Best Blue Roan Stallion

David Lawrence
• Tuesday, 12 January, 2021
• 7 min read

His color results are back, and he is homozygous for the black and roan gene! He comes from an excellent long mare line on our ranch.

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These horses have the moves, speed, talent, and competitive mind to really get things done. Along with Sales cattle, feed grains, & 4-H lambs.

Our horses have color, class, and cow with an emphasis on athleticism & speed & good dispositions. We are proud to be an AQUA Ranching Heritage breeder and a selected breeder in the AQUA breeder referral program.... (read more) Our family operation is located in eastern Montana where we have dry summers and bitter, cold winters.

High Roller Rey was an Open Finalist at the 2012 NRC HA Futurity with Brandon Butters. Black Cat Elena was a big time prospect but sustained an injury and lost his eye early in his 3-year-old year.

Magnetic at is a gorgeous red roan color with a lot of bone and size. He is sired by Metallic Cat who is the hottest young stallion in the cutting horse business.

Starlight Midnight is a 2002 Black stallion is a NRA money-earner, and he qualified for the 2007 AQUA World Show in Jr. Heeling. His offspring have made him one of the Leading Sires in the NRA, NRC HA and NCAA.

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This colt has an easy, quiet disposition, is very trainable & very pretty mover at a trot & lope. Good bone, with a nice large hard hoof, these horses do not have soundness problems as a rule, they are bred to ride all day, work cattle, rope, team pen, ranch versatility, rein, working cow horse and bring home at night and let the kids ride………. Whether you raise horses or just want one from your favorite mare, you will have a roan baby, try to find some nice ones at a sale, if you do, they are the top sellers.

The Blue Roan Stallion | CBS Radio Mystery Theater Title The BlueRoanStallion Plot A proud “half-breed”, Dan Bowles unwittingly saves the life of ranch owner Hale Chalmers.

In gratitude, he is hired as a ranch hand and life becomes complicated when he falls in love with the boss's daughter. Despite their differences, the lovers make plans to get married, but things come to a head when the foreman challenges the cowboy to a gun-fight because of his mixed heritage.

This beautiful horse has a soft black mane and tail that's fun to brush and style. Stop for a yummy treat at the feeding box, and use the spray bottle to keep your horse happy and healthy.

When the sun is shining, horseback riding is the perfect activity! “ Blue Valentine was foaled in Benson AZ, on Kenny Günter's Ranch.

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Poverty took Blue Valentine up to Wyoming to the Hayes Brothers ranch & sold them 1/2 interest in him. During the Hayes/Poverty partnership, Blue would be hauled south in the late summer for Dell to use at the fall & winter rodeos in the southwest & for the early breeding season in Arizona.

Over the years, many members of the Poverty, Merritt, & Hayes families took their turn at competing on Blue Valentine, in rodeo events. The same month Buster Hayes was killed in an accident & none of the heirs were financially able to take over the ranch.

In 1983, Hyde Merritt was killed in an accident & his family also had to sell his ranches & most of the horses he had spent his lifetime breeding. Chip has spent years rebuilding a Blue Valentine herd & legacy.

Blue Valentine horses are known for their gentle disposition, bone frame, good feet & minds. Hyde Merritt horses were popular with ropers for 25 years and the breeding is still found in many Remus in Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming, and Nebraska.

The Red Man foals could do the job, out on the ranch, in the rodeo arena, and stayed sound while doing it. Red Man had a long hip, was tremendously deep through the heart girth, had withers that would hold a saddle and lots of bone.

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As a sire he passed that size and bone, athletic ability, roan color and good black feet on to most of his line. He was quick out of the box, could really “blow up on one” and after the catch was made and the slack rope pitched away, stop and get back.

We raise Hancock, Driftwood and Hancock-Driftwood bred horses, WTH the majority of them being Buckskins, Duns and Roans. Our breeding program is based on the principles that our horses must have excellent conformation, be athletic, even tempered, and whenever possible, have color.

Living on the range, as they do, they learn to adapt to variables of terrain, find various locations for water, socialize with an entire herd, as well as be good in the round pen, out in the open and in the arena. He was bred by the late Walter Lamar, and is an own son of Hancock Duplicate.

We also have a linebred Blue Valentine, blueroanstallion from the Broken Bones program in Lander Wyoming, named LSM Whips Jaden and a Hancock/Driftwood bred blueroanstallion, named LSM Blue Drifter, that we acquired from the Manners Ranch, in Hazel, South Dakota. Both of these young stallions have been extremely easy to work with, ride the best and are very athletic.

Our fourth stallion, Sierra Nike QT, is a homozygous, Tobago paint, and goes back to Leo six times. We encourage folks to visit our ranch in Wilcox, Arizona, and always have horses for sale.

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