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Elaine Sutton
• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Here are my favorites to keep my saddle, bridle and boots looking (and smelling) their best. Sterling Essentials line of leather cleaner and conditioner has quickly risen to the top of my list.

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They keep my saddle free from mold, water damage and mildew. It’s made with lanolin, bee’s wax and caring oils, which gives tack a great shine and a moisture-repellent effect.

One $12.95, 12-ounce container of Leather Love lasts forever. It’s my go-to natural cleaner for on-the-spot jobs, say after a really sweaty ride or when I get caught in the rain during a hack.

It lives in my tack trunk full-time, and I use it around the barn and also at the shows, when my bridle could use just a little extra gleam before a flat class. It easily cuts through the thickest gunk and grime, leaving your saddle looking smooth and clean.

Here are my favorite tools for tack cleaning: The small, natural bristle brush. These are great for cleaning seams, removing hair, and working conditioner into the grooves of an embossed, heavily grained, or tooled leather.

This saddle, which has textured and grainy leather, does fine with a soft or hard brush. These sponges come in all shapes and sizes and are great for working your tack cleaner into your leather saddle and bridle.

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The rough side is great to remove that layer of tack goo” that can accumulate. I stumbled across this gem of a tack cleaning tool one day and thought it would be awesome to clean around buckles and around those totally annoying leather stoppers on reins.

New or slightly uses, it’s great for tight spaces, the bit, fancy brow bands, and around buckles. SHOP THIS ARTICLE: For some tack cleaning tools, you can pick some up here.

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The best tack cleaning products are an absolute godsend for a busy yard with plenty of tack to keep in tip-top condition. Leather needs regular care if it is going to be comfortable for the horse to wear as well as maximizing the tack’s useful life.

Cleaning tack also gives you the opportunity to check the stitching and the condition of the leather, so you can pick up on any weakness that might cause a problem when in use. Tack cleaning products range from washes to help remove dirt and sweat to conditioners to keep the leather soft and supple.

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The tack cleaning products in this group test were trialed by Rob Wine. Rob is a professional dressage rider and trainer based in Beaconsfield, Hearts, where he runs a successful livery and training yard for 17 horses.

The wash was effective at lifting dirt and the conditioner kept the leather supple. “The cleaner wasn’t too oily, was easy to use and soaked into leather well giving a nice result.

Tack Cleaning and Leather Care | Dover Saddlery Skip to Main ContentS kip to Footer Content You've spent time and money in selecting the best quality leather goods for you and your horse.

Just as your skin suffers abrasions and dryness from irritants like sweat and dirt, your leather does too. The key to tack longevity is the practice of daily leather cleaning after every ride.

The traditional method of leather care is to wipe dust and sweat from your tack immediately after use with a sponge or cloth that is barely moistened with cool water. Then rub a thin layer of glycerin soap on the leather to seal the pores and keep it soft but not sticky.

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Newer methods involve convenient and easy-to-use leather cleaning and conditioning products, a wide array of which exists on the market today. Always follow manufacturer's guidelines when considering commercial leather cleaners and conditioners.

Be sure to clean the parts of your tack that are under pressure during use or where sweat or saliva may collect. These areas include the curves near buckles where reins and cheek pieces attach to bit rings, all parts of girths, billet straps and the creases in stirrup leathers where irons rest.

The cleaning process is also a good time to check that stitching is tight and intact, and that the leather has not ripped or cracked. For tack that has been neglected over time or that is filthy, use warm water and a soft brush to remove collected grime.

Because warm water is extremely drying to leather, immediately follow it with a fine layer of glycerin soap or a leather conditioner, such as Level Conditioner. Cover stored tack in fabric or newspaper, so the leather can breathe rather than in plastic that does not allow air to circulate.

Be sure to check your unused equipment occasionally for mildew, and remember to condition it regularly to prevent it from drying out. Dried food particles on a bit are abrasive to your horse's mouth.

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Additionally, it is far easier to clean a bit on a regular basis rather than scrubbing off accumulated grime. Products on the market, such as Her Springer Diamond Paste or Nevr-Dull Wadding Polish, remove layers of tarnish.

Non-toxic, non-acidic and developed for use on mouthpieces and all types of metal, HS Diamond Paste helps prevent tarnish from recurring. You can soak smaller synthetic articles like nylon halters or neoprene splint boots in a gentle soap and warm water solution to loosen grime.

Stuck on dirt can sometimes be removed with a soft brush while the item is still wet. Rinse or hose thoroughly, and allow the items to dry naturally in the sun.

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