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Ava Flores
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
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Buying a blanket for your horse is a big decision, and it can feel a bit overwhelming. While horses are made to withstand cold temperatures, living conditions, hair type, exercise, and breed all impact which (if any) blankets your horse requires staying healthy and happy.

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The Best Turnout Blanket for High Withered Horses This allows a customized fit, freedom of movement, and increased protection. Restore Cooler for Winter The soft fleece easily helps horses cool down after exercise or adds a layer of warmth during a cold night.

Breathable fabric allows sweat and moisture to escape Secure fit with dual front buckle closure, adjustable surcingles, and elastic leg straps Protects against flies and bugs Lightweight and easy to handle Stable blankets are ideal for use inside a barn or stall because they lack waterproof material.

Here’s a handy guide from Schneider Saddlery to help you decide how to blanket based on temperature. In general, clipped horses should start having a light sheet added around 50°-65 °F.

To get the most accurate fitting blanket, it is important to measure your horse. Start along the side of their body from the center of the chest to the very edge of the tail, being sure this includes the widest part of the shoulders and hindquarters.

Older horses are typically more affected by the cold weather than younger ones. If your senior horse is thin or has health problems that increase or decrease caloric needs, it’s probably safer to blanket.

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Also make sure to regularly remove or check under the blankets for rubbing or irritation, skin disease, or weight loss. Instead, use a wool chiller with a breathable liner so moisture can evaporate, while also keeping the horse warm.

It works by providing horses effective insulation when typical temperatures drop low and keep them dry in all kinds of weather. Some leading blankets have also been designed to protect horses against UV rays and biting insects.

There are dozens of great blankets out there in the market, which makes your choice an overwhelming task especially if you are not an experienced lot. This blanket is built using a heavyweight tough-master 1200D rip-stop outer shell –one of the topmost quality fabrics in the horse blanket industry.

Its finest poly fibers ensure that blanket keeps the horse cozy and dry warm even in the worst of weather. It is fitted with double front buckles featuring Velcro closure and hood rings to attach the piece securely onto the horse.

This stylish and flashy piece features a 600D nylon waterproof outer shell for extended durability. It also features leg straps, tail guard, one surcingle, and double closure at the chest for proper fitting.

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This piece of a colorful blanket is authentically-styled and features tail flap as well as working buckles on surcingle and chest. Its high-quality material is highly breathable and waterproof providing maximum comfort and warmth during cold seasons.

Perfect for almost any climate and horse, this piece of a blanket features 200G of polyfill insulation and extremely robust rip stop nylon shell. Like other blankets of the same class, it features a shoulder gusset for complete freedom of movement and proper fitting.

It comes with a 210T nylon inner lining and soft fleece wither protector to prevent the horse ’s coat from irritation. Perfect for almost any climate and foal, this product features 150G of polyfill and sturdy ‘rip stop’ waterproof nylon shell for extended durability.

With 300G polyfill, this blanket provides medium to heavy warmth and optimal protection against rain and wind. This waterproof blanket features a crater outer shell with taped seams to ultimately repel water and keep the horse dry.

Its breathable design allows moisture to be wicked away from the horse, thus preventing sweating besides retaining body heat. When the spring weather is highly unpredictable, it is a wise idea to get the Horse Nevada Turnout Sheet to keep the chill off your cheerful horse.

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This lightweight, windproof, and waterproof sheet keeps your horse warm, dry, and comfortable during colder days. Unlike other horse blankets/sheets of the same class, this one features an improved design, which includes handy snap buckles located on the front side that can be fastened with one hand as opposed to conventional T-buckle closures.

Its deep shoulder gussets provide your pony with unrestricted room to roam and better fit. It also features a soft fleece pad as well as higher riding neckline making this item wear comfortable.

The highly affordable piece features 400G quilted polyfill, hard-wearing 2000 Shire Tex waterproof, and breathable outer shell with taped seams for horse convenience. While its large pleated tail flap is designed to keep out drafts, the adjustable breast straps ensure that the piece is fitted appropriately to the horse ’s body.

As stated in the introductory section, whether you are an experienced equestrian or the lot who is beginning to understand more rearing horses, it is imperative to ensure that your lovely animal is taken care of properly. Since you are concerned about getting a blanket that lasts longer, it is important to choose the one made of highly sturdy material.

To achieve this objective, it is recommended that you take your time getting the measurements of the horse before buying what you have deemed to be the ideal choice for your animal. With these features, the blanket serves not only to provide warmth during the colder seasons, but keeps the body cozy, cool, and comfortable.

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Some will even tell you that they spend lots of their time contemplating which blanket their horse will wear for the day. Well, it’s true that most horses can survive the cold months, but when the temperatures hit record lows, they will be happy with the protection of a horse blanket.

This is especially true for elderly horses, those with a hard time growing a thick coat, or those that cannot keep their weight on. Their Freestyle 1200D comes with a detachable neck to provide extra warmth on colder days and nights.

Derby Originals strives to give horse caregivers unmatched quality, durability and comfort. The 1200D Closed Front Stable Blanket is affordable, yet packs amazing features.

Tough-1 offers a guarantee to serve the equestrian community with quality horse products. Their 600 Denier Blanket ’s made with quality nylon with poly fill to keep your horse warm.

The former is specifically made to suit horses that love to stay outdoors, and all of them are waterproof. On the other hand, the stable type is made for those horses that spend most of their time in the barn.

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Some blankets are lighter and medium-duty to keep your horse comfortable when it’s wet or windy, while others are heavy-duty to provide more warmth during the cold season. Weatherbeeta Freestyle 1200D blanket offers the ultimate protection to your horse against cold.

It’s a heavy-duty turnout blanket with a detachable neck, making it extra cozy. If you are looking for a medium-duty blanket and want to save a few bucks, you will love the WB Genera 1200D Standard Neck Medium.

For decades, the brand has solidified its name in the horse product’s market, producing quality blankets and sheets to help keep horses warm during cold months and cool during the summer. Endowed with a heavy 360g polyfill, the Freestyle 1200D is one of the newest additions to the Weatherbeeta’s blanket line. It’s super strong and features a full wrap tail-flap, wither relief pad, clip front closure, cupped shoulder dart, elastic leg straps and comfort cuff.

As if that wasn’t enough, Weatherbeeta goes ahead and makes the blanket 100% waterproof, so you don’t have to worry about your horse shivering when in rain. We believe you will love the All Around HD 1200D Euro Cut turnout blanket by Kensington Protective Products.

It comes with a European cut that’s made to provide longer drops on each side and a seamless back for extra coverage during the cold times. The outer shell is designed to make the blanket tear resistant for longevity, while the 3000 mm waterproof rating ensures not a drop of water passes the nylon material.

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For over 45 years, it has been making quality stable equipment, bridles, saddle pads, and blankets to suit different horse owners. It features Shire’s exclusive Shire Tex advanced fabric technology designed to attract any excess moisture and sweat from your horse.

The combo neck (not detachable) ensures that your horse stays warmer all the time. For around $279.99, you get tapped seams, reflective strips, a large tail flap, leg straps, slotted cross surcingles, adjustable buckles and chest clips and an integrated neck cover.

There are several features that contribute to the price of a respective horse blanket, most notably its size and the level of warmth it offers. In terms of size, you should take accurate measurements of your horse, so that you don’t invest in one that is too small or too big. Furthermore, the material a horse blanket is made of could drive up the price, for example, a Denier 1200 blanket will cost a little more than a 600 variant.

If you’re going to be riding your stallion in wet weather conditions, you should consider buying a horse blanket that’s both waterproof and breathable. To give you a rough idea of the price tags you can expect to see on the shopping trail, the cost of a horse blanket can range from about $100 for a pony size to $250+ for one that can comfortably fit full-grown horses.

Horse blankets, often dubbed stable blankets, horse rugs and stable rugs, are designed to keep your pet warm and wick away moisture from its body, and some even keep it dry in wet weather conditions. The first thing you should do before you head out shopping for the besthorseblanket is take accurate measurements of your horse, because a bad fit may lead to discomfort, as well as chafing or cutting.

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Some synthetic materials provide superior thermal regulation, and consequently, wick away sweat and moisture from its body. Nylon tends to be the most durable of the three, and is abrasion resistant and easy to clean, while polypropylene is stronger than cotton and polyester-made horse blankets.

When it comes to washing a horse blanket, especially after each season, you should first remove the excess mud, dirt and hair, otherwise you stand a good chance of clogging up your machine. Since these blankets are generally fitted with several buckles and straps, it is a good idea to tuck it away nicely in a wash bag before placing it into the machine.

If you care about your horse, there’s no reason to keep it shivering when there’s rain or when winter kicks in. We have spent hours researching the best blankets in the market and came up with these awesome picks.

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