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Ava Flores
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Most of our draft horse western saddles have a 9-inch gullet width. When you are contemplating which horse saddle to buy, it is important to look beyond a saddle that looks good or fits well; it is good to select a saddle that will serve both you and your buddy.

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As much as we try to care for our horses as good as we can, it can prove quite daunting to know you had things wrong all along. In regard to horse saddles, these are items that serve several purposes, but not limited to; acting as a supportive structure for either the rider or loads, acting as a cushion for the horse thereby reducing the force or strain on the back of the horse and finally, acting for the balance for the rider.

As important as having a horse saddle is, there are certain things that can lead to damages to both the horse and rider as a result of common mistakes. Panel problems is another complication that can cause extreme discomfort to the horse.

The Accrues Beautiful Western Pleasure Trail Barrel Racing Show HorseS addle is a perfect fit for your horse. It comes in the following colors: Blue, Red, Pink, Black, Green, Purple and Brown the soft padded seat makes the saddle extremely comfortable and suitable for long rides without any hassle.

The Tahoe Tack Basket Weave Synthetic Western Saddle product focuses on style as well as comfort. The Tahoe Tack Basket Weave Synthetic Western Saddle was designed not to cause discomfort for the horse as well as the rider.

Asides from providing comfort to the back of the horse and the butt of the rider, the Tahoe Tack Basket Weave Synthetic Western Saddle is really affordable. The Accrues Premium Brown Leather English All Purpose Close Contact Jumping HorseS addle is an all-purpose saddle which allows the rider a variety of choices.

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This saddle helps you as the rider maintain a balanced and secure hold with soft knee rolls, padded flaps, and a medium-deep soft padded seat. I found it to be a well-built saddle and by the way, It looked better in real life than it did in images.

The padded panels make it comfortable for the horse with no added risk. The high castle and longer flaps makes the saddle also suitable for flat work.

In addition to this, the saddle also offers a lower pommel and slightly forward flaps for the exhilarating moments where I jumped with my horse. The Accrues Western Cordoba pleasure trail all-purpose show horse saddle is designed for a range of horses both big and small therefore there is little to no issue with this design as it caters to almost all needs.

I found the saddle focuses on the needs of both rider and horse. The following; deeper seat, high castle, longer flaps, and padded knee rolls, I found, allows royal comfort ability.

Asides being comfortable, the saddle is designed in such a way that it allows the rider to seat securely for a variety of the English disciplines. The front of the saddle is designed to fit a wide range of horses.

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This saddle features a deep, very well padded seat that offers comfort and support on my lower back. The thick padded seat gives both rider and horse comfort.

The pressure on my horse is reduced thereby preventing any form of back pain or stress on the horse while simultaneously preventing swellings and potential injury to the rider. Comfort, lightweight, perfect fit and well-balanced are essentials of a good saddle, however, I find that aesthetic beauty is definitely something I would also recommend and that is where the Accrues 15” 16” 17” 18” Roping Western Leather Tooled RANCHING Pleasure HorseS addle becomes to go to saddle.

The beautiful chestnut colored leather is accented with hand carved basket weave tooling that gives this saddle a classic look. This is a fun and exciting change for riders looking to mix things up.

I was worried it would not be as comfortable based on its price but when I used it, it was the complete opposite. The suede seat is well-padded and features a decorative quilt stitched pattern to aid in grip while riding.

The saddle also includes a free matching headstall, rein and breast collar. For those who are not too particular and fussy about the look and decorative aspect of a saddle but are more focused on functionality then the Mustang Soft Ride Saddle made by Mustang is exactly what you are looking for.

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It gives the rider better balance whether in the pasture or on the trail, thereby a saddle to consider especially for beginners or learners. It has the perfect combination of a soft shock-absorbing bareback pad with the added comfort of a form-fitted seat.

The saddle does not only serve the purpose to visually stimulate, but it also has a well-padded underside which cushions and reduces the pressure on the back of the horse whether on long rides or short rides. The seats are absolutely comfortable and help my posture as well as cater for the need of my horse.

A definite recommendation if you are looking for something with a little of feminine touch as well as comfort ability and functionality. It allows close contact with no pressure or pain for both horse and rider.

These are my recommendation however, I should note that at the end of day, each individual is different. My goal is to provide the best possible fit for both horse and rider whether it is a saddle you already own, one you have on trial, or one that I carry.

Though my own experiences and extensive education, I know how important the saddle is to your horse's happiness and your ability to ride them correctly. I just moved back home to the Midwest and will be covering Iowa, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Kansas and Missouri.

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“Your average horse ’s withers will involve the fourth through 10th thoracic vertebrae,” says Joyce Herman, DVD, MR CVS. Nevertheless, it is the individual conformation differences in the neck, back, and shoulder areas of each horse that gives rise–or possibly no rise–to the shape of his withers.

And because of the various sizes and shapes withers can take, they have always been one of the biggest challenges in fitting the saddle to the horse. Now in his prime, he exhibits a wider back with more fully developed muscles along the withers and into the shoulder.

Horses that are put into serious competition or work might start out heavier and wider while they are out of condition, but by mid-season they will have lost some fat in the towline and added muscle in the shoulder area. In a long competitive season, the horse will probably get thinner and narrower across the back and withers due to the workload.

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Depending on the availability of foodstuffs, the horse ’s withers will round out or thin to some extent as he gains or loses weight. In this position, the saddle bars or panels should rest 2 1/2-3 inches behind the horse ’s shoulder blades.

Check the clearance again after mounting, then once again a few minutes into the ride to be sure the saddle has not settled against the withers. In addition, always pull the blanket or pad up into the gullet of the saddle during saddling so that it doesn’t pull tight across the horse ’s withers, creating pressure that causes bruising and soreness.

However, it is the extreme stature of the withers at either end of the range that will give rise to most of your saddle -fit frustrations. If you ride English, you might want to purchase a cut-back saddle designed to protect high withers.

Often encountered in Thoroughbreds, Tennessee Walkers, and Saddlebags, long withers can lead to hidden pressure points that require an actual hand search to locate. If there is contact between the saddle and withers, there will be dark or worn spots near the midline of the pad.

Physical indications of a current problem are damaged hairs or a hairless spot on the withers. White hairs or a scarred area reveals a past injury from an ill-fitting saddle.

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As continued pressure sores the muscles, the horse becomes reluctant to turn in tight circles and will be unwilling to lift his back, notes Herman. When a belly lift is executed, you’ll notice that the horse ’s back will rise and the withers flatten, thus improving saddle fit.

In her book The Horse ’s Pain-Free Back and Saddle Fit Book, Herman explains that with a regular exercise program using belly lifts, you can re-establish muscle tone in the horse ’s abdomen and alleviate this problem. Flat withers– A vast, round back often accompanies the minimally withered horse ’s conformation.

Quarter Horses, Morgans, and pony breeds are commonly seen with this build, as well as Frisians, draft crosses, and mules. However, overweight horses of any breed can develop enough fat across the back and withers to exhibit this trait.

The good news is some lower-priced brands of saddles tend to stock a better selection of the wider models. As you would expect, the wide-backed, flat-withered body type allows the saddle to slip to one side or the other if the rider’s weight isn’t distributed evenly at all times.

Some riders attempt to prevent the saddle from slipping by over-tightening the girth, although this only accomplishes discomfort for the horse and does not improve stability. A breast collar and breaching will also keep the saddle from slipping too far to one side or the other should your weight become unbalanced in the stirrups.

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The Stabilizer is a strap that is attached to the saddle and anchors around the horse ’s off front leg. Avoid using thick pads on these horses since they will in effect narrow the tree fit, creating pressure on the withers and reducing saddle stability.

Single-thickness synthetic fleece pads won’t interfere with saddle fit and are durable. Your local tack shop might have other light pads made of non-slip material that will equally improve saddle stability.

Even with careful attention to correct saddle fit, your horse can experience discomfort. When a horse is properly doing a belly lift, “His stomach muscles will contract, his back muscles will relax and soften, his back will rise, and his neck will drop and stretch forward,” says Joyce Herman, DVD, MR CVS.

Apply firm pressure with your fingertips or fingernails, or scratch lightly back and forth until the horse elevates his withers, says Kevin Hassle, DVD, PhD, DC. For a second belly lift, stand to the side of your horse ’s back leg or thigh.

If your horse kicks, bites, swishes his tail, or stomps his foot when asked to do a belly lift, Herman says he could be in pain and might need veterinary treatment. If your horse is pain-free, but disagreeable, Herman suggests offering him a treat every time he does a belly lift.

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