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In order to help you plan your stay, I have prepared this list of the 20 best places to visit in Andalusia, with all must-see attractions and points of interest. In addition to this list of the best things to do, I will also give you all my best tips as well as detailed itineraries to visit Andalusia in 3 to 16 days.

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Whether you’re traveling with friends in the mood to party or looking for a romantic gateway, Seville is the perfect destination to have a good time and enjoy the sun. Inside you’ll find the tomb of Christopher Columbus, 45 panels representing the life of Christ and an impressive collection of art pieces.

The Giraldo: the top of the cathedral bell tower offers a 360° scenic view over the whole city. In this palace, you’ll see sumptuous rooms, patios and stunning gardens.

The Plaza de España: This auditorium-shaped square, with bridges spanning over a canal and azujelos-decorated benches is the most beautiful I’ve ever seen! The Maria Luisa park: located right next to the Plaza de España, it’s the ideal spot to walk around and get some fresh air.

In the past, this place has been the residence of catholic kings, the Inquisition headquarter and even a prison. Go for a walk in the Jewish quarter: don’t miss “la called DE leis Flores” (flowers’ street), the synagogue and San Bartolomé chapel.

This stunning palace and fortress complex is one of the most emblematic monuments of Islamic architecture. This UNESCO World Heritage Site is the most visited monument in Spain.

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San Nicolas mirror and San Miguel Alto mirror, for their stunning scenic view The Albania neighborhood to attend a street flamenco performance Granada cathedral and the Catholic Kings Museum The Sacramento neighborhood and its famous troglodyte houses, the “Cuevas”. This lovely small village is located on top of a hill, dominating the whole valley.

The main attraction there is the Puerto Nero (“New Bridge” in English), you’ll see it on every postcard! Ronda Arena Mon dragon Palace the bandit museum La Casa del Rey Moro (“House of the Moorish King” in English).

The most famous road of Andalusia will take you to the most beautiful villages and countryside spots. If all the houses are white, it’s for a good reason: it helps to keep their inside relatively cool during the hot Andalusian summers.

Azalea: for its 3 mirrors and their scenic view over the village and the Sierra de Grazalema Sahara de la Sierra: it’s one of the most typical and most beautiful White Villages, with remains of a castle and a breathtaking view over the turquoise lake below Stencil DE leis Bodegas: A very special Andalusian White village, most of the houses are troglodytes. Sierra de Grazalema natural park is a great place for hiking.

It’s located in Cadiz and Malaga provinces, close to Marcos and Sahara villages. Depending on your fitness level, your interest and also the time of the year (some hiking paths are closed in the summer because of fire hazard).

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For more information, there are 3 visitor centers located in El Bosque, Sahara de la Sierra and Unique. The path is in the shade, and you can also take advantage of the nearby river to freshen up.

Located in El Churro gorge, it was once used to transport equipment for the 2 neighboring hydroelectric power stations. It was made of simple wooden pontoons directly fixed on the cliffs with no guardrail.

Nowadays, it’s totally safe to hike on this path located 100 meters above the ground, but it’s still very impressive. If it makes you feel safer, you can always choose to do a guided hike in the Camino.

I actually loved this less touristic city, where you don’t have to wait forever under the sun to get inside the monuments. Cadiz cathedral go to the top of the bell tower to enjoy a scenic view over the city San Sebastián castle and Santa Catalina castle, both located next to the sea La Cal eta beach to take a dip.

San Sebastián Castle, in Cadiz Donna national park is the perfect destination to take a break from historical monuments visits and enjoy a bit of nature. Located in Huelva province, the park is about 1 hour driving from Seville and 50 min from Cadiz.

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It’s definitely a great place to observe wildlife: if you’re lucky, you can see flamingos, deer, birds and maybe even an Iberian lynx, an endangered species. You’ll find more information about available itineraries in one of the visitor centers located in Madagascans (Huelva), Villamanrique de la Contest (Seville) or in Singular de Barrameda (Cadiz).

This high-end seaside resort located in the Costa Del Sol has everything you dream for: 27 km of beaches, many prestigious villas, luxury stores, coffee shops and fancy nightclubs! During summer, celebrities from all over the world stop by Marbella to enjoy the beaches and nightlife.

If you’re not interested in all this glitz and glamour, there is also a lovely historic center with flowery houses in Marbella. Marbella, home of luxury and glitz If you’ve been to all major cities in the region and are looking for another place to visit in Andalusia, head to Jerez de la Frontera.

More than 20 wineries and cellars are located in the city, and some of them offer guided tours with wine tastings. The most famous tourist attraction is Jerez is the show of the Royal Andalusian School of Equestrian Art.

Jerez de la Frontera Wondering about the best things to do in Andalusia with children? If you’re in Andalusia on family vacation, you should go on a day trip to Era caves.

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Don’t forget to wear comfortable shoes and a jacket: it’s always cold in caves, even during summer! It’s never too hot in this mountainous region (even in the summer) and above all, you will discover a wilder and less touristic side of Andalusia.

You’ve guessed it, the Sierra Nevada is an amazing place to hike in the mountain. The Rock of Gibraltar Cab ode Data Natural Park is the largest coast and land protected area of all the Mediterranean region.

Hiking on one of the many marked paths Scuba diving Go on a boat tour Take a dip at one of the world-famous beaches of Cab ode Data, such as Las Salinas or Los Puerto Birdwatching (mainly flamingos) in the salt pans Explore the small fishermen villages of Las Negros or San José Cab ode Data natural park Located North of Almeria, Taverns desert is the largest arid desert in Europe.

It’s a famous place in Andalusia because much Spaghetti Western movies had been filmed there, such as The Good, the Bad and the Ugly or “A fistful of dollars”. It was one of the villages built to serve as a set for an American Western movie, and it was kept as is afterwards.

This art was born here during the 17th century, and is still today a very important part of Andalusia ’s culture and history. Coming from the gypsy culture, Flamenco is a mix of 3 arts: singing, dancing and guitar.

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The show at the Muse del Bailey Flamenco is also very good and pretty affordable! In Granada, the best Flamenco shows are taking places in the Cuevas” of the traditional Sacramento neighborhood.

In Córdoba as well, you can see an excellent show in a beautiful building at the Flamenco Cardinal” tabla. Today, Flamenco is considered one of the main tourist attractions in Andalusia.

From classic recipes to more unique ones, tapas are a real staple of Andalusian cuisine. Some classic tapas are the Russian salad (potatoes, tuna and corn), croquet as and tortillas.

Having lived in Andalusia for almost four years I have managed to visit a few places in this very southern region of Spain. When deciding about places to visit in Andalusia, it’s up to someone’s individual taste to choose from a range of bigger or smaller destinations.

Do you fancy party beaches, secluded shores, family vacations, historical towns or silent nature parks? Andalusia, the very southern region of Kingdom of Spain has more than 87 square kilometers and 8 million inhabitants.

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Marbella & Puerto Bands Torremolinos Benalmadena Fuengirola Midas Estonia Era The fanciest and poshest area of the Costa del Sol and also Andalusia itself is located less than an hour on the west from Malaga.

This paradise for the richest Europeans is packed with expensive shops, late-night beach clubs, haute cuisine restaurants, golf courts and beautifully decorated holiday apartments. This once poor and isolated place has turned into one of the fanciest coastlines in the whole of Europe within just 15 or 20 years.

I do not fancy top styled size zero ladies and protein kings with tanned torsos (that’s the common clientele of Marbella’s clubs) either. Head off to the northwest, to find a charming, turquoise water lake called Lag ode las Tortuga's.

Playa Del Crisco in Estonia, popular tourist destination which retains an authentic Spanish charm thanks to its picturesque old town. Briana beach in Era, a small cozy town with incredible views and purple sunsets.

Andalusia, like other southern parts of Spain, has been occupied by dozens of ethnic groups and nations. One of the strongest influences comes from the Arabs who invaded Iberia in the Middle Ages and completely changed Hispanic culture and architecture.

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Granada and its medieval complex of Moorish castles at Alhambra represent the peak of Arabic culture in Spain. It is said there used to be more than a million people living in what is now the center of Arabic history in Andalusia.

No wonder it’s the only city in the world to have four cultural heritage sites: Mesquita Mosque and Cathedral ; the Historic City Center; the Córdoba Patios and the palace town of Medina Sahara. Cadiz, the oldest inhabited city in Europe, used to be one of the most important ports in the whole world.

Antique is another Andalusia destination which is old enough to tell some pretty cool historical stories! Although settled in medieval times, there are also Bronze Age and Roman ruins to be admired.

Did you know that ‘Once Upon a Time in the West’, ‘Indiana Jones’ and ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ were all shot on location there? Most of the local houses were built in white which makes the villages and towns out there look clean, innocent and friendly.

El Palmer is a small coastal town and its main beach is vibrant, energetic and packed with water sport lovers and relaxing people. Rural places in this Southern part of Spain are beautifully charming.

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The houses are usually painted in white colors (so-called Pueblos Blanco) and the villages themselves were most of the time built on a hill or on a piece of a rock. This makes them visible from far away and gives them the uniqueness of being photogenic from the outside and at the same time having a jaw-dropping view from inside the town.

I’ll cover these in special articles about rural Andalusian villages and towns. The real beauty of Andalusia is hidden in the unique nature and stunning landscape which changes behind every corner of the country.

You can find high mountains with snowy peaks just a few kilometers away from one of the busiest and hottest beaches in the whole of Spain! The choice between the busy beach resorts on Costa del Sol & Costa del Luz, the historical heritage cities, secluded natural parks or white Pueblos Blanco is on you.

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