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The many tourist spots in this place offer a lot of campsites perfect for any camping enthusiast. Found in Pundit, Gambles, the Ngas cove offers an amazing overnight beach camping.

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The turquoise blue waters and white sand will leave you wanting for more! Aside from camping, you can also go on a trek and reach the top of a hill which offers a fantastic view of the cove.

To get to this small piece of paradise, you have to charter a boat that will cost you around P1,000 to P2,500 (good for 1 to 4 persons). Probably the most famous cove in Gambles, Anawangin Cove consists of sea pine trees (ago ho trees) and fine sand that gives off that Baguio meets Boracay feel.

The sand here may not be white, but it’s pine trees, and well-maintained shores are what makes it one of the best camping spots in Gambles. Pinatubo is an active stratovolcano that’s most famous for its blue colored crater lake, Lamar landscape and valleys occupied by the Beta tribesmen.

Today, people from around the world trek the volcano to see its unique Lamar field and lake. Aside from the hike, a 4×4 car ride is also included to reach the breathtaking view at the top.

If you plan on camping for the night, take note that it is not recommended going during the rainy season because of possible landslides and heavy rains. Position island is one of the awesome beach destinations in the Philippines with its white sand, clear turquoise waters and coral stones.

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It is among the list of unspoiled beaches that offer a stunning view of Gambles mountain ranges. For an unforgettable backpacking experience, try camping at The Circle Hostel, Gambles.

They have musical instruments, board games, bean bags, hammocks and pillows for that relaxing retreat you’ve been looking for. It recently opened last November 2017 and hosted a few art workshops, and live performances.

Location: Arenas Street Park 5, San Narcs, Gambles Their relaxing, superb ambiance and friendly staff will make you want to call this place home.

Breathe in that fresh air and take the trip to Play Caarusipan Camp and Beach Resort. Aside from camping, you can also book a Bubo that’s two stories high complete with a dining area and a bedroom.

For that simple and relaxing beach experience, book on a weekday and have the resort all to yourself! The resort also has a cooking area so feel free to buy all that seafood you’ve been craving for.

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Tucked in San Felipe, Gambles, Board Culture Lilia is the perfect place to hang out with a special someone or a group of friends. They also provide surfing lessons, skimboard rentals, massage, boodle fights, island hopping and tour to the Angolan Falls.

Don’t forget to watch the sunset and enjoy the food from the resort’s very own restaurant. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees.

Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. Prices are the average nightly price provided by our partners and may not include all taxes and fees.

Taxes and fees that are shown are estimates only. Best to Stay in Gambles: Camp, Rates, Contact Step 1: Open the email in your inbox.

(SPOT.pH) Gambles, a province north of Metro Manila, is home to one of the Philippines' most beautiful and longest coastlines. The towns of Lilia and San Felipe are known for overhead waves where surfers can practice their tricks, while Anawangin and Ngas Coves are popular for their lagoons where pine trees grow in sand.

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Guests have access to the shaded areas with hammocks by the beach, shared restrooms, outdoor showers, and outdoor kitchen. The Camping Bubo (P1,500/night) is ideal for two people, but can fit up to three guests with an additional charge of P500.

The Cozy Bubo can fit two people for P2,500/night with a maximum of four (extra charge of P500 per additional person). By continued use, you agree to our privacy policy and accept our use of such cookies.

Located near the shores of the Barangay Pundit in San Antonio in the province of Gambles, Camera Island is a favorite island hopping destination of the province. 4/5 of the island is dominated by a rocky hill while the remaining 1/5 consists of a stretch of 30 to 40 feet of cream-sand beach.

Its surrounding waters is clean and teaming with marine life which is why it is perfect to go snorkeling in it. The wave kisses the beach gently... The beach landing... Aquaman's secret hideout view from the top of one of the rocksGotta love the view... The island also provides a great backdrop for photo shoots and selfies.

If you want to put some excitement on your visit, I suggest you play the modified hide-and-seek where you hide objects instead of yourself... better yet bring a UNO deck and destroy friendships. Check out those small stacked rocks... Hmmm this one is nicely stacked...but this one is better. I got to visit Camera Island with my co-teachers during our group outing. Getting to Camera Island: From Manila, ride a Victory Liner bus going to IBA, Gambles.

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From there, transfer to a tricycle and tell the driver to bring you to the resort of your choice in Pundit. According to the locals that I've interviewed, their place was once an isolated barangay, reachable only by boat, horse, or foot.

Rock Inn and Café are actually located in a part of Canada that is quite isolated. As a matter of fact, the roads to the inn are unpaved and lacks proper lighting.

Therefore, the popularity of the orange picking activity brings in customers to their doorsteps. Aside from that, the cold weather also draws tourists who want to escape the heat and pollution of Manila.

Hugo, Lies in San Juan, Bananas, Palm Beach Resort is a high-end resort that offers a quality escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. During low tides, visitors can stroll around and explore the area that was once underwater.

Imus City Plaza is also the first place to greet you if you're heading to the cathedral via Saints Street. The monument stands as an honor to the children of Imus who joined the fight for the independence of the country against Spain.

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As for the man standing on top of the monument, he is General Liberia Tobacco. Narrating in Maragondon in the province of Cavity, Andres Bonifacio Shrine and Eco-tourism Park mark the supposed place where Andres Bonifacio and his brothers Promotion were executed in 1897.

The statue of Andres Bonifacio wearing a very fashionable Camila DE chino Our local guide showing us the way to the peak of Mt. Siren ang Arizonan Siren ang Arizonan Details Sitting on top of a huge boulder on the side of the Philippine highway, the Serena seems to be locked in an eternal gaze searching among the passing motorists the man that would hopefully release her from her current petrified state.

Being partly Atimonanin (thanks to my mom's bloodline), I spent most of my summer vacations visiting my cousins living in the said province. It was under the supervision of the Augustinian Recollects who, in 1774, would petition the Spanish government to convert Imus into an independent municipality.

With this, a provisional church was established in an area known as Barangay Bryan Lima. Located in Barangay Lisbon, In dang in the province of Cavity, the Bonifacio Shrine of In dang is one of the historical landmarks dedicated to the Father of the Philippine Revolution -Andres Bonifacio.

Bonifacio Shrine of In dang Bonifacio Shrine in In dang History The shrine marks the location of the IPA hut where Andres Bonifacio was seized and captured by the soldiers of his political rival and fellow revolutionary Emilio Aguinaldo in 1897. It was also here that Bonifacio was gravely injured after he was shot by an arresting soldier when he was being dragged to In dang town proper to be imprisoned.

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