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David Lawrence
• Thursday, 05 November, 2020
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Here are several reasons why Double D Trailers is a great option for large breed horses: A typical slant load trailer from another manufacturer likely will not work well for your larger breed horse.

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Most brands follow a ‘one-size-fits-all’ philosophy that only works for horses that are around 15.2-15.3 hands and weigh 1,100 lbs. Since we build custom horse trailers, each Double D Trailer is specifically designed to fit your individual animals.

She thought “the design was brilliant” and loved how the rear tack area swung out like a second door. Another advantage with the Attack storage compartment is that it allows for a wide open entryway for loading and unloading.

In addition, this feature allows the handler more room to safely maneuver around their animal with less chance of being pinned against a wall. The Attack slant load horse trailers work well for owners who like to walk their large horses forwards off the trailer.

With this configuration, you can walk your horses on from the back door and then forwards off the side ramp. Anne told us, “I can walk both of them in the back, turn them around without any issues and secure them inside.

As we mentioned already, the entire width and height of your Double D Trailer can be customized to fit your larger horses. When asked about her buying experience, Anne admitted that she had been nervous at first about her horses fitting.

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“I must have asked Brad three times, ‘Are you sure my big horses will fit?’ The design measurements seemed to make sense but I still had concerns. With the Attack slant load horse trailer, you have the option to choose a forward or rear facing design.

The interior is bright and airy with large windows, tubular head dividers, and overhead air vents. The floors are constructed with treated lumber or synthetic Number material to minimize heat and vibration from the road.

The walls and roofs on the trailers are insulated to maintain a comfortable interior temperature. Anne told us of her horses, “The trailer is so bright and roomy when the ramps are down and the doors are all open.

If you have questions about how a Double D Trailer will work for your large breed horses, please contact Brad directly. And if you are wondering what the best horse trailer brands are, let me show you some suggestions with top 10 manufacturers in this article.

Many horse owners opt for Sun downer trailers because of their high quality. Sun downer provides different types and styles of horse trailers.

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If you are finding stock trailers in both gooseneck and bumper pull, congratulations! Durability and safety are universal reviews about Maverick trailers.

Both interior and exterior features of Feather lite trailers will make you feel amazing. Almost all their trailers are made with aluminum (including skin and frame).

If you are planning to buy a horse trailer, Feather lite is worthy of considering carefully. Exist, like Feather lite, is a part of Universal Trailer Corporation.

The manufacturers of Exist has more than 30 years of experience, which make sure that you will be satisfied with their products. No matter how the horse trailer you need is, you can find an Exist suitable one.

The slogan of Exist Trailer is “Transport your animals in comfort and safety”, and surely, it is also the wish of horse owners. With over 30 years of experience, the goal of Trails West is providing the safe and top-quality horse trailers to their customers.

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They make sure that each trailer will be upgraded to higher quality in design, features, and options. Established in 1955, Method is a familiar horse trailer brands to equine enthusiasts in North America.

If you are finding a good bumper tower or 5th wheel horse trailer, we highly recommend Hawk to you. Their priority is manufacturing the perfect horse trailers which horse owners can afford.

To Cimarron Trailer, their success comes from the satisfaction of customers as well as the beloved horses. They are always ready to reflect themselves and receive feedback of dealers to improve their horse trailers.

Logan has a big collection of different types and styles of horse trailers. The horse trailers of Logan have a strong frame, rubber floor, adjustable saddle racks, and several benefits.

High quality is the reason why Logan Coach is in the list of the best horse trailer brands. In this article, I will introduce some popular types of horse trailers which most horse owners should know.

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If you want to carry fewer than 3 horses, bumper tower or tag-along trailers should be taken into consideration. All you need to do is hitching the coupler in front of your horse trailer to the bumper of your vehicle.

A reasonable price is also a strong point of this type of horse trailer. When towing more than 3 horses, equine enthusiasts will choose gooseneck trailers.

Compared with bumper tower horse trailers, goosenecks are safer and more stable to drive. There is an area for tacks and saddle racks (in some cases) in front of goosenecks.

Like other types, at the rear of living quarter horse trailers, there is a room for your horses and gear. Also, you can stay in your vehicle where bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen are equipped fully.

Because of its advantage, you need to pay a high price to own a living quarter horse trailer. If you are aware of some common types of horse trailers, let me show you several helpful suggestions to have an ideal trailer.

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Also, they require a suitable trailer which horse can spread and stretch out their legs. Carbon monoxide, as well as gases from urine and manure, is harmful to your animals.

Additionally, when your trailer doesn’t move rapidly enough, the inside temperature can get higher 20 degrees Fahrenheit than outside. There is no doubt that horse owners always care for safety problems, especially during traveling.

A good ramp which is low, non-slip and stable will helps your horses slip more easily. When choosing a horse trailer, you should check to verify that the brakes and lights are working.

So, to help you solve this difficulty, let me show you my favorite horse trailer brands. Insurance can help you not only cover legal responsibility for damage but also protect your trailer against theft.

You can find out the information about weight a specific two horse trailer can carry on the internet. Normally, a bumper pulls 2 horse trailer without a dress can carry about 2400 lbs.

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In this article, I mentioned the basic knowledge about horse trailers, several helpful tips for buying a suitable vehicle, the best horse trailer brands and some questions you might have.

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