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The complex features 90 stalls, four walking rings for yearling inspection, two mechanical exercisers with observation facilities, a round pen for breaking and conditioning, spacious turn-out paddocks and a video paddock designed to enhance yearling video productions. The farm annually ranks among the industry’s leading consignors in yearling average, attesting to the quality of the horses Kentuckians breeds.

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Kentuckians has bred, raised or sold over 35 million dollar winning champions over the past 30 years. The stallions stand at farms in Kentucky, Indiana and Ontario, offering siring opportunities to suit every breeder.

We welcome visitors, both current customers and newcomers who may be interested in becoming a part of the harness racing industry. We offer boarding for year-round and seasonal mares, weaning care, racehorse turnout and sale preparation services.

From birth to auction, we strive to ensure that all horses maximize their sales potential and success on the track. You too and ahh over him, take tons of pictures, and show him off to your friends when they stop for a cup of coffee and a baby viewing.

Or, you could do what amateur owner Kelley Want did, and spend the next 12 months getting your yearling ready for the rest of his life. If your colt has made it to his first birthday still intact, now's a great time to make an appointment to have him castrated.

“It's the best thing I did,” says Kelley, who adds that J.R.'s coltish attitude changed almost immediately after the surgery. Young horses heal faster, too, making getting cut less stressful now than it would be later on in life.

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And, maybe, he's learned to give to pressure and follow you around on the lead rope without too much protest. Just remember, these early leading lessons are laying the foundation for tying, ponying, bridling and, more generally, behaving.

When you're working on leading, change directions a lot, stop, back and turn your yearling toward and away from you. And the straight, slow work conditioned J.R.'s body without putting unnecessary stress on his joints.

Taking walks also broadens a yearling's world, letting him see things outside the stable yard. On their walks, Kelley and J.R. saw birds, friendly dogs, cars, tractors, logs and litter.

“It also gave us a chance to work on ground manners and space, and I think he learned to trust me when he saw scary things, because there wasn't anyone else around to protect him,” she says. Just make sure you're experienced at ponying before you take a yearling as a Tagalog, and practice in an arena before heading out to open spaces.

Finding the right pony partner is important, too, because that horse becomes your yearling's security blanket. Usually, the little guys are happy to follow the big boys anywhere they want to go, which gives an inexperienced yearling confidence out on the trail.

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You'll come across hikers, motorcycles, bicycles, deer or elk, which to your yearling might as well be aliens. But, seeing scary things now, with the guidance of a good-old-guy pony horse, will make encounters easy later on when he's under saddle and on his own.

As you are brushing, get him used to your touch by gently rubbing his ears, stroking his face and lips, and running your hands on his flank and under his tail. “With J.R. being a Paint, I knew I'd be spending a lot of time cleaning him up,” Kelley says.

“I'd hook up the trailer and spend time letting him look in it and smell,” says Kelley. Instead, she could take her time, load him up and haul him for short rides, usually with an older horse as a buddy in the second slot of the trailer.

Send your yearling out to the end of the line, and incorporate longing into your in-hand trail training. He'll learn voice commands, too, including the all-important “whoa,” which will come in handy when he's under saddle.

• Let your youngster investigate new stuff at his own pace to avoid frightening him. • Babying can create bad habits, so treat your yearling like an adult horse.

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Tackle In-Hand Trail Obstacles Kelley showed J.R. anything that came to mind-tarps, bags, sprinklers, an exercise stability ball (“It wasn't getting any use anyway,” she says)-all of which prepared him for future trail classes and basically just got him used to seeing strange things. Trot around cones, figure eight around barrels, open mailboxes and carry bags full of noisy trash.

Do anything your yearling might find strange or curious, and give him time to mentally process what's in front of him. With patience on your part, your yearling will learn that there's no reason to be afraid of new things.

Curmudgeonly old geldings or strict broodmares are usually great etiquette teachers, as long as they aren't known kickers. Pinned ears, bared teeth and swishing tails go a long way in disciplining youngsters.

Living with older, more experienced horses will help your yearling discover his place in the pecking order. As you pick up his feet, set him up for success by making sure his weight is evenly distributed over all of his legs.

Consistently use a verbal cue, such as “hoof up,” and pretty soon you'll find that your yearling will pick up his feet on command. As you release his hoof, gently guide it to the ground, teaching him patience and that his hooves are handled on human terms, not his.

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With frequent traveling, he'll figure out that unloading in a new place is no big deal, focusing on you rather than his insecurities. Just remember, yearlings are susceptible to lots of different viruses, such as rhino and flu, so make sure he's in robust health and well vaccinated before taking him off your property.

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