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David Lawrence
• Thursday, 17 December, 2020
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Clever canine parents keep a variety of items stored in a dedicated dog backpack or satchel. While ferrying your dog ’s treats and water bottle isn’t like dragging around a bag full of bowling balls, it is a pain in the butt.

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With a hefty helping of supplies like these, the idea of having your dog pull his fair share will likely sound appealing. High-quality dog saddlebags are made with materials resilient enough to withstand some wear and tear, but they also feature padded straps and contact points engineered to be as comfortable as possible.

High-end dog backpacks also feature rugged clasps, buckles, zippers and snaps, rather than cheaply made connectors and hardware. Generally speaking, this means opting for dog saddlebags without any bells and whistles; instead, you want the manufacturer spending money on things like quality materials and craftsmanship.

Accordingly, it can be helpful to consider the basic design of the saddle pack, with an eye toward selecting one that provides plenty of snug body contact. Putting too much weight on his hips, back and shoulders can lead to overexertion and health problems, so use discretion when adding stuff to his dog saddle bag.

Check out this handy image guide from Outward Hound, showing how to measure various parts of your dog ’s body to ensure his pack fits: As always, discuss the issue with your vet and err on the side of caution to ensure your pup’s continued good health.

Plus, the padded tubular handle is ideal for helping your dog up rocky areas that he might need a hand navigating. Owners were very impressed with the durability of this Mountain smith K-9 pack, noting that the quality padding prevented sores or chaffing.

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Hikers comment that the level of adjustment makes this pack the best, with many noting that this was one of the few dog backpacks that stays secure and does not slide around. One owner noted that their Golden doodle’s curly hair got a bit matted after a long day of hiking, but this wasn’t often cited as an issue and is likely a problem with any dog saddlebag.

A few owners had some trouble with the sizing, as dogs with larger or smaller chests had a difficult time being properly fitted. About : The Life union DogS addle Bag is a simple and effective pack that features two large side pockets and a handy carrying handle.

Fun color scheme with reflective accents for safety The breathable mesh harness helps ensure a comfortable fit Metal D-ring leash attachment Four expandable pockets provide plenty of room for your dog ’s stuff Some owners experienced size- and fit-related problems, so be sure that you measure your dog ’s body carefully to select the proper size.

But we do wish she would have had something on her to carry her poop bags, a ball or two, her water bottle, and her snacks and treats. There’s an old picture of my childhood German shepherd, Clancy, sitting next to a waterfall with a yellow Eddie Bauer saddlebag on her back.

She wore it on a three-day backpacking adventure with my dad and younger sister, carrying all her own food and water and dishes. My parents still have the saddlebag, but it’s no longer available for purchase since it was at least ten years ago that we bought it.

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It’s impressive, and while it’s not something that’s currently feasible for me, I admire their commitment to spending time in nature. If you’re like my friends and love to go for huge adventures nearly every week, you need a dog saddle bag that can stand up to your explorations.

Suffer offers you the Approach Pack, which costs a pretty penny but is worth every cent to those who use it for camping, backpacking, or intense hiking trips. The bag comes in two bright, easily visible colors: Orange Poppy and Meadow Green.

But either one is an excellent choice, depending on your preference and your dog ’s tendency to wander. And if you have a smaller dog to bring along, you can even fit him into a pocket when he gets tired, as long as you make sure to counterbalance the other side of the pack.

If your dog has never worn a pack, don’t immediately weigh this one down with stuff, though: you might want to start out with a few items and gradually work up to a full load so that your dog gets accustomed to carrying a saddlebag. If you’re like me and prefer to do shorter day hikes and walks instead of intense adventures, you don’t need to spend a ton on an expensive pack.

The light blue color is easy to spot in a green area (like our backyard, pictured above!). The padded handle is easy to grip in a tough hiking situation.

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That sheep from Outward Hound is pretty bulky, but it fit inside the expandable pocket just fine. We went for a short walk together with the pack and my car keys in the other side pocket of the dog saddle bag to balance the weight of the sheep.

Make sure you always balance the two sides of the saddlebag so that your dog isn’t uncomfortably weighted in one direction. Era, looking pretty and proud while carrying her Outward Hound PayPal dog saddle bag.

It comes in green if you prefer that color, and in sizes small, medium, and large. If your dog loves running through brush-lined creeks, climbing up Rocky Mountains, and rolling through densely scrubbed hillsides, this is the pack for you.

If you have a toy or teacup dog who likes to join you on short adventures and loves having a job to do, don’t worry! The two little dogs are often desperately energetic on their daily walks around the neighborhood, and carrying a pack for their poop bags and treats would help them slow down and focus.

Are you concerned about the food and treats and first-aid supplies inside your dog ’s saddlebag getting wet? It features waterproof oxford material and SBS reversed coil zippers to keep water out of your supplies.

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Taking your pup out for an action-packed weekend sounds like all fun and games until you think about carrying his water and bowl around for him all day! Opting for a smaller bag to start with is always a good idea, as it allows your dog time to become accustomed to carrying a load.

Choose a dog saddle bag that is an appropriate style for your dog breed and their abilities. But, for such rugged terrain, you’re going to need something that can stand up to all conditions thrown at it and a waterproof bag should be priority number one.

Comfort: Finding a dog saddle bag that offers the space to carry everything is great. An uncomfortable bag will not only make your adventures less enjoyable for your canine pal, but it could even cause pain or injury.

A dog saddle bag with lots of padding and a built-in leash attachment can be especially comfortable for your dog to carry. Your first priority for choosing a dog saddle bag is making sure that it will fit your dog.

Bags with plenty of padding, designed to conform to the curves of your dog ’s body, will usually be far more comfortable to carry for your pooch. Urban-style dog saddlebags are for city dwellers who are looking for something with a small amount of storage and plenty of wow.

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Weight: 13oz Removable Pouches: No Waterproof: Water Resistant Leash Attachment Points: Yes, V-ring Sizes: Medium, Large This is a great saddlebag option for dogs who like to do their sniffing and tail wagging in an urban setting.

Hiking or Running packs are for the active dog owner who likes to stay busy. This saddlebag is for dogs what the water bottle holder is for cyclists: a convenient way to stay hydrated while exercising, without being held back by weight.

You know how your little furry friend can always tell when it’s time for a walk, whether it’s when you reach for the leash or just make a specific noise? The Outward Hound PayPal has four pockets, which is great for keeping you and your dog ’s belongings neatly organized while on the go.

Having a good saddlebag makes it easy to bring your pooch anywhere you go, and Ruff wear Approach Dog Backpack is a great option. This bag was made for adventures: it’s lightweight, comfortable, and you can fit a lot into its zip pockets.

There are some mini zip pockets too, for all the smaller things, like hand sanitizer. The material is made to last and you can attach your leash directly to the bag and adjust it so that it fits your pooch perfectly.

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Weight: 1.12lbs Removable Pouches: No Waterproof: No Leash Attachment Points: Yes, D-Ring Sizes: Small, Medium, Large If your pooch is up for carrying some of his stuff himself, the Cargo Baxter Dog Backpack will make life easier for the both of you, you can put everything you need in the adjustable, weight-forward zip pockets.

This saddlebag comes in two sizes, but the straps that are holding it in place are adjustable, so it can fit most dogs. It also has a handle, which is very convenient should your fur baby be a little too eager to play with that giant, not-so-friendly-looking dog that you run into on the hiking trail.

A discreet poop carrying method: We all know that feeling of setting off on a walk and having your dog do his business right away. You’re then forced to carry a steaming bag of poop for the rest of your “romantic stroll” with your partner.

The minimum age for a dog to wear a backpack while carrying things inside it is one year. For puppies under that age, you can begin to train them to wear the backpack, but no items should be placed in the pack, as their musculoskeletal structure is still growing, and excess weight during this period could be detrimental.

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