Best Corrales Restaurants

Daniel Brown
• Monday, 16 November, 2020
• 8 min read

YEARS Withdrew Business: Our mission is to open a few restaurants that take care of our guests in every way--treating them like guests in our home, making sure that they feel embraced by… The wait staff are very friendly and treat you like family.

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“I also ordered Chef Javi's Delicious Salad with the jalapeño ranch dressing and care Masada fries.” In 4 reviews. “They're the best in Albuquerque, in my opinion, and the green Chile sauce and beans are what make it great.” In 11 reviews.

905 36th Pl SE, Rio Rancho, NM “Sadly they don't have the 1/2 nachos on happy hour anymore ... used to be the best bargain around.” In 28 reviews.

10701 Corrals Rd NW, Ste 23, Albuquerque, NM “The fresh shrimp springs rolls, Kai UA, salmon delight, pineapple fried rice, and pad Thai are our go-to items on the menu.” In 2 reviews.

10250 Cottonwood Park NW, Albuquerque, NM “They have a small selection of beer, but I tried the agave wheat and mojito sour and both were very good!” In 10 reviews.

I got the veggie monster with the potatoes stew and my son got the BLT with homemade chips.” In 5 reviews. “Just moved from LA and have been on the hunt for a good Who place in ABQ.” In 5 reviews.

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4100 Southern Blvd SE, Rio Rancho, NM “The prime rib was tender, mashed potatoes were perfect (yes they were hot enough) and the veggies are yummy.” In 16 reviews.

3700 Ellison Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM “Place was clean, staff was friendly and the food and munchies were incredibly tasty.” In 3 reviews.

400 Gold Ave SW, Ste 119, Albuquerque, NM “I had a Beef and bean red smothered burrito and a Frito Pie, and my boyfriend had a Philly.” In 5 reviews.

4801 Central Ave NW, Albuquerque, NM “We tried the Fuel Burger, Masada quesadillas, Masada tacos, all pastor tacos, and french fries.” In 16 reviews.

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Reviewed October 22, 2018, I regularly take my mom to breakfast here on Saturdays. Our most recent breakfast for three was just under $50, which is expensive for Albuquerque, but portions are generous and delicious, coffee is great, and staff are friendly.

Reviewed October 22, 2018, great food, community atmosphere, a lot of people in line but went reasonably fast, nice service people Reviewed October 15, 2018, Flying Star in Corrals is reliably good food and friendly service.

Reviewed October 7, 2018, My son lives in Corrals and took us here. I loved it: friendly, cool atmosphere, great food with some original twists, and a gorgeous outdoor patio.

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They have so many healthy choices and such a nice variety of flavors! Reviewed September 11, 2018, We drove out of our way to eat at this particular Flying Star and don't regret it a bit.

We had the ranch breakfast with a mocha cinnamon coffee. Reviewed July 16, 2018, Per a recommendation, we drove out of our way for our first time ever to a Flying Star Café.

Reviewed June 2, 2018, My last visit to this café was very good, but the dinner last night was disappointing. Wine was fine, but the tacos were saturated with mayonnaise because they totally overdid coleslaw in them.

Reviewed May 31, 2018, via mobile This wasn't my first time here, so I was surprised and disappointed. I ordered a Cobb salad which tasted soggy and bland.

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