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Carole Stephens
• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Finding where to buy Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S S isn't hard, locating a retailer that has the consoles in stock is the difficult task. That's because U.S. retailers are routinely sold out, but you may be able to get one if you are lucky and move fast when new stock comes in.

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Both Walmart and GameS pot had Xbox Series X and Series S restocks lately, but they keep selling out very fast. Make sure to check out the links below and keep this page bookmarked and refreshed to have the best chance at finding where to buy the Xbox Series X.

Best Buy, GameS top, and Walmart had stock Thursday afternoon, but have since sold out. Microsoft has said it's “working as hard as we can” to make sure more Xbox Series X stock will be available, meaning we could expect more restocks in the coming days.

In our Xbox Series X review, we gave the new system major props for its blistering performance, zippy load times and comprehensive backwards compatibility with every generation of Xbox. And as we noted in our Xbox Series S S review, the cheaper next-gen Xbox still delivers many of the same great features for those with 1080p TVs.

With that in mind, see the latest Xbox Series X stock updates and tips for getting your new Microsoft console below. We've included handy links to every notable store page below, where you can sign up to be notified on the latest news around Xbox Series X availability.

As with other stores, we expect Microsoft's stock to go quickly, so we recommend bookmarking this page. Microsoft does list other retailers that sell Xbox Series X, and gives restock updates.

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This console is limited to 1440p output, but still promises fast loading, ray tracing and high frame rates. Apart from refreshing retailer websites, there are other online channels where you can keep check to see when a unit might become available.

The handle is known for updating users on the latest deals and restocks faster than anyone else on the platform. Slick deals, the online deal repository, has a forum thread dedicated to ordering an Xbox Series X through Microsoft.

The thread is constantly being updated, so jump to the last page and click refresh for the latest intel on when units will become available. Popping is a site that checks local retail inventories based on your zip code.

For example, you can check local Target stores in your area to see if any XboxSeriesX's are available. CheapAssGamer is a long-running video game deals website that too has a forum thread dedicated to the Xbox Series X.

As of writing, the thread is over 63 pages long, and users are discussing where to find units. There are multiple Xbox Series X fan groups that keep users up to date on where the latest restocks are happening.

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Sure, most of the page is dedicated to discussions and memes, but if a user notices a restocking, they’ll let the community know. For example, one user found Xbox Series X units in stock at their local Walmart, with others too discussing similar finds.

Because it requires a paid account to get access to these wholesalers, there are often fewer people jumping over each other to find a unit. The time when new Xbox Series X stock is most likely to be made available is at midnight ET, on certain days.

ET, for when customers wake up, while others will aim at midday to give everyone the best chance of finding a new Xbox Series X console. And be sure to wear a face mask (over your nose) or retail associates will ask you to leave.

One of the reasons for Xbox Series X and Series S stock shortages is down to scalpers snapping up large amounts of next-gen consoles in one big seep and then selling them on for extortionate prices; we’re taking thousands of dollars for a $499 games console. NGC reported that a now infamous PS5 scalper group going by the name of CrepChiefNotify managed to snap up 1,000 Xbox Series X consoles as soon as they became available at U.K. retailer Very.

And the group boasted about it online; there are select words to describe such people, but they aren’t suitable for publication. As frustrating as it can be to find an Xbox Sarees X or Series S, we suggest you avoid buying a console from these scalpers.

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Paying massively over the odds for a console that doesn't have a huge range of new Xbox Sarees X games isn’t a shrewd move in our opinion. If you can hold out until 2021 Microsoft should have more Xbox Series X units to ship, as well as the promise of more exclusive games for the console, making it a much better time to get one.

Send me details about other relevant products from Toms Guide and other Future brands. We're still waiting on Amazon and Best Buy to open their virtual doors as well, so we'd keep checking in there to be one of the first to find that new wave of inventory.

Amazon was listed by Microsoft as offering up launch stock, as were the rest of the retailers here, but we're yet to see any movement. The retailer remained quiet over the release period yesterday, with the console listed as 'out of stock'.

Microsoft has named the retailer as one carrying day-one stock, which means you'll want to keep an eye out here as well. Not only are you likely to get the best delivery times (if you're a Prime member that is), but we saw a good amount of stock holding on at Amazon over the pre-order window as well.

While stock does remain out at the moment, we'd keep checking in as we were seeing units flashing in and out all the time. By contrast, the PS5 already has a well stocked page ready and waiting for launch next week.

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© Provided by Schrader Very had a good run during the initial pre-order window, offering up final waves of early stock far longer than other retailers. This is mostly due to the fact that Very keeps stock back to sell with premium accessories for higher value bundles (though it's rare to save any cash, you might be able to buyXboxSeriesX easier if you're willing to spend a little more and pick up some peripherals with it).

That's because the high street retailer organizes its stock by region, which means you're competing against a tiny pool of shoppers. Xbox Series X is the world’s fastest and most powerful console yet and is designed to play the latest and best -looking games.

The included Xbox Series X controller features many tweaks such as a redesigned d-pad, a share button and some new textures and finishes. The best thing of all is that the Xbox Series X controller retains the classic layout that fans have come to know and love over the years.

The Xbox Series X is a custom-tailored gaming powerhouse that includes a graphics processing unit that is eight times more powerful than the Xbox One. With advanced graphical features such as Variable Rate Shading and Ray tracing, the Xbox Series X creates a gaming experience with an incredible level of detail and realism.

And, the XboxSeriesX’s new Quick Resume feature allows you to pick up right where you left off without long loading times. And, these games will benefit from the power of the Xbox Series X with higher and more steady frame rates, faster loading times, and increased visual quality and resolution.

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However, Best Buy has announced that it should have stock of the PlayStation 5 and new Boxes available to buy online from December 15. To this end, Best Buy has released a statement announcing that it will re-list the PS5 (classic and digital editions) and new Boxes as of tomorrow (December 15, 2020).

This might be a good idea in light of the reportedly overwhelming volume of visits to GameS top stores following this chain's own impromptu replenishment of the same consoles. Finally, this new re-stocking alert seems to apply to the company's US store only, with no such word on renewed console availability in its Canadian outlets.

Furthermore, it does not specifically mention whether bundled listings will also be back in stock, or if it applies to the standalone devices only. My degrees are in biomedical sciences; however, they led to some experience in the biotech area, which convinced me of its potential to revolutionize our health, environment and lives in general.

This developed into an all-consuming interest in more aspects of tech over time: I can never write enough on the latest electronics, gadgets and innovations. One of the most exciting of the technologies we’re introducing with Xbox Series X is Smart Delivery, which will ensure that you always play the best version of the games you own for your console, across generations.

For example, if you buy Cyberpunk 2077 when it launches on September 17, you’ll be set to explore Night City on Xbox One. Then, when CD Project Red delivers an Xbox Series X Optimized version of Cyberpunk 2077, you’ll automatically get upgraded once it’s available at no additional cost.

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Outside our Xbox Game Studios titles, it will be up to the individual developer to determine whether they take advantage of Smart Delivery. Below you’ll find the initial list of new and existing titles that will be Optimized for Xbox Series X and confirmed to support Smart Delivery.

Please note: this is in addition to the thousands of games you’ll be able to bring with you to Xbox Series X via back compatibility on day one. As this list grows in the weeks and months leading up to the Xbox Series X launch, we’ll keep it updated to reflect any additions.

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