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• Friday, 18 December, 2020
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Has 10 leg span (see feet on windbreak) Weights over 800 lbs 5-½ feet tall We utilize saddle welding to increase the strength of our standalone panels. Our standalone and windbreak panels can stand freely and are convenient to move.

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25 ft. Windbreak Panel Includes wood boards Has over 10’ leg span 1,000 lbs 25’ long Approximately 9-1/2 feet tall Our board spacing allows some air flow at a low velocity which protects animals farther out instead of using a solid wall which allows wind to go over. We utilize saddle welding to increase the strength of our windbreak panels.

* Coped and fitted pipe for maximum strength. H-Braces and Corner Sets are available with one cross-member, two or custom features are always available at Go Bob.

We build custom H-Braces and Corner Sets all the time. I recently had a customer ask me if I offered a guarantee against animal abuse for my gates.

I checked it out and discovered that my gates were built heavier and priced cheaper. Go Bob is pleased to announce a New Dealer to Northeast Iowa to help you obtain our products.

Please feel free to contact E & M Farms, Russian, IA. PRODUCTS: From time to time, small changes in design or materials used in these products may occur, and we cannot always make the changes to photographs or content very quickly.

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Diameter steel tubing and a universal quick-pin latch set, using mitered joints and vertical Z braces, is treated with galvanized and powder coated spraying finishing to make longer life in any sites and farm. Wood has been the traditional material used in fencing of all types and is still a very common option for many ranches and stables.

Wood corrals are particularly popular, especially on properties where pasture perimeter fencing is wire or electric and the property owner is looking for a more classic look for their corrals or round pens; nothing delivers a classic Americana look as well as rustic wood fence. By determining what it will be used for, what size is required and what types of horses will be housed in it, you can plan out a beautiful as well as functional corral relatively simply.

If instead, the corral will simply be used for containing horses, the typical square or rectangular design will suffice. Most corrals are built for the average equine in mind, being strong enough to contain your typical horse and tall enough to thwart the idea of jumping.

It is also a good idea to run a strand of electric along the top wood board of the corral to further convince stallions to not challenge their fence. Also, horses known to be disrespectful to fences, such as those that will freely lean into them to reach grass, or known cribbers can still be housed in wood corrals, so long as a hot strand is used in combination.

If the corral is to be a very small space to temporarily keep a horse, a size of 16' x 16' might be sufficient. Round corrals can be as small as 30' diameter if used for housing or basic desensitizing and groundwork.

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After answering these foundational questions it is worth it to go out to the building location and mark out where the corral will be before you start buying lumber and other materials. Having just a slight slope can be helpful in rainwater and Snowbelt escaping the corral rather than becoming a mud pit in spring.

It is highly recommended that larger round pens and corrals have at least a 10' gate so truck and/or tractor access is easier. You may also want to place your gate on the fence closest to your barn or road-access to make maintenance and feeding easier.

$5,000 also Prefer SO1 squeeze chute with automatic and manual catch. If approved for TAP you can get $3,500 of this back. Priefert SO4 squeeze chute with automatic and manual catch.

All of our cattle working systems are 16 gauge metal and 6' tall. These chutes are no squeeze but offer many other good features.

This system is very portable, easy to move to different locations. With 2 – 8' bow gates on either side and 28” alley frame with gate on back and brackets to extend alley with more panels.

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Our corral panels are available in 5' & 6' heights in 16 gauge. The alley panel size is 20' & gives you a 6'x20' & 10'x20' pens in a complete system.

The sample designs shown below are provided as inspiration for your own cattle corral plans. So, while each sample provides a possible solution we recommend you contact Hi-Hog to assist you in developing a corral plan that works specifically for you.

First is the round tube design which is made from 1-7/8” 12 gauge round tube pipe with full double hinge construction allowing this unit to be set up on uneven terrain and still work easily and efficient. Other than heavier hinges on a square unit they are the same both come standard with a single 4’ walk through gate on the front left-hand side and are 6’ high panel height.

Up to three additional 4’ gates can be added to these units one on the front right panel and another on the right or left side of the number two panel giving you an escape if needed, or access to the outside from the rear of the unit these gates are added at an additional charge. These units open to approximately 960 square feet and are now equipped with winches on the first and second panels for lifting ease.

However, the Round unit was originally designed for the wheat grasses and the ranches running stickers, but also had to handle the size of the animals in the cow/calf operations. Because of the heavier square tube and diamond design it can handle more stress and pressure from the larger animals.

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Any property owner knows that a high quality fence and gate can change the look of the home. It’s a shame to complete your fence design and then install gorgeous fence, which can cost a great deal of money, only to tarnish that look with the wrong gate.

If you it’s a garden fence, you want a gate to offer a continued style, so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb. Same thing whether a wood, vinyl, iron, chain link, lattice, picket or bamboo fence.

At the end of the day, the type of gate is determined by material, number of panels and style. A great gate will add a sense of privacy to a spot.

Most types of opening fixtures and knobs that you attach onto your gate will blend in perfectly with a wood body. The wood surface has to be sealed regularly, so it will not wear out and develop rot.

It can be thick or thin; you have the option to choose any kind of body here. Door knob and opening fixtures can be integrated into the aluminum body.

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The polyvinyl chloride body can come in either a solid form or in a series of sleeves that can be added over existing wood surfaces. Source: premier-fence.com PVC is a popular choice for how it resists many weather conditions without experiencing any rust.

Wrought iron features an intense black color in most cases although you could add paint to it if you want. Source: fencecompaniesfortworth.com The most important part of wrought iron is that it is very sturdy.

You can order wrought iron gates that have special patterns etched on top, or you can order extra posts that go on top of the gate. Vinyl has been used as a popular choice for how it replaces wood with a new compound that resists all sorts of issues.

This can be prepared in any kind of shape with natural grooves added to create a good wood-like design. You should add a sealant over a vinyl fence gate to ensure it stays comfortable.

Avoid keeping one of these fence gates near spots that kids or pets might regularly be found in. While the chemicals that are naturally emitted by a vinyl body will blow away quite well while outdoors, they can still be harmful if someone is too close to it for far too much time.

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The individual bars of metal are woven together to create a strong open pattern. The strong body of the metal used on your chain link fence means that it will not wear out fast.

You can get all kinds of decorative features on the top of your fence gate. You can even have a few short points on the top to make it harder for people to try and get over the fence.

Bamboo has become a beloved wood material for fence gates in recent years. But what’s more is that bamboo has a dense body that won’t wear out quickly.

Source: pinimg.com Bamboo is also made with a thick body that contains fewer pores. Bamboo offers a beautiful natural tone although you can also get a great stain added onto it if you prefer.

This can be prepared with a darker base with lighter wood in the middle part. Although this is a thick and sturdy option, it can chip or dent if you are not careful.

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Source: pinimg.com A farm-style fence uses a series of wide wood materials. You could always use steel, vinyl or PVC materials too so long as they are organized with shapes similar to what a traditional wood farm-style fence uses.

You can use a darker stain to create a more authentic farm look to your gate. What’s great about composite is you can get it to mimic so many materials and the potential for colors, style, etc.

Composite makes this possible because a real stone gate would weight a lot… requiring some serious posts and hinges. It is designed like any other door in your home and can come with a few decorative accents on the top part of its body.

The edges on the opposite part of the gate should be affixed properly, so the door will not wear out. These are typically secured together with a lock and handle system in the middle.

Gate styles mimic the different styles of fences, which makes sense given the gate is really just another fence panel with hinges and a latch. Below are answers to common questions about fence gates.

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Fence gates are used for a wide variety of reasons, and the widths can vary greatly depending on what they are being used for and where they are installed. Smaller gates like the ones that you would use for a fence around your yard could be as small as 3-feet wide, which is usually enough space to fit a walk-behind lawnmower.

Most driveways are about 10-feet wide, and you’d probably want a gate that’s a couple of feet wider to minimize the chance of any accidents. Driveway gates can either swing open or slide.

It’s important to keep in mind that smaller gates are more cost-effective and easier to maintain. So it’s not always in your best interests to have an over-sized fence gate if you don’t really need that much clearance.

The small fence gates that you would use around your yard would come in standard sizes of three, four, five or six feet wide. The most commonly found sliding or swinging driveway gates will be constructed in 10-foot or 12-foot sections, although you may see some as large as 14, 16, and 18-feet wide.

A simple definition of a door would be a structure that is able to open and close, providing either privacy or protection. And if a gate is closed, a stranger should not be allowed to open it without your permission.

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Just look at the area where you are planning to put a fence gate and decide which option would be best suited for the space that you have. The last thing that you want to do is install a gate, only to find that it is in the way when it’s fully opened.

Fencing and gates can be a major investment and should last for many years, depending on the type of material that is used. Fence gates are specially designed for their purpose and will last the longest, especially if they are professionally installed and maintained.

Either the materials that they are made of is beginning to decay, or they weren’t installed correctly in the first place. Fence gates can be constructed of wood, vinyl, aluminum, and a variety of other materials.

Special sleeves need to be cemented into the ground, both to connect to the gate and the surrounding fence for support. If you have a vinyl gate that has been neglected, or you just want to change the color, painting it is a fairly simple project.

Make sure it’s clean and dry, and apply a good primer. Check out the following example where the fence is a flat lattice top, but the gate is arched.

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However, also notice that the flat shape is in a way extended with the gate due to the overhead mini-pergola You must look carefully at the particular type of material you want to use, so you will have a great body added to any spot.

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