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Bridles in KingdomCome Deliverance can be equipped on your Horse. All stats aside from price and courage increase on bridles are identical.

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Head Armour is worn by your horse and increase its defensive stats, but may occasionally decrease speed. Saddles increase the load capacity of your horse, meaning they can carry more weight, but decreases their speed.

Saddles are a type of horse tack in KingdomCome : Deliverance. They increase a horse carrying capacity at the cost of speed.

Saddles in KingdomCome Deliverance can be equipped on your Horse. Saddles also provide extra max carry capacity as well as modifying speed when equipped to your horse.

For example, the following changes were observed on Bayard with no bridle equipped: “Plain Saddle” has a -7 speed penalty and +10 bonuses to capacity.

“Fine Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -5 speed penalty and +150 bonuses to capacity. “Noble Saddle” has a -5 speed penalty and +160 bonuses to capacity.

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“Noble Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -2 speed penalty and +200 bonuses to capacity. “Noble Saddle (4 saddlebags)” has a -6 speed penalty when used with Pebbles (the starting horse).

Contrary to what I have read on previous posts, the tailor did indeed repair the caparison, but it still looks dirty when I put it back on the horse. Horse armor is the gear you can place on your mount in KingdomCome Deliverance.

Some of them are only cosmetic, while others expand the capabilities of your horse, letting it carry more, tire less or run faster. In this guide, we’re going to show you where to find horse gear in KingdomCome Deliverance.

Horse head armor can be found east of Ledetchko on a cliff. Chanson and brinier have a Stub, Slash and Blunt defense, while Noble bridle is purely visual (thanks Slogan).

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Come is probably the most basic command every dog needs to learn. A dog that won't come when he's called is a danger to himself as well as a headache to his owner.

First, until your dog has been properly trained, do not let him run off leash even for a minute! Dogs aren't smart enough to look both ways before crossing the street.

Accidents happen in the briefest of moments, and it only takes one mistake to lose your dog forever. Most puppies have a strong instinct to follow and stay close to their masters.

For the first lessons, invite a friend or family member the dog loves. These lessons should take place in the house or within a fenced area.

Using a happy, loving, cheerful tone of voice, take turns calling the dog to you. If he doesn't want to pay attention, encourage him with whistles, funny noises, toys or extra special treats.

Hug him, praise him, pet him, love him and reward him with treats. Throughout the day, stop what you're doing for a minute and call your dog.

Practice often and make coming when called the most enjoyable thing in your dog's life. You must be able to enforce the come command if your dog doesn't obey.

With a pocketful of treats, go for a walk with your dog on a loose leash. Praise him to the skies, give him a treat and hug him when he obeys.

Tug sharply on the leash and walk backwards, calling him merrily the whole time. Return to your walk, stopping periodically to call your dog.

As your dog improves, practice with a longer leash. Let him explore, chase a stick or play with a ball, then stop and call him to you.

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Start his training over from the beginning and don't remove the leash again for at least a week. But when I let him out in the yard, sometimes he still won't come when it's time for him to go back into the house.

I like my dogs to learn that come means something wonderful will happen to them or that another new adventure may be about to begin. Call him again using a happy, encouraging voice but only give the command twice, no more.

Just snap his leash on and matter-of-factly, go straight to the house. Q: I caught my dog chewing up my shoes, so I called her to me and spanked her.

That's why trainers always recommend that we should never, ever call a dog in order to punish it or make it do something it doesn't like. Come should always be a word that means joy, love, hugs and treats, never punishment or unpleasantness.

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