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There is nowhere better for house reefs than the Maldives as the Maldivian islands are made up not of rock, but of the tips of coral formations that have grown tall enough to break the surface of the water. As an added bonus, the staff at the Bars Marine Center can organize a series of underwater adventures including fish identification, coral gardening and a snorkeling safari.

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Alongside incredible accommodation that allows you to step straight into the ocean at any moment, Waldorf Astoria has one of the most dramatic features of the resorts on this list. The Inspiring Travel Company, established in 1974, offers exceptional tailor-made luxury holidays and experiences to some of the most elegant and desirable destination across the globe.

If you feel that you need another type of adventure, don't fret: there is also a shipwreck on a some house reefs, at which you often see a big napoleon wrasse, surrounded by the resident school of bat fish. Some you can snorkel the whole way round: Diamonds Auriga has a seamless drop-off with great coral where whale sharks have been sighted; Riyadh’s edge is just a short swim in any direction; and Vilamendhoo’s close-by channel attracts spectacular predators.

Angina Hurt was named the best house reef in the Maldives, with an embarrassment of fish species and living coral. The new water villas at Lily Beach make access to their coral gardens a matter of a few steps and a few meters swim.

Food gets excellent reviews from guests, and Sun downer Bar is a favorite for afternoon drinks on bean bags placed along the sand. With an amazing house reef snorkeling, a wide range of activities and programs, excellent entertainment options, this is a great all-inclusive pick for couples, but keep in mind that getting there requires a 70-minute domestic flight from Male airport followed half-hour speedboat transfer.

Reopened in 2009 as a 5-star resort, Lily Beach is a romantic place for a family holiday with All Inclusive that includes food, drinks and various activities. The stylish and spacious rooms have open air bathrooms with hydro massage baths, outdoor terraces with direct access to the ocean or to the beach, as well as other facilities: from sunscreen and quality toiletries to the packed mini bars and large flat-screen TVs.

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Located only 20 minutes by seaplane from Male airport, Safari Island is the perfect getaway for a relaxing and exciting break away. The House reef is 7-8 meters distance from the beach and ideal for snorkeling and diving with live corals and many kinds of sea creatures.

Located on Muddied island in Baa Atoll, the Maldives first and only UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, Dust Than seduces guests with pearly white sandy beaches, turquoise lagoons, lush vegetation and a fantastic house reef with one of the most abundant marine life in the Maldives. Inspired by Thailand, architecture provides private life alone with a vibrant nature featuring both classical and modern styles.

The resort villas and apartments are beautiful shelters of modern sophistication, with luxurious facilities and state OS the art amenities. As a visual center of the hotel, this swimming pool combines technology and nature with the flowing majestic Banyan tree.

Perfectly suitable for couples and families, BLU Select at Angel promises to be a beautiful island chic, and it's a delightful addition to Maldives resort segment. BLU has many modern amenities, self-contained beach and water villas, and suites, a selection of restaurants and services, amongst some of the best diving and snorkeling spots in the entire RAAF atoll.

Surrounded by clean, warm waters and snow-white sands, with groves of coconut palms and fragrant flowers, this cozy resort landscape is really worthy of fainting. The reef is dropped off by ledges to a depth of 20 meters, where you will find the hypnotic world of corals with an amazing variety of a vibrant marine life.

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Read Full Review... Best Experience: for Couples, House Reef Snorkeling, Two Islands One Great Price. The 25 minutes by speedboat from Delaney (Male) airport, a peace and quiet is the name of the game in this boutique resort with 45 villas run by Singapore's Banyan Tree, one of the world's most luxurious hotel brands.

Delicious food and drinks are served in the restaurant, and guests should expect an easy, unobtrusive pressure from the staff offering to book a therapy session at the excellent Thai spa. To diversify the activities there is a free transfer to Banyan Tree Vabbinfaru next door, where you will also find a restaurant, bar and spa.

Perfect for your romantic getaway or family vacation, Bands Maldives offers 250 rooms in 6 categories on a beautiful island only 15 minutes by boat from Male airport. Recently completely renovated, Bands is known as one of the best resorts for family holidays in the Maldives and you can safely relax while your kid is keenly spending time with friends around professional caregivers who have many exciting children's programs and entertainment.

On a beautiful island, there is complete cleanliness, and guests are served by a variety of facilities to choose from, including a spa, squash and tennis courts, a children's playground, a pool, and exciting excursions. New Water Villas are the brightest and most attractive rooms, but there are other categories of accommodation with good value, and avid divers and snorkel fans should not miss the chance to explore the famous Ellaidhoo's house reef.

37 villas Combining modern and traditional elements, the small paradise has been freshly renovated and reopened in December 2014 with a new shine, but still maintaining its unique Maldivian character. For many visitors Militia Island Resort is one of the best hotels in the Maldives, and definitely a secret dream for everyone who loves diving and snorkeling.

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The resort offers the ultimate Maldivian experience of turquoise and azure waters and fine white beaches, complemented by tranquil settings. Succumb to the healing sensation of holistic wellness at Park Hyatt Hahaha, where every experience is centered on bringing your mind, body and soul towards a new equilibrium.

Soaked in romance, with an incredible house reef snorkeling, couples are bound to fall in love with this cozy island. An additional draw is clean and soft sandy beaches, all around a small round island whose shape in Maldivian standards is a rarity.

In the North Male Atoll, BLU by Atmosphere at Helene is a vibrant and refreshingly modern all-inclusive resort with a stylish design and a relaxed island feel. With natural channels and a jaw-dropping house reef just meters from the island, this is a true underwater haven filled with spectacular coral and marine life that include silver-tipped sharks, lobsters and giant sea turtles.

Embed's success is based on its proximity to Male, value for money, a homely atmosphere, an excellent house reef snorkeling and top diving. About half of them recently received make-up, with new beds and furniture, so they usually look fresher, although the most high-tech supplement you will find in them are new tea and coffee making facilities.

Accessible by boat from Male airport, Fihalhohi so rich in mature palms and native trees is rarely found among Maldivian resorts. This is a real visual feast, as well as a very practical option, since the shadow between the rooms and the beach is life-saving for children playing in the sand and also for adults sitting in chaise lounges or hammocks during the heat of the day.

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Fihalhohi has a carefully protected turquoise blue lagoon bordered by a coral reef easily accessed by swimming where scuba diving or snorkeling could be experienced. The house reef is close by two thirds of the way around the island, with nice corals and hypnotic marine life, including sharks, rays and turtles, not to mention large schools of colorful fish.

Neighboring world-class diving sites should also not disappoint you, although spots on the other side of the atoll (still very accessible for dhoti) are among the most famous in the country, around Buried, Random and Cocoa. Outrigger Knotty Maldives Resort, set in the unspoiled Graph Half Atoll, offers luxurious accommodation, superb dining options and friendly staff in picturesque surroundings.

In between your diving lesson and massage, indulge in sumptuous Maldivian cuisine or a glass of white Burgundy in one of the resort’s restaurants or the comfort of your villa. As the sun sets, sample Japanese single malts at the Tehran bar while drinking in endless ocean views.

Perfect for your romantic getaway or family vacation, Bands Maldives offers 250 rooms in 6 categories on a beautiful island only 15 minutes by boat from Male airport. Recently completely renovated, Bands is known as one of the best resorts for family holidays in the Maldives and you can safely relax while your kid is keenly spending time with friends around professional caregivers who have many exciting children's programs and entertainment.

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