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• Friday, 13 November, 2020
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You can display your deck railing patterns vertically or horizontally, use a number of materials, and choose from a variety of designs. For the traditionalist craving a more updated look, a wood and a cable wire combination deck railing is a perfect option, whereas a steel deck railing may be a great option for chic modern flare.

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For homeowners with a more modern home and looking for simplicity, an all-metal railing is a great addition to your deck. Woodleywonderworks Wrought iron offers a classic look with just enough touch of posh that homeowners seek.

Because of its high demand, most home improvement stores carry these kits for homeowners and most decking contractors can accomplish this style seamlessly. David Ce drone A closed deck railing is an option for those looking for more privacy and safety for small children or pets.

Often, homeowners choose to add design by incorporating a lattice pattern and to allow breeze to continue to flow through. This deck railing offers both the lattice pattern and the height for extra privacy.

Glass deck railings are great for those homes with ocean or forest views. The only downside is the cleaning, little hands and fingerprints, wet dog nose marks and dirt aren't for the faint of heart.

Jon Corvette / Getty Images For those on a budget and looking for a unique way to update your wood deck railings, lattice is commonly used by homeowners. Choosing the right deck railing material involves striking a balance between several factors.

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It’s easy to work with, enjoys excellent lasting power, and maintenance is minimal. Aluminum railing can also provide a fairly wide range of aesthetic customization options.

The versatility of aluminum means it can be flimsy enough to tear with your hands or sturdy enough to create buildings. Extruded aluminum is usually coated, adding a critical layer of environmental resistance.

Powder coating is an electrostatic painting process where the finish is baked on at a high temperature. Aluminum railings are available in a range of colors, the most common of which are black, white, and shades of brown.

This allows for greater design flexibility, combining classic and modern styles for a more striking appearance -- aluminum railing can truly set your project apart. Wood railing requires regular reapplications of chemical coatings to help slow down their inevitable destruction.

There is no clear winner in a head-to-head comparison of aluminum and low-maintenance composite deck railing options. The answer depends on factors like style, budget, how much maintenance you’re willing to endure, and even the regional circumstances where the material is being used.

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It’s not uncommon to see some vinyl railing products yellow and chalk a few years after installation. While style differences are, ultimately, a matter of taste, you often have to settle for white or light tan when selecting vinyl railing colors.

However, vinyl is subject to fluctuations in size in heat or cold, which can accelerate the aging of the material. Wood is subject to environmental damage that leads to rot, warping, and deterioration of the material due to temperature fluctuations and moisture.

You can only hope to slow down the damage to wood railings with paint, sealants and treatments, each requiring sanding and refinishing. Although wood has a lower upfront cost, it’s also high maintenance in terms of upkeep.

However, you have to weigh a variety of different concerns to find the right solution, from style considerations to cost. Fortunately, there are a handful of reliable brands that are emblematic of the key attributes you’re looking for in terms of a quality aluminum railing.

Tree railing components have all the strength of top quality aluminum, and they’re fairly simple to assemble. West bury has a fairly deep product line with mid- rails, various price points, and several post sizes to customize your look.

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As always, careful consideration and weighing of various factors can help you choose railings that will work well with your deck and give you years of enjoyment. Shop DecksDirect for railings that are not only attractive to show off to your neighbors, but safe for your friends and family.

This clean-lined, modern option features built-in rail lighting, creating a warm glow that adds a touch of luxury while illuminating your outdoor space. A charcoal deck railing with horizontal planks perfectly complements the striking architecture of this modern home.

Top your existing railing with flower boxes to add a verdant touch that unites your deck with the surrounding landscape. This staircase-style deck railing features an industrial-modern frame, complete with horizontal cedar planks for maximum privacy.

A washed gray deck is kicked up a notch with luxury glass balustrades, making it easy to enjoy the ocean views. Industrial-style rods are surrounded by a stacked wood railing, creating a modern appeal on this elevated deck.

A whimsical Soho outdoor space features quirky pops of color, with a turquoise railing to match the roof's wood beams. A contemporary lake house is elevated with a warm and rustic deck railing, complete with black hog wire.

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Metal railings are grounded by illuminated wooden pillars, creating a warm glow on this cozy deck space. A creative take on a traditional deck railing, this option features branch fencing that lends a rustic touch.

Simple from afar but striking up close, this uniquely fenced deck railing features a pale blue finish. A log cabin deck blends in with its surroundings, featuring a stained wood frame and medium-square hog wire fence.

This classic deck rail was built without a top board, creating a charming farmhouse vibe with a modern twist. A mix of horizontal wood paneling and a modern cable rail gives this deck a luxury appeal that will stand the test of time.

An arboreal green rail is finished with 'cracked ice' fencing, made from real branches and logs for a natural look. The sprawling views steal the show on this deck, with a simple plexiglass railing framed by a modern rock garden.

A curved railing brings a touch of whimsicality to this modern, orange wood deck. Make the most of your deck railing by installing a tabletop and hanging planter, like this modern wood-and-rope version.

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A custom deck features intuitive built-in seating, framed by white stone planters that serve as a rail. Add a modern touch and take up little visual real estate with a simple plexiglass rail option, framed by white wood.

A tropical oasis features a spacious deck with a stone and glass railing, which perfectly complements the Moroccan-inspired decor. Pale, unfinished wood extends from the base of this deck up to the storage-seating and rails, creating a cohesive and natural look.

A simple, frosted glass deck railing is completely transformed with the addition of this striking partition screen. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

It also provides a great place to set your coffee or cold beverage. Space between the pickets and below the bottom rail should not allow a 4" (102 mm) sphere to pass through.

Deck rail posts that are attached to the outer joists should have 2x blocking material at each post and hold-down anchors similar to the metal brackets shown in the diagram below. For complete details on 4×4 deck post attachment, refer to the Prescriptive Residential Wood Deck Construction Guide (link at the bottom of the page).

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There's no real trick to laying out the 2×4 rails for pickets, but there's a few things to keep in mind before you get started. First, you want the picket spacing on each end of the rail section to be equal.

They are both correct, but the option you choose depends on the width of the rail section between the 4×4 posts. Note: The Prescriptive Deck Guide shows the 2×4 rails attached to the inside face of the 4×4 posts, not between them.

Contact your local building code authorities for details in your area. Either way you attach your 2×4 railing, the picket layout concept is the same.

Measure between two of the 4×4 posts at the deck level (just in case the posts aren't perfectly plumb, this measurement will be more accurate) and cut both top and bottom 2×4 rails this length. This mark will be the location of the left edge of the first (center) picket.

The layout option (A or B) you choose depends on the space between the 4×4 posts. Attach the completed rail/picket assembly to the top inside faces of the two 4×4 posts using deck screws or 8d threaded nails.

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