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When asked about horse racing breeds most people will, without hesitation, say the Thoroughbred and while there can be no doubt that it certainly is the most famous racing breed it’s by no means the only one. All races are run over a flat track without any jumps, the tracks themselves, which are measured in furlongs (A furlong is an eighth of a mile (660 feet/220 yards)), can range from 400 m (440 3 yards) to 4 km (2.5 miles) and tend to be oval-shaped, although this can vary.

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The original idea behind flat racing was purely as a competition between at least two horses to see which one was the fastest. By far the most famous steeplechase is Great Britain’s Grand National which is held in Liverpool every year.

Some countries also have point-to-point racers that are open to amateur riders and horses that have never run in a professional steeplechase race. Harness racing is only open to a certain type of horse called a trotter.

The ideal endurance horse is fast but doesn’t tire easily. Some races are run over the desert so the capacity to perform well under extreme heat is highly beneficial.

Character: Thoroughbreds are world-famous for their speed, but they are also highly intelligent horses that have a spirited nature. They’re friendly horses but aren’t necessarily suited to being handled by inexperienced riders.

Country of Origin: United Kingdom Best suited too: Flat, steeplechase, point-to-point, and endurance. It’s no surprise that the Thoroughbred is the most popular breed for flat and steeplechase racing, especially when you consider that it was developed solely as a racing horse.

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Country of Origin: Arabian Peninsula Best suited too: Endurance, barrel, and flat. For thousands of years, they’ve been bred by the nomadic Bedouins who needed a sturdy warhorse that had plenty of energy and stamina as well as an ability to survive with little water.

Being hot-blooded, their skin is thinner than that of other breeds which helps them to keep cool in the heat of the desert. This thin skin though also works well to stop them overheating which is just one reason why they make such good endurance horses.

Having to travel vast distances in search of water has helped them to develop their phenomenal stamina, this means that in theory, they don’t need as much water as other horses (although I wouldn’t recommend this). Country of Origin: USA Best suited too: Flat (especially 1/4 mile), endurance, and barrel.

The Quarter Horse’s name is testament to its racing history, having been raced over 1/4 mile streets they were originally known as Quarter Father Horses before it was shortened to what we know today. Today, if you ask most people about the Quarter Horse they’ll tell you about their natural cow sense and how they can turn on a sixpence but probably won’t mention their speed.

All Appaloosas, regardless of their coloring, have mottled skin around their eyes, muzzles, and genitals. Character: Appaloosas are versatile and willing horses that are loved for their loyal and friendly natures.

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Country of Origin: USA Best suited too: Endurance, flat, and barrel. Top speed: The Appaloosa can regularly cover the ground at an incredible 43mph (69 km/h).

Country of Origin: USA Best suited too: Harness and saddle trot. Considered by many to the best trotting breed in the world, the Standard bred was purposely created during the 19th century as a harness racing horse.

Character: French Trotters are energetic horses that are easy to train. Country of Origin: France Best suited too: Harness and saddle trot.

Top speed: The French Trotter can easily travel at an impressive 40mph (64 km/h). In the early 1930s, the studbook was closed to all horses except purebred French Trotters, although today crosses with Standardized are allowed.

Color: Grey, bay, black, and chestnut are the most commonly found. Country of Origin: Russia Best suited too: Harness and saddle trot.

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Top speed: The fastest Orlon Trotter set a record for covering 3500 feet in 1 minute 32 seconds which works out to be 26mph (41.69 km/h). It was Count Orlon’s intention to develop a breed that was not only able to endure the harsh Russian climate but was also capable of traveling vast distances regularly.

He wanted the horse to have a long-striding trot that could cover plenty of ground so that it didn’t tire easily. Country of Origin: United Kingdom Best suited too: Flat and steeplechase.

While grooming one of my geldings the other day I somehow managed to get my foot under his and boy did it hurt, especially as the weather was so cold. Horse racing breeds express a certain level of agility, stamina, energy, and overall flair which makes them excellent choices.

Veterinarians also complete a soundness exam in order to assess strength in horses and to see if they’re able to compete in events. If the horse isn’t agile enough for the racing competition you’re after, there’s going to be lesser chances of winning.

Some bestracinghorse breeds including Arabians and Thoroughbreds are well-known for their agility and superior stamina. While you’re choosing a breed, also make sure to see if the horse has a previous racing record and a trainer.

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Trainers help race horses undergo special treatment, so they’re ready to perform in such events. It’s crucial to check if no malpractice was at play, as your racehorse might be prone to injuries during races.

Easy to recognize from a mile away, this breed has several distinguishing features and excels at several racing disciplines like western, saddle seat, and dressage. Due to their rich history and livelihood in harsh desert conditions, they’ve adapted to long-distance travels at tremendous speeds and stamina.

They’re a warm-blooded horse type with strong builds, which is also why they’re great at running long distances. Mostly, once they’re finished with their racing careers, they can make an excellent companion and are also good at horseback riding.

Nonetheless, Morgan’s are great at western and saddle seat competitions but can compete in several other sports. It’s one of the reasons why this exquisite breed is great in several equestrian disciplines like western pleasure, reining, show jumping, and others.

Andalusian's are one of the best horse breeds to date, and most popular for their prowess as a war horse in the past. Nonetheless, their gentle temperament and versatile nature makes them excellent companions and racers.

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Harbinger is a small horse breed that is famous in the equine world for its energetic nature, well-muscled body, and a distinct gait. It’s all due to their quick speeds, athletic nature, and an incredible display of stamina.

Originating from Southern Wales, their friendly, intelligent, and versatile nature is what makes them loveable by many. Although they were historically used at coal mines, today they are used for driving and riding by adults and children, alike.

Thoroughbreds, Standardized, Quarter Horses, and Arabians are the top picks for racehorses. Their agility, stamina, versatility, and overall spirit is what allows them to sprint faster than other horse breeds.

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