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This following stallion register has been compiled from records in the Connemara Pony Breeders’ Society database and information where appropriate supplied by owners. The Connemara’s natural habitat is the almost lunar landscape of Ireland’s rugged west coast, but the breed’s origins are somewhat hazy.

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Rosenaharley Ross league remains the only pony ever to win the Olympia ridden mountain and moorland supreme two years running, in 1983 and 1984. In 1935, a 20-year-old Connemara named Nugget, standing at just 15hh, cleared a 7ft 2in obstacle at the London International Horse Show.

If you’ve decided you want to breed a Connemara Pony Foal here are some simple tips to help you make this all important decision. While shopping for a ConnemaraStallion is perhaps the most exciting part of planning your next match, time spent choosing a Stallion can be even more successful if we first start by defining our breeding goal and critically evaluating our mares.

We need to put equal measure into examining our mares’ conformation and breeding to have the best chance of producing our next Connemara Pure or Part-Bred champion. If you’re breeding a performance pony for yourself, start with your mare’s own qualities as a riding horse.

Temperament, character, and ride ability are all excellent points to consider when evaluating your mares’ strengths for breeding. The Connemara Pony crossed with the Thoroughbred has long been regarded as making an excellent competition horse suitable for the young rider or small adult.

The mare is the baseline, the foundation of all you’re hoping to breed; you can improve, but you cannot change what is already there. From that baseline, you can begin to develop a list of potential Connemara Stallions for your mare.

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It is not a perfect science, but creating a list of what you’d like to improve or keep the same with your mare is a good place to start. No horse is perfect, but mares with a significant conformational defect are not good breeding candidates.

Conformation of the parents, whether good or bad, is likely to be transmitted to the offspring, with desirable or undesirable results. In purebred Connemara Pony breeding, if the sire and dam each have trademark characteristics (conformation) of the breed they represent (Connemara Pony), then the offspring will most likely be representative of the breed.” The stallion, therefore, should be strong in those points in which the mare is relatively weak.

Try to talk to some owners of the Connemarastallion’s offspring to find out about their character, ride ability, and how hard or easy they were to train. In such cases, though, the stud fee should be lower than that of a stallion which has several crops in the field and whose get have done exceptionally well in competition.

Beyond that, although their names can look wonderful on the pedigree, third- and fourth-generation progenitors seldom have made much contribution to the prospective sire. Because horses often possess some genes that are suppressed by the influence of others, full siblings can be entirely different from each other in certain traits and almost identical in others.

The other characteristics, like conformation and temperament, that a stallion will pass on to his offspring should be given more weight in a breeding decision than the potential color output. Or high scores in foal or mare shows or inspections or success in lead rein classes.

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When choosing a breeding stallion, remember that there are a variety of traits that may be passed on to a foal. Faults not always evident by visual examination of the parents can often be predicted by studying a six-generation pedigree.

Conditions such as Congenital Cataracts, Sweet itch, Over or Undershot Jaw, Upward Fixating Patella, Dorsal Displacement of the Soft Palate, Curbs, OCD, DID, Heart Defects, Flat Feet and more are all known to exist in the Connemara Pony. Do your research beforehand to familiarize yourself with potential issues that may affect any breed of horse or family.

Scope for the jumpers, style for the hunters, suspension for dressage, the list goes on and on and many times it comes down to personal preference. Connemara's are especially desirable in eventing, dressage and show jumping but they also excel in harness, competitive trail, endurance riding and field hunting.

Its body type, substance and ground covering paces lend it a more horse-like feel than most other pony breeds. The most common colors are Grey and Buckskin (often mistakenly referred to as Dun), but Blacks, Bays, Browns, Chestnuts, Palominos and Roans also occur and are highly desirable.

The Connemara Pony is most cherished by owners for its legendary ride ability, matchless character and peerless work ethic. These trademark qualities combined with the Connemara's size and natural athletic abilities make them an ideal fit for most Adult Amateurs.

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In North America, Purebred Connemara Stallions are often crossed on Thoroughbred and Sport Horse Mares to produce a versatile, easy to manage, competitive mounts for the Adult Amateur. Connemara Ponies are often crossed Thoroughbreds and other Sport Horse Types to produce high performance athletes.

Purebred Connemara's are known to excel in Dressage and Eventing readily competing alongside the best of most other sport horse breeds. These horses and ponies were bred from breeding stock with excellent pedigrees, which include both Irish and American Connemara's.

Our program has consistently produced purebred and half bred Connemara's with the athleticism and train ability demanded of the equestrian market, as well as the conformation, substance, temperament and type required to meet ACTS Inspection Standards and Approval (of purebreds), maintaining the qualities of which native Connemara Ponies are so adored. We are committed to maintaining the traditional Connemara pony characteristics of soundness, strength, versatility, intelligence and willingness, without having to sacrifice athleticism, beauty, movement, disposition and/or overall quality.

Our HOMERED: Foothills Farms and Piedmont Connemara's above: Foothills Field Marshall (*Gun Smoke x Foothills Maybe (Balefully's Beacon x Blue Hills Erin) MARESSTALLIONS TUMOR'S MOUNTAIN STEEL BALEFULLY'S BEACON×GUN SMOKEStallion Grandson in the US: Baileys Irish Dream (below) Stallion sons in the US: WH Top Gun (below left) Foothills Field Marshall (below right) Kynynmony Cooper O'Grady (below) The quality that we have built into our breeding program is continually demonstrated by the successes of each generation that follows: Get of Balefully's Beacon Get of *Gun Smoke's Next Generation Progeny Click here for a special message for Connemara half bred and Connemara Sport Horse owners. TYPE: All of our breeding stock is presented for inspection and approval by the American Connemara Pony Society.

We produce attractive foals with correct conformation together with true Connemara type required of reputable breeders. We enjoy producing these crosses for the growing market of adult women, often with careers and families, who want to be competitive, safe and successful, while having a wonderful time on their well-matched mounts (not to large, not too small, not too fast, not too slow, JUST RIGHT!).

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