’s speed and performance. Locate, lock, wipe or remotely send a message to your Android device.

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Its smart capabilities mean that it can recommend security actions in the context of your system needs and usage patterns. Secures your mobile experience with virtually no impact on speed or battery life.

Bitdefender is amazingly powerful against malware, yet easy on your phone’s resources, so you won’t see any negative impact on performance. Protects your sensitive apps from unauthorized access with a PIN code or your fingerprint.

Account Privacy notifies you when your sensitive data is at risk, and lets you take action depending on its status. Account Privacy notifies you when your sensitive data is at risk, and lets you take action depending on its status.

Every Bitdefender product is designed to update automatically, and protect you against the most advanced cyber threats on the planet. This way, you’ll never miss out on new and improved features, even if you’re halfway through your subscription period.

Bitdefender was founded in 2001 by its current CEO, Florin Tales, in Romania, and employs around 1,700 people in multiple locations throughout North America, Europe, and Australia. The company sells both consumer antivirus software and cybersecurity solutions to small, midsized, and enterprise business customers, and its products protect more than 500 million devices globally.

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All other Bitdefender antivirus packages include a limited VPN service, which covers only 200 MB of data per day, per device. None of Bitdefender's antivirus software packages includes identity theft protection.

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2020 (Windows-only) includes an impressive laundry list of both basic malware, spyware, adware, and ransomware protections and app- and function-specific features including: a dedicated browser that is said to secure banking and shopping transactions to prevent fraud; web filtering technology to block known harmful websites and links; anti-phishing protection, anti-fraud warnings, and an anti-spam filter. This plan also comes with an anti-tracker extension, social network protection, a password manager, a file shredder to permanently delete files without leaving any traces, a vulnerability assessment that scans and suggests fixes for outdated and vulnerable software, missing Windows security patches, and potentially unsafe system settings, and more.

Bitdefender Internet Security 2020 (Windows-only) includes all the features of Antivirus Plus, as well as parental controls, a firewall, a microphone monitor, webcam protection, and file encryption. Bitdefender Total Security 2020 offers the same protections as Bitdefender Internet Security, including the limited 200 MB daily per device VPN, but it offers protection for Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS devices.

It offers the same multi-operating system and threat protections as the Total Security package, but it also includes unlimited VPN and priority support, which lets you skip the line and connects you with a dedicated support team. Bitdefender's five different antivirus packages, each with different prices depending on the number of devices (usually three, five, or 10) and subscription length (one, two, or three years).

Bitdefender includes a variety of internet security protections, depending on the price level, some of which may duplicate the capabilities of your PC's existing operating system. These protections include: anti-phishing and anti-fraud protection; anti-spam filters for incoming emails; Rescue Mode to reboot a heavily-infected computer for cleanup and restoration; and an anti-tracker feature, which blocks web trackers to keep browsing data private and loads web pages faster.

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Additional features include a microphone monitor, webcam protection, file encryption, vulnerability assessment, and more. Unlike other antivirus vendors that offer a free trial of the complete version of their software, Bitdefender's 30-day free trial includes only real-time threat detection, virus scanning, and malware removal, while excluding more advanced features.

Bitdefender also doesn't offer comprehensive identity theft protection that's included by other antivirus software vendors such as McAfee and NortonLifeLock. Bitdefender's standalone Digital Identity Protection software ($59.99/$79.99 a year) monitors and sends alerts for potential personal data theft threats, impersonations, or breaches from websites, social media, and other online sources.

However, it doesn't monitor credit agencies or financial accounts, nor does it offer any loss recovery insurance or methodologies. The company says it plans to include credit card account monitoring sometime this year.

Anyone who purchases a Bitdefender package labeled “2020” will be automatically upgraded when the company launches its “2021” versions this July at no additional cost and with no uninstall and reinstall required. Bitdefender performs a virus definition update check every 15 minutes, according to the company.

By default, all virus definitions and software updates are performed invisibly to the user. We explain what matters most to consumers, experts, and professional reviewers when it comes to antivirus software.

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The biggest change for 2021 is that Bitdefender now seems to take longer to fully scan a system. It includes Bitdefender's Network Threat scanner, a file shredder, an unlimited password manager, the company's Safeway hardened browser and an anti-tracking feature.

Yearly subscriptions range from $40 for one PC to $80 for 10 PCs, although steep discounts are frequently available. The next step up, Bitdefender Internet Security, is again only for Windows machines; yearly costs range from $60 for one PC to $90 for 10.

It adds a two-way firewall, parental controls and dedicated webcam and microphone protection. The Bitdefender Family Pack is Total Security for up to 15 systems, with a list price of $120.

Bitdefender Mobile Security for iOS also costs $15 per year, but Apple won't let it do much. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)Except for the free option, all these programs give you 200 MB of data daily on Bitdefender's VPN service.

Unlimited data costs an additional $7 a month or $40 a year, or you can get Bitdefender's Premium Security antivirus suite. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)There are also two ways to get Bitdefender antivirus protection with home networking hardware.

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Netgear's newer routers, including the Orbit mesh systems and the Nighthawk line, have optional protection called Netgear Armor that protects smart-home devices and also includes an unlimited-device license for Bitdefender Total Security. Mobile devices require a minimum of Android 4.1 Jelly Bean or iOS 11.2.

New malware signatures are distributed several times daily to the 500 million systems protected by Bitdefender products. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) Bitdefender blocks potentially unwanted applications (PUAS), fileless malware and rootkits.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide) Bitdefender no longer offers the free downloadable Bitdefender Rescue CD, which booted a severely infected system into Linux for a complete scan and cleaning. Bitdefender paid software still creates the similar Bitdefender Rescue Environment in a hidden hard-drive partition during installation, but the Rescue Partition now uses a sandboxed version of Windows 10 instead of Linux to remove persistent threats.

In tests conducted by the AV-Comparatives lab in Austria, Bitdefender's defenses let a few threats through. Each Bitdefender paid program blocks web-tracking in the Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome browsers, but not in Edge.

(Image credit: Tom's Guide)There's also a powerful file shredder that's quick and easy to use. (Image credit: Tom's Guide)They also include a two-way firewall, which can be set to Stealth mode to make sure nobody from outside your home network gets access.

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The new Click Optimizer makes recommendations for speeding up your computer, such as getting rid of junk files or fixing Registry problems. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) System hit Post-installation Full scan Quick scan Bitdefender 19% 33% 31%ESET 5%22% n/Kaspersky 12% 26% 22% McAfee 9% 96% 37% Norton 5% 51% 22%Sophos 19% 67% n/a Trend Micro 8% 54% 38% Bitdefender Total Security had a moderate impact on system performance.

To measure the performance impact, we used our custom benchmark test, which clocks how long a PC takes to match 20,000 names and addresses on an Excel spreadsheet. Before we installed Bitdefender, the T470 took an average of 10.4 seconds to complete the benchmark, a result we used as a baseline.

The completion time increased to 12.4 seconds after Total Security was loaded but before any active scanning took place, indicating a rather heavy 19% decline in performance. But the second time through the system, Bitdefender's engine learned what to ignore and examined 826,635 files in 8:38.

Subsequent Kaspersky passes were lightning-fast at 1:26, faster than Bitdefender Total Security's Quick Scan. Speaking of Bitdefender Total Security's Quick Scan, it took 3 minutes and 58 seconds to run through 9,121 key files that might be infected.

While Kaspersky Total Security ran through one-third as many files, it took 1:26 to check for malware that dropped to 1:12 on the second pass. The Dashboard shows the program's major categories on the left, including Protection, Privacy, Utilities, Notifications and Settings.

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On the right, you can start a scan and also fire up the VPN or open the Safeway hardened browser. (Image credit: Tom's Guide) Bitdefender's Taskbar icon lets you open the main program or update its malware definitions, but it can't start a scan.

You can check your subscription, get tech support and use the Parental Advisor feature on your Bitdefender Central online account, which has a two-factor-authentication option. It took us 13 minutes to get and install Bitdefender Total Security 2021, roughly twice as long as the previous version took.

Bitdefender's paid programs include full 24/7 tech support, and you can call, email or use the company's chat window. Bitdefender's 2021 Windows antivirus lineup returns to the top tier of security programs with excellent defenses that comes close to air-tight protection.

Bitdefender's scanning engine let a few threats through and took up a moderate amount of system resources, but it remains one of the best antivirus software options available and the near-equal of Kaspersky's and Norton's products. For consumers who need more than just antivirus software, Norton 360 with Lifelong also delivers identity-theft protection and unlimited VPN use, but your wallet may feel the hit.

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