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Mix, blend and discover the wide range of flavors offered by our Tequilas. Three emblematic years in Mexican history are included in the names of each of these tequilas.

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Hacienda Corral is a great and unique place to visit with family and friends. As one gets close to the entrance, a special excitement takes hold as tall slender palm trees come into view as if to personally welcome you.

Visitors arriving to the Hacienda are met by a group of guides who show them around each of the areas and lead them on a tour of the process used to make CorralejoTequila, Mexico's bestTequila for the World. EspañolEnglish Para entrap an ester site debs SER mayor DE dead.

SING Tines Que SER mayor DE dead para power ingress an ester site. “You might get more spice or sweet aromatics, so it’s wonderful to sip neat,” says Walter Easter brook, founder of ARTE Agave, a festival for agave-based spirits.

Mix calls this one “the bartender’s choice.” Easy on the wallet and the palate, Site Legal' reposed “hits the sweet spot of age,” she says. Aged in reclaimed whiskey barrels for up to a year, it offers a floral nose with a caramel and creamy flavor that resolves into a butter-and-honey smoothness and a spicy agave finish.

Though it’s lovely to sip with a single, large ice cube, it’s also dynamite in both summer highballs and strong, winter drinks. Both long-time tequila fans and those who are new to the category will love this reposed from Destileria El Padilla, where the fourth-generation Cam arena family uses a special Tahoma, or millstone, made from recycled metal parts to break down the agave.

corralejo tequila 1821 anejo extra gran town
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Their innovative ways don’t stop there; they also distill their tequila using a blend of neutral rainwater and mineral-laden spring water for an approachable yet structured spirit. Aged in both American and French oak, G4 Tequila's reposed offers buttery, orange flavors but with a mineral-driven backbone and a cinnamon finish.

A “favorite go-to” for Easter brook, Herrera's popular tequila, produced by a distillery known for its environmentally-friendly practices, launched the entire reposed category back in 1974. With a super smooth mouthfeel and a pleasing cooked agave flavor, this tequila is overlaid by rich, creamy vanilla notes from a full 11 months spent in American oak.

Class Azul's ultra-premium tequila is made traditionally, with agave cooked in stone ovens and twice distilled in copper pot stills, then aged eight months in oak barrels. Dark amber, it leans more toward the sweet side, so it’s great for drinkers who like the fruitier aspects of the agave.

Smooth and velvety, the tequila winds down with a dry and pleasant bitter note, with a touch of vanilla and dark-blonde caramel on the finish. Mixed into a fresh-fruit Paloma, it lends a delicious ruled quality to the fresh grapefruit juice, while augmenting the zing of the citrus peel.

Great for any type of cocktail, this classic reposed is aged eight months in American white oak and is produced by Don Julio, which has been making tequila since 1942. “It’s super smooth, but it stands up to mixers and sweeteners.” One of his favorite ways to use a reposed like this is in cocktails with muddled fresh berries and herbs: cilantro and blackberries, mint and strawberries, or any other combination.

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“It’s just delicious.” Still, it doesn’t lack versatility, so you can use this one in any version of the cocktail you choose to make: on the rocks, up, with a salt rim, or even frozen and with flavorings. Especially in fall and winter, Mix likes this tequila from Sierra Valley in boozy, stirred drinks in the Old Fashioned realm.

“It’s quite rich and caramel,” but with plenty of spice bringing “almost a confectionary quality, like cinnamon crème brûlée,” she says. For the price, it has good complexity.” At the same-named distillery located in Guanajuato, Mexico, this tequila ages for four months in a curvilinear cellar amid a range of French and American oak barrels, which lend notes of peppercorn and honey to the natural agave flavors.

With a nutty aroma resolving in a sweet palate and bitter spice finish, it’s terrific neat or on the rocks. “Off the nose, you get overripe tropical fruit aromas,” she describes, “and then the palate pops” with flavors of lemon, a bit of cardamom, and plenty of black pepper, which “cuts through” the cinnamon and vanilla of the barrel.

“The beautiful thing about fall is we can make richer, citrus cocktails, like a sour, but with some robustness,” says Mix. It’s aged in older barrels that impart just a hint of color and little of the woodiness of newer oak, allowing the spirit’s agave character to shine.

According to the Distilled Spirits Council, Americans purchased 17.2 million 9-liter cases of tequila in 2017, and exports from Mexico to the U.S. increased nearly 200 percent in the last 10 years. A solid option, Jose Curve’s Traditional Plate (silver) has a herbal nose with notes of sage and pine.

quita penas tequila reposado liter
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It pours a pale wheat color with sweet aromas of cooked agave, vanilla, brown sugar, honey, and shortbread. It’s medium-bodied and silky on the palate, with a richness that smooths out the tequila’s heat, gently leading to a spicy finish.

Light and herbal on the nose, with notes of basil and mint, this tequila has caramel sweetness on the palate. Round, sweet, and smooth, this is a great Blanco for mixing or sipping, with a warm, spicy finish.

Fresh, floral flavors and a soft mouthfeel make this silver tequila easy to love. Its sweet agave notes are balanced by a spicy finish that burns the upper palate and lips with peppery heat.

Notes of vanilla and salted cookie provide pleasant sweetness and are balanced by a peppery finish. Sweet agave aromas, creamy mouthfeel, and a peppery kick on the finish make this smooth-drinking silver tequila delicious enough to drink neat.

Pouring pale gold and leaving streaky legs in the glass, this affordable reposed smells like brown sugar, salted caramel, and orange peel. Its light body is fresh and zippy with hints of lemony citrus, followed by a minty finish.

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Citrus, vegetal, and earthy aromas comprise the nose of this tequila, which is aged four months in French, American, and white oak casks. Light and fresh despite its complexity, this tequila would be delicious served neat with an orange peel, and great in a summery cocktail.

Bright gold, with warm aromas of cooked agave, sugar cookie, and caramel, it’s easy on the palate, then sneaks in for a spicy finish on the sides of the tongue and cheeks. Agave, honey, eggplant, and citrus notes meld on the nose, and its palate is light-bodied and smooth.

The silver tequila from this “Entourage”-famous brand has notes of agave, vanilla, and caramel on the nose, followed by a sweet, creamy texture. This estate-distilled tequila has vegetal aromas with fresh cucumber and raw agave, followed by vanilla, buttery dessert, and nutty notes.

This bottle has lovely, delicate floral aromas, tropical fruit flavors, and round, creamy body with no burn. Vanilla, caramel, and molasses notes lend a sensual quality that reminded our tasters of barrel-aged rum, and the hint of citrus peel had us craving a reposed Old Fashioned.

With an aroma first reminiscent of vanilla milk, followed by lavender and lemongrass, Avon Anglo has a bright, lifting quality. Whereas other banjos lean hot or peppery, this one offers rich flavors of vanilla and oak, with a lip-smacking finish.

corralejo tequila gran anejo mexico cl
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For just a few extra dollars, you add notes of vanilla and oak, a body that’s lighter and silkier than most, and lush, fruity flavors with hints of white pepper. Bright gold in the glass, this tequila has aromas of ginger, orange, and tropical fruit.

A blanco-añejo hybrid, this spirit is aged 18 months in American white oak casks, then charcoal-filtered to remove its color. It pours crystal clear, but has okay aromas of butter cookie and warm sugar.

Lightly spicy on the palate, with notes of dried apricot and vanilla, this bottle is perfect for fancy poolside sipping. Vanilla cupcake aromas lead to sweet but not saccharine flavors, followed by a tingling, hot-sauce-like heat and a lingering, okay finish.

Agave, maple syrup, and oak aromas give way to bright orange and tangerine notes. It’s aged at least 22 months in barrels that once held Buffalo Trace whiskey, and it has notes of vanilla, oak, and bread, followed by a creamy finish.

It pours dark gold with aromas of caramel, maple syrup, and cream sherry. In a bottle that looks like it might hold a genie, this sparkling gold release has unusual and alluring notes of resinous pine and herbs.

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This luxury tequila aged in Bordeaux wine barrels feels almost cruel to include: It’s among the most delicious things we’ve ever tasted, yet it retails at a hefty cost, upwards of $450. It pours a deep amber color, with warm aromas of vanilla, oak, and stone fruit, like raisins and plums.

I don't have any pictures of drinks I made with this because it didn't last long, lol! First yes, the bottle is a beautiful shade of blue and some have turned it into a lamp once empty.

It goes down very smoothly unlike other tequilas & are perfect for shots. It goes down very smoothly unlike other tequilas & are perfect for shots.

Tastes great on its own, no need to mix in drinks to enjoy. Tastes great on its own, no need to mix in drinks to enjoy.

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Yummy yummy yummy, this is the BEST tequila, hard liquor in the WHOLE WORLD. Yummy yummy yummy, this is the BEST tequila, hard liquor in the WHOLE WORLD.

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