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Ideal for heavy weight curtains This type of track is always corded Can be ordered to bespoke sizes Ideal for bay windows Can be bent to your own measurements or our professional fitters will bend them as part of our fitting service.

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Fix the track to a wooden batten above the window frame, or to brickwork using long screws and raw plugs Ceiling fixing: Attach the track to ceiling joists or a wooden batten There is a wide range of curtain rails that are made for bay windows in the UK.

Another positive aspect about them is that they can be bent by hand to fit bay windows. These double curtain rails can also be easily bent to fit any size or type of bay windows.

Curtain rails for bay windows are also available with a wall or top fix brackets. Curtain Tracks for Bay Windows Ceiling Mounted can cause many issues if not designed properly.

If you go for the best curtain track gliders, you need not worry about buying heavy-duty curtains. Traditional Brass Certainties such as Genoa Italia are increasingly popular nowadays.

This shiny or Satin Brass finish reflects light all over the room. There is another collection of Neo Spun Brass Certainties that gives a subtle and warmer color to the room.

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All the swish curtain tracks like corded or uncorked, simple or deluxe offer huge savings. A curtain pole is the most important and great place to start when it comes to home decor.

DIY Curved Curtain Rods can be wonderful if you consider adding valances or draperies to your windows. Many companies produce various types of curved, flexible and rods.

Swish Minima Pack of Ten White Nylon Gliders Supply chains remain under strain and if delays occur due to possible late deliveries from suppliers we will notify you.

Designed to shield your indoor spaces from all light, blackout curtains are usually fashioned from dense fabric: think felt, velvet or suede. The only downside is that many are not made for machine washing, so it's up to good old-fashioned elbow grease to keep the tightly-woven fabric clean and allergen free.

Clean them by running a vacuum nozzle over them first, beforehand washing in a deep sink or bath with laundry detergent and letting them dry. Whether you have floor-length windows or smaller openings, measuring curtains properly is crucial to finding the right pair for your room.

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A twin pair of curtains in Irish designer Oral Kiel’s signature floral pattern, these drapes will infuse retro style into your living room or dining space. These unassuming pale pink curtains will hang innocently in the day, but come the evening, will block out any lingering light, so you can get a great night’s sleep.

Promising total blackout, this faux linen look curtain is ideal for anyone who doesn’t like the idea of dark drapes in their space. Made from an equal mix of cotton and polyester, they're fully lined to keep light from entering your sleep space while the eyelets are set wide apart to ensure the drape is soft and flowing.

With a pencil pleat drape, this chenille curtain instantly makes interiors appear more elegant, all while keeping light outside when it’s drawn. A pair of drapes finished with a leaf print design, this style looks light and airy when you’re awake but does a superb job of darkening rooms completely when you need to.

Unlike many other designs, you can sling these into a washing machine when they need a clean, making them easy to maintain. Dark blackout curtains can feel oppressive in a room with a lighter palette, but you can still achieve the no-light effect with drapes in a more cheerful tone.

Mood-lifting sage green is a perfect choice for living spaces, and this polyester curtain with pencil pleats does a superb job of blocking out exterior light when closed. Covered in an unusual watercolour-effect pattern, these pencil pleat curtains are backed by blackout lining to stop light from entering when you want to sleep.

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These yellow floral curtains are part of a complete Ashburn bedroom range, which means you can match them to your duvet covers and pillows. They’re fitted with high quality eyelets to make it easier to thread through a curtain pole and can be ironed or steamed pattern-side up for extra neatness.

This pair is covered in a fun cartoon construction design which makes them perfect for kids’ bedrooms: lively in the day, dark and comforting at lights out. Premiumtoplist is an Amazon Associate, and we may earn commission when you purchase through links on our site.

These features make it a smart move to upgrade your home. Made from durable plastic, you get a lot of versatility out of this top curtain rack.

These ABS plastic curtain tracks are easy to cut to size, and you can bend them to fit the window you want to cover. Everything about this top-rated curtain rack says durability and long-lasting quality.

Plus, the included drywall screws makes sure you get a secure and tight fit. When you need to cover a window, you go with the curtain track that provides the best flexibility.

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Plus, they are more flexible and easier to install if you have odd shaped windows. The ABS plastic used on this curtain track, allows you to bend them to fit or cut them to size without wasting a lot of time.

Also, these track can be used on U shaped or curved windows without a lot of hassle. The curtain hangers also glide easily and should not make any noise when doing so.

The plastic glides move effortlessly, so you do not get frustrated when trying to close your curtains. Then the flexible design provides you with options you would not have with metal curtain tracks.

This bendable curtain track can be cut to size easily and bend to fit the shape of your walls or ceiling. That makes fitting bay windows a lot simpler.

You get the screws, end stops and more to make sure your installation goes as smooth as your curtains move. With as slight bend in the corner you can add a little character to any room in your house.

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Plus, with over 15 feet of track to use, you can custom cut sections to match all the window designs your home has. Once that is done, you can attach your curtains and make no noise opening or closing them.

The curtain holders are made to move smoothly and quietly. This curtain rod will certainly help as its aluminum construction material is strong, long-lasting and looks good.

Plus, it installs quickly, so you do not have to miss out on the big game or your favorite show putting this track in its place. With all the hardware included in your purchase, you won't be searching around for the right screws, etc.

Optional hooks and other accessories make moving and hanging your curtains simple and easy. The curtain hooks slide gracefully into place, so you can get your privacy without any trouble.

That fact makes using this white curtain track worry free. On top of that, the aluminum construction material provides the durability and long lifetime you want in a curtain track.

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Then with the included end caps, you can use a hack saw to trim the curtain track to the right size. The end caps will stop the curtain hooks from falling to the floor when in use.

With 3 every foot, you get a smooth operation that has the opening and closing of your curtains more enjoyable. All the hardware included your installation should not take that long. Obtaining your privacy is now a simple and easy task to perform.

With this curtain track on the job, you can cover a window or divide a room in no time at all. The ball bearings inside make sure the noise level is minimal while not impeding the opening and closing of your curtain.

It is rare to find a color that will clash with this brown curtain track. With the ceiling mount brackets, you should not have any trouble finding the right location for this curtain track.

Plus, the bendable aluminum construction material allows you to attach this curtain track over a variety of window design situations. All the accessories you need for a clean installation and easy operation are included in your purchase.

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The track is light weight and strong for a long lifetime. All you need is your hand to make sure the curtains over your window open and close.

Measuring 3/4 by 1 3/16 inches in size, this curtain track will not be obvious nor an eyesore. Made from aluminum, this lightweight but strong curtain track can be cut to size and installed quickly.

The ball bearings inside make sure that the hooks slide quietly and efficiently. The lack of noise makes closing the curtains during someone’s favorite program better to do.

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