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Brent Mccoy
• Saturday, 16 January, 2021
• 12 min read

Located inside select Best Buy ® locations, Magnolia offers premium audio, video and home automation brands and solutions. Shop from an unbelievable selection of quality appliance brands.

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Cell phones, Verizon, a t and t, sprint now part of t mobile, unlockedSave on the new Samsung Galaxy S21 5G, S21+ 5G or S21 Ultra 5G with pre-order, qualified activation and trade-in. 65" class and larger TVs as low as $399.99.

C L. said “Jasmine the Curbside Best Buy associate was absolutely top-notch. Pulling up to the curbside spot, she quickly assisted me to find my order.

Cherry H. said “Purchased an appliance package at this location in mid November 2020. Liz S. said “I needed to replace my modem right away, so my family didn't lose their mind and I could telework.

Discover seasonal career opportunities at Best Buy. We offer full-time, part-time, and seasonal roles doing exciting work in fun, dynamic environments that encourages learning and growth.

At Best Buy, we value everyone’s talents, life experiences, beliefs and backgrounds. Uncovering where to buy a PS5 is easy, but the challenge is actually getting to purchase one of Sony's new game consoles.

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PS5 restocks have started to speed up this year, though stock drops sell out very fast. You need to be prepared to move fast, and it's a good idea to be signed up to stock alerts and ensure you have an account with the major retailers we've listed below.

Make sure to keep this page bookmarked and refreshed to have the best chance at finding where to buy a PS5. Amazon, Best Buy, GameS top, and Walmart all had stock on Thursday, but all inventory has sold out.

The Sony Twitter account is worth following, so you can get notifications about the next batches of available PS5 units. We also recommend following Twitter accounts such as @PS5StockAlerts, @GYXdeals, @PS5Drop and @Wario64, which are often first to have the latest updates on availability.

Availability can also be regional, as Walmart and Games in Canada recently had stock. Sony recently tweeted that it's working to get more PS5 consoles ready for the end of the year.

Make sure to keep this page bookmarked and to check the retailer listings regularly. PS5: $499 at B&H The standard PS5 is being sold at B&H Photo with a free expedited shipping option.

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Get prepared : Make sure you have all the right payment card details and two-factor authentication available and to hand when you find a PS5 ready to buy. Units can go so fast that if you’re fiddling around trying to find your credit card you could miss your chance to secure a PS5 order.

We suggest you select a couple of major retailers like Walmart and Amazon, and keep an eye on their PS5 landing pages. This will make things a lot faster when buying a PS5 if you spot one on sale.

You can also make it a habit of checking Slick deals, the online collection of deals that run the gamut from household appliances to gaming consoles like the PS5. The website has a few specific forum threads for everything PS5 that users continue to update.

If you follow the thread, head to the last page and keep refreshing to keep up with all the latest news. You do need a paid membership to shop at these retailers, but that means reduced competition to snag a unit there.

Currently, there are no online listings for these retailers to check, but it may be worth heading to each brick-and-mortar store to try your luck at this point. It's been a fairly difficult process during this console generation to lock in any sort of next-gen purchase.

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But as we near the holidays, it's highly likely there will be additional PS5s available for purchase at some point as Sony catches up with those looking to buy PS5s. These opportunistic people have been using bots to scan retailers for PS5 stock when it becomes available and buy as many of the consoles as they can in one go.

So if you can wait until 2021 you’re likely to have a lot more PS5 games to choose from and Sony should have more consoles available. It might seem absurd to buy a PS5 for over $1,000, especially as its launch game lineup isn’t particularly profound.

But with the coronavirus pandemic seeing more people staying at home, some PlayStation fans are clearly desperate to get their hands on a new console to keep them entertained over the holiday season. Speaking of the coronavirus, social media posts from the recent Black Friday sales showed how people are so keen to get a PS5, they’ll crowd into shopping centers despite the risk of getting a deadly virus when social distancing can’t be maintained.

Again, we advise you don’t put your health at risk to get a PS5 even though it’s a very impressive gaming console. Don’t forget to add a refreshing drink to your online order.

Earn rewards at all CICS locations with the Lyrics Mobile App. And, as long as she doesn't wake up one morning, decide to take over the world, and murder us in our beds, she'll be a friend to us all.

But Alexa is more than the Echo, that black Pringles Can of Doom we met back in November 2014. Since the Echo was introduced, Amazon has been fielding a plethora of Alexas, a veritable Alexapalooza of devices.

This gadget went up $20 in 2020, from $229 to $249, but now it turns on a motorized swivel to follow you as you move -- because that's not creepy at all. It's a bank of cameras that make smart recommendations for certain Amazon-sold fashions.

Apparently, consumers didn't react well to a Big Brother camera looking at them model clothing. The Echo Dot comes in two variations beyond the basics: a version with an on-board clock and a kids version that looks like a box of Animal Crackers crashed into the assembly line and has resulted in animal-style skins.

Before we dive in, we want to mention that, over the past year, the Alexa technology has been baked into devices from companies besides Amazon. We're also not looking at the Alexa capabilities built into the Amazon Fire TV, tablets, microwave, and new TVs.

Prior to the Echo, we thought it was okay to turn on our lights by touching the dirty switches on the wall. We thought it wasn't the height of crudeness to punch numbers into a calculator using our actual fingers.

$99 at Amazon But then we learned that we could set timers for every little thing, with impunity. We learned that having our choice of music at our fingertips no longer required actual fingers.

The Original Echo most closely resembled a black Pringles can. It had a ring of powerful microphones, capable of picking up commands from a distance.

It was meant to be both an intelligent assistant, and a spare Bluetooth speaker. I don't have either in my hands yet, but both now have the lighted ring at the base of the unit instead of the top.

If you keep an eye out on Amazon, you can often find it at a lower price, making the product even more cost-effective. The previous generation Echo also added the ability to change skins.

Personally, I like the black look for pretty much everything, but if you're trying to make the Echo blend in with your surroundings, the alternate colors might prove appealing. Amazon did not sacrifice sound quality when it reduced the Echo's stature.

The 4th Generation Echo's sound has improved above that, including an upward-firing woofer and dual tweeters. Basically, in almost all cases, when you add a smart home device (like the Alexa-controlled Philips Hue bulbs), you need to add a hub to your network to control them.

While hubs aren't that difficult to set up, one disadvantage is the extra device, wire to your router (or Wi-Fi link), and power dongle. My blinds are Z-Wave, so I had to pick up a Samsung Smart hings hub to manage those.

The new 4th Generation Echo has a low power mode that will work in most configurations and uses 50% post-consumer recycled plastics. Finally, this model also has a 3.5 mm audio jack input and output.

It has all of Alexa's intelligence, but doesn't have the powerful speaker that Amazon says, “fills any room with immersive 360-degree audio.” The adult Dot shares the same colors as its bigger Echo sphere brother.

In the September 2020 refresh, Amazon made the Dot into a sphere. By biggest criticism is we've found we sometimes have to speak louder or aim our mouths at the Dot for it to properly hear commands.

We didn't buy the Dots for music playback, and while it will play tunes from Amazon Music or Spotify (the services we use), it's, as expected, not nearly as “sound” as its bigger brethren. I do have a 3rd Generation Dot in my office and its music output for that room is quite nice.

That said, for a device that can be had for real cheap (we've seen them on sale for as little as $29), you can't go wrong bringing a Dot into your family. If you want to get started with a smart home and spend less than $100, the Echo Dot will be the cornerstone of your installation.

The extra $10 buys parents a lot of pieces of mind. Finally, there's also a $59 version Amazon creatively calls Echo Dot + LED display.

This is a version of the Echo Dot with a digital clock built into the side. Introduced in the early 2000s, the new Echo Show looks remarkably like this old iMac design.

Apple But now, there's new 2020 Echo Show, and it looks like it was separated at birth from a 2002 iMac G4. No, it doesn't rove around the room under its own power (that's the Ring Always Home Cam, which flies).

If you've ever had a small dog stare at you with 10,000 watts of attention, all attempting to will you to drop that piece of chicken, then you know, probably, how it will feel to have the new Echo Show stalk you on it stalk. We've all used FaceTime or some similar video chat capability on our phones.

The Echo Show does the same thing, except it has to be plugged in and must sit in one spot. While there were eventually wireless phones, for years, most of us had to walk to the location where the phone was, dial the party we wanted to talk to, and stay within the reach of the cord.

She kept hitting the red button, then wondering why her calls kept dropping. My dad didn't trust his smartphone at all, and insisted I install a landline for him when he moved to a new house.

Neither my mom nor my dad liked the idea of the contact list in the phone. For everything else, there was a sheet of paper with phone numbers next to, you guessed it, the telephone.

There are two immediate and powerful applications for the Echo Show: Checking on elderly family members, and being able to easily look in on the kids. The Echo Show easily allows you to use voice activation to contact, talk to, and see a family member.

This gives concerned middleweights the ability to quickly ascertain the health of an elderly parent. It gives parents and grandparents the ability to easily connect with, talk to, and see the kids and grandkids.

Having the ability to reach out and see them via video may help soften the blow. Amazon is now supporting both Skype and Zoom, making the Echo Show a particularly helpful part of the new normal.

While I find the physical follow feature of the new Echo Show a little creepy, I'd love to use one in filming my YouTube videos. There are smartphone gadgets that auto-pan to follow a speaker, but with all of Amazon's great AI, the Echo Show is probably going to do a better job of it.

The company offers six additional Echo products in varying degrees of usefulness and weirdness. But, if you are already considerably invested in the Alexa ecosystem, then you might want to pick one of these up.

At $24.99, it's got a tinny speaker and a mini microphone, but it's water resistant, and you can plug it into any socket. An add-on includes a motion detector which you can program with Alexa routines.

If you don't have any Alexa devices yet, and you don't need to care for elderly folks or kids (or have friends who want to video chat with this technology), your first device should be the new Echo. It's now comes with smart hub features built into the price and as long as you don't need Z-Wave, it can help reduce the junk factor in your house.

You'll have better parental controls and when Junior inevitably launches the Dot against a wall at 94 miles per hour, you can rest easy knowing Amazon will simply send you a replacement. If you already have an Echo and want to add-on a device somewhere where music-playing quality isn't of top importance, buy a Dot.

We bought a second regular Echo for the bedroom, where a Dot would have worked. If you're caring for elderly parents, or want to see the people you're connecting to at a fixed place and location, get an Echo Show.

I'll tell you this: When I first looked at the original Echo, I thought it was ridiculous and unnecessary. Now, if you want my Alexa, you'll have to pry her from my cold, dead hands.

It was republished in June 2018 with all the new Alexa options Amazon introduced in the first part of the year, and then updated again in September 2018. Now, in September 2020, we're looking at yet more new Alexa and Echo options, because the folks at Amazon never sleep.

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