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James Smith
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Demand grossly exceeded supply, however, and it sold out within minutes at every major retailer. There have been a few additional inventory drops in the weeks since, but in every case precious few customers managed to snag a unit.

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That’s due in part to resellers and bots routinely beat average consumers to the punch. In the meantime, Twitter remains a resource for many gamers to check on restock news, but it’s hard to tell how credible the tweets there actually are.

Recently, for example, unaffiliated Twitter account @YtNextGenGaming posted that new inventory would be dropping at retailers like Best Buy, Costco, Target, New egg and Walmart. Even so, it’s best to keep our expectations in check: Microsoft confirmed back in November that Xbox inventory could be tight through April 2021.

GameS top had touted “very limited number of Xbox Series X and S console bundles for purchase” but those are currently sold out. Walmart does a solid job of noting availability windows for PS5 and Xbox on its Twitter feed.

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Tyler Likely/CNET In small spaces, how your fridge, washing machine or dryer door opens can either mean easy access or aggravation. Dubbed “The World’s Most Powerful Console,” when it comes to Xbox One Microsoft isn’t fooling around.

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XboxOneX’s Scorpio Engine boasts a 6 teardrop GPU for true 4K graphics and blisteringly fast 60fps gaming. It features advanced, custom silicon architecture capable of transmitting a whopping 326 GB per second of Memory Bandwidth.

The console features liquid cooling to dispel heat with minimal noise. While I had no way of validating resolutions or frame rates at the event, the games played incredibly well.

Xbox One is, naturally, best paired with a 4K HDR TV, and games like Assassin’s Creed Origins were stunning. To give gamers choice, Microsoft is still heavily supporting last year’s less pricey Xbox One S model with all-new bundles.

This package gives you an Xbox One S console with a 500 GB HDD, and the Madden NFL 18 Standard edition. This is a superb box for racing fans as it includes Fora Horizon 3 and the Hot Wheels expansion.

Last year we gave Fora Horizon 3 a 95% rating, saying “If you play one racing game this fall should be it.” The Hot Wheels expansion builds on this incredible foundation by adding six themed islands featuring interconnected Hot Wheel tracks. The design mimics the blocks used to create Minecraft worlds, and the controller was inspired by the game’s Creeper characters.

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This controller features an adorable Pig design and also has ABBY buttons in the classic Minecraft font. This controller features a green Creeper design and also has ABBY buttons in the classic Minecraft font.

With major titles like State of Decay 2 and Crackdown 3 delayed to 2018, the Showcase mainly focused on what to expect this year. This included AAA first-party games like Fora Motorsport 7 and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, indie titles like Cup head, and major third-party releases.

In my pirate group of four, we sailed the seas, searched for buried treasure, and fought skeletons protecting their booty. It literally feels like an early Disney film magically springing to life.

Turn 10 Studio’s latest racing game looked pristine in 4K and 60fps, and the weather effects were jaw-dropping. The build I got to play was essentially the final retail version, complete with more than 700 cars and 30 courses.

The hit game will soon make its way to Xbox One via Microsoft’s Early Access Program. I was up against 99 NPC enemies, so while it didn’t have the same effect as live players, the game is coming along nicely.

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The roughly 20-minute demo gave me a taste for the gameplay, which mixes jumping, bouncing, and digging underground. If you’re looking for a fun, family-friendly game this fall, Super Lucky’s Tale hits the mark.

This game has been specifically enhanced to take advantage of Xbox One with 4K graphics and shorter load times. During the demo I fought an Orc leader, which I could then recruit as part of the Nemesis System.

The game is set in Ancient Egypt and felt completely immersive with its detailed landscapes, beautiful architecture, and era-appropriate weaponry. My main takeaway from the event was pretty clear: Holiday 2017 is looking very bright for Xbox fans.

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The new Xbox wireless controller is designed to enhance comfort during gameplay. Microsoft will also release a pared-down, digital only console: The Xbox Series S.

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And now in terms of my executive bandwidth, I’m spending a lot more time on trying to increase supply to meet that demand.” The ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which is surging once again in the United States, has had an influence on all parts of the industry, from game development and planning to shipping logistics and distribution.

Both companies have claimed that their launches were the biggest ever, but did not provide sales numbers. The gaming industry has already been scaling up since 2013 when the previous generation debuted, but the number of interested customers may also have increased dramatically because of the pandemic.

According to research firm Nielsen, gaming is “at an all-time high during COVID-19.” Understandably, many of these gamers want the new consoles. A Best Buy executive said Tuesday on a quarterly earnings call that demand for the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 consoles has been “heightened” due to quarantine measures keeping people at home.

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If you weren’t able to get an online pre-order back then, you could show up to a retail store and wait in a line in hopes of purchasing a console. Many retailers opted out of having walk-in customers for the console launch, with some extending that even further into the holiday season.

Best Buy said it won’t sell consoles in stores until 2021, meaning that online shopping is the only way to go. It perhaps feels more frustrating with an almost entirely online system, where you can’t just stake your claim with a place in line.

(Unless you’re at Sony’s PlayStation Direct page, which has a virtual queue, although it’s not exactly transparent about where you stand in it.) The larger problem here isn’t necessarily the same as the “holiday shipageddon” the New York Times cites.

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