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In addition, keep in mind that no matter what torrent client you use, you’ll want a trustworthy VPN to keep your activity hidden from prying eyes, especially if it's not quite legit. In addition to a VPN, you should also a good malware scanner to ensure you aren’t downloading something nefarious.

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There’s a Windows version available in “early preview,” for those who like to live on the edge, but I had trouble getting it to work, so keep that in mind. This is especially nice for beginners, since you don’t have to worry about a lot of stats and organizational features cluttering up the interface.

Dig into the settings, and you’ll find lots of useful stuff, like scheduled speed limits, folder organization, and a web interface to see your downloads from another computer, phone, or tablet. If you're a Mac or Linux user who likes things on the minimalist side, Transmission is probably the torrent client for you.

Dig into Deluge’s settings, and you’ll see what separates it from the competition: There aren’t quite as many options for configuring your torrents. That’s because Deluge uses a plug-in system for many of its features, allowing you to sort of build your own torrent client from the ground up.

Plus, it’s got the ability to run as a daemon from the command line, so provided you can get the plug-ins you need, Deluge might be a winner for lower-powered and headless machines. Biggest is an open source fork of Due/Aureus, a feature-filled client that got a bit too bloated with ads, crap ware, and unnecessary features.

Biggest may still be a bit hefty for some users, since it uses Java, and in our tests it took up more CPU and RAM than the other clients on this list. Torrent, also commonly spelled torrent, is a popular BitTorrent client owned and operated by BitTorrent Inc. itself.

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Even without the miner, torrent remains one of the more resource-intensive clients I tested, despite lightweight being one of its banner features once upon a time. Finally, torrent’s paid versions offer additional features that you can already find in other clients for free.

From our list, you can select the best free torrent client for your needs while avoiding the ones that are simply no good. Torrents have a bad reputation due to piracy, but they aren't illegal in themselves and have lots of legitimate uses, including downloading open source software and material that's in the public domain.

Provided the copyright holder has given permission for the file to be shared this way it's fine, but using torrents to download content you'd otherwise have to pay for is not legal. This also allows you to unblock sites like The Pirate Bay, or access foreign versions of Netflix.

QBittorrent sits right in the middle, aiming to “meet the needs of most users while using as little CPU and memory as possible”. If you're looking for a cross-platform torrent client that covers the essentials without getting overly complicated, BitTorrent is great.

(Image credit: Aureus Software Inc; Shutterstock) A feature-packed torrent client if you don't mind the ads Both offer torrent download, media playback and support for magnet file links, but Due Plus adds integrated virus protection and the ability to preview media files.

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One of Due's key selling points is its interface, which slices through jargon and makes even the more advanced features accessible to new users. Due also offers bandwidth limiting, IP filtering, and all the other features you'd expect from a robust torrent client.

(Image credit: Deluge; Shutterstock) A customizable client that can be as lean or powerful as you want Deluge has been around forever, and it can be as simple or as powerful as you want it to be, making it one of the most versatile free torrent clients out there.

It's attracted some criticism over the years, however: it's ad-supported and many users argue that the most recent versions are a little too heavy on the advertising and bundled software front. That aside, torrent is useful, effective and doesn't gobble up too much of your system's resources: the entire app is smaller than a digital photo.

It's worth noting that torrent has a record of security problems, the most recent of which had the potential to let hackers control key functions of the client and spy on users' downloads. However, while the apps are functionally identical there are a few key differences: BitTorrent offers web-based seeding, commenting and reviewing, and you may find that the BitTorrent client is welcomed by private trackers that don't like torrent.

It's very simple to use as well, and could be a good choice if you're new to tormenting and want a client that will give you an easy introduction. The most like old favorite Torrent (though without the adverts and cryptojackers), BitTorrent supports modern torrent client features like magnet links, private torrents, encrypted connections, and remote control via a web user interface.

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You can download and run it on Windows, macOS, Linux, OS/2, iOS, Android, and FreeBSD, among others, and it has support for more than 70 different languages. It requires a little of setup to make sure that you’re complying with local laws, but once it’s there, you don’t need to visit any of the torrent sites you would typically use to find your downloads.

That has the benefit of potentially skipping over a website that could be infected with malware or have nefarious money-generating practices like cryptojacking. But if you want some of the more advanced features, you can heavily customize Deluge to your liking by using its expansive range of dozens of plugins.

There are plenty of features to love here, like the in-app search engine for locating specific files, a built-in media player, and native encryption capabilities. It supports all the essential primary functions of a modern torrent client, like magnet links, prioritization, and sequential downloading.

There are also detailed breakdowns of your bandwidth usage and an event logger that helps you stay on top of everything that the client and your chosen torrents are doing. While it lacks some features that other more comprehensive clients have, like DVD-burning capabilities, Biggest has everything you need to share content online quickly and easily.

It has an intuitive, clean interface, and helps you optimize your uploads and downloads by analyzing your network and internet speeds upon booting. It allows you to set limits on downloads by tag, peer-set, network, or even by individual peers (a helpful feature if you have your favorites).

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If you’re concerned with remaining anonymous on the Internet, you’ll appreciate Biggest’s excellent security mechanisms, such as enhanced VPN integration and proxy searches. With this and other premium plans, you’ll also get antivirus protection and the ability to download media while you’re watching or listening to something else.

With its Aureus background in mind, Due features a sleek interface with plenty of stats and tracking information. It includes built-in access to different chat rooms and forums, so if you are interested in getting to know other users, you’ll be in good shape.

BitTorrent is one of the most widely used file-sharing protocol that enables file sharing in a decentralized manner of the internet. Formerly known as Aureus, the all-new Due not only comes with a polished user interface but also brings support to various add-ons and downloadable content over the internet.

It even has a built-in HD player, which lets you play the movies or TV shows you’ve downloaded as well. The application has got RSS Feed, a built-in search engine, and support for various plugins to increase the functionality of the app further.

Deluge is another torrent client packed with features and still is quite minimal and lightweight. There is even a command line for people that are not satisfied with the graphical user interface.

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UTorrent comes in more than a couple of variants; the classic is free and is supported by ads, whereas getting the ad-free version will cost you around $5 per year. There are various features, such as remote access using a standalone app, schedule speed cap, RSS feeds, and more.

However, BitTorrent comes with some additional perks, such as the ability to seed on the web, user comments, and more. It supports downloading multiple torrents simultaneously and assigns different priority levels according to the user.

You can also schedule your downloads according to your preferences so that you can take the maximum advantage of the time when your internet usage is idle. Transmission is an awesome open-source torrent client initially built for the macOS but now available for Windows as well.

The application has a great user interface and uses many of the macOS’ native features, such as drag and drop. There’s support for a lot of plugins to ensure you don’t lose on functionality as well.

In fact, you don’t even have to install anything such as an application, plugin, or even an extension to get started. Simply log in to the website, put your torrent details in the given field, and the streaming will start instantly.

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It also has a feature called long term seeding, which helps you speed up and revive dead torrents. Bit Lord also allows you to create playlists of your downloads so that you can sit back and enjoy the streams without having to worry about what will play next.

Just like YouTube, you can even subscribe to channels on Bit Lord so that you don’t miss the content from your favorite torrent uploaders. Additional features include support for RSS, IP Filtering, Event Scheduler.

Apart from all of these standard torrent client features, there’s also a built-in strongly encrypted chatroom and private messaging support, which makes Fixate stand out from the crowd. It features unique things such as swarm merging for incomplete downloads, rate limiting, Deterrent support, and more.

Biggest also features support for decentralized public and anonymous chats with default channels for individual torrents, tags, subscriptions, and trackers. If a torrent site is unavailable in your region, Biggest allows you to proxy search results, subscriptions, and internal browser connections through Tor.

The application is based on the excellent lib torrent library from Raster bar Software. There is also support for magnet URLs, port forwarding and a random selection, protocol encryption, multi-tracker announcing like with torrent, tracker logins, and more.

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However, if you are a Mac user, Transmission is something you should really consider as it makes the use of macOS’s native features very efficient. As long as you are downloading free resources, using torrent clients should be fun.

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