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No portion of this site may be reproduced or copied without the express written consent of Drafts For Sale L.L.C. Very few homesteads use actual “horsepower” on their farms these days, preferring instead to rely on mechanized power.

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Here are some best draft horses to consider, the top breeds for your homestead, and all the major reasons why you should get started with this old-fashioned skill. They are perfect when it comes to tilling and plowing, as well as pulling carts, logs and tractors stuck in mud.

Draft horses are ideal for people who want to log the forest or till the field without completely tearing it up and compacting the soil. Because horses have better weight distribution than heavy machinery, they can work more efficiently and with less long term impact on the land.

Plus, draft horses are more nimble than these pieces of equipment, allowing you to work in harder-to-reach or muddy areas without getting stuck. Depending on how many draft horses you have and how you intend to work with them, you could also use them as an additional income stream.

Gentle giants, they are the perfect breed to build confidence in young learner riders. Bred specifically for farm work, this horse has a gorgeous cream coat and amber-colored eyes.

Belgian draft horses, as the name suggests, originated in Belgium. A chestnut-colored horse with a white mane and tale, the Belgian measures up to 17 hands and weighs roughly a ton.

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They are usually bay colored with notable white feathering, but can also be brown, black, roan, and chestnut. A French draft horse, the Percheron is native to La Perch, just southeast of Normandy.

A large horse, it is usually black or a beautiful dapple gray but other colors can be found, too. Due to their slimmer size than other Draft Horses, they are still an excellent option to use on a farm.

A black horse with white markings, the Shire is becoming more popular on the farm as well as in the show arena. Yet despite their size and stature, has a wonderful temperament and grabs attention everywhere they go, plus they make a beautiful tourist attraction when used to pull wagons.

First imported from Great Britain in the 1880s, this horse is unfortunately listed as critically threatened by the American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Bred in Europe after World War II, Brabant is a thick-bodied Belgian with heavy leg feathering.

With their striking black color, high-stepping action, and flowing wave manes and feathers, this is a useful horse to have around the homestead. They are sturdy and eager to please and are frequently used in show competitions for umping, far work, and endurance.

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A typical Harbinger will stand about 15 hands tall and weigh roughly 1,000 lbs, making it one of the smaller draft horse breeds. The minimum daily caloric requirement for one of these creatures is at least 10,000 calories for every 1,000 lbs of body fat.

Knowing how to care for a draft horse depends largely on each breed’s individual needs. Some medical issues are specific to draft horses, such as Equine Polysaccharide Storage Myopathy.

This condition causes the muscle fiber to atrophy as a result of the body’s inability to metabolize starches. It’s best to exercise caution in the beginning, too, particularly if you are working with a young or inexperienced team.

Watch out for the potential health issues that your breed is prone to, and inspect your animals daily for signs of injury or illness. Draft horses also have a more difficult time controlling their own body temperatures during the hot summer months.

Make sure you have a shady area on your property, either in the barn or the pasture, where they can cool off. Always carefully inspect the hooves of your horses before bringing them home, as this will give you an idea of their overall health.

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No portion of this site may be reproduced or copied without the express written consent of Drafts For Sale L.L.C. They are generally reared to perform laborious tasks such as sloughing, harnessing, and other farm work.

Horses have better weight distribution than heavy machinery, so they can work more efficiently in fields. They have a long and lean head and large eyes that add to their beauty.

This horse breed is known for its heavy body, short but strong legs, and thick muscles. It is a breed of horse developed and now mostly found in Austria and northern Italy.

They are small, and mostly have a chestnut color with flaxen mane and tail. These horses have thick muscles but are elegant and very energetic.

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They are commonly used for hauling heavy loads and as a means of transportation, as they are sturdy, all-purpose horses. They have a muscular build with a broad, flat forehead and small, upright ears.

Percheron's can be good horses for beginner riders because of their docile natures. They have a sweet, tolerant, and easygoing nature that makes them popular with inexperienced horse owners.

One of the most graceful animals in the world, The Frisian horse is a breed from Friesland in the Netherlands. These horses have a thick mane and tail, and feathery hair on lower legs.

Frisian horses are very versatile and can be used in riding for pleasure and in competitions. They are a rare and beautiful breed and have a gentle but elegant nature.

They are found in many European countries as well as in North and South America. When they were initially reared, they were originally one of the smaller breeds of draft horses.

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Today, they are especially popular for crossbreeding to produce the popular Irish Sport Horses which excel at the highest levels of events like show jumping. They are athletic and full of energy with magnificent, robust bodies.

It has a distinct cream gold color and a white glossy mane with amber eyes. The Suffolk Punch is an English breed of draft horse.

The Suffolk Punch is the oldest native horse breed found in Britain. These are the top draft horse breeds from across the globe.

This is a list of my ten favorite heavy draft horses, with a “bonus breed” at the bottom. It is such a shame that these amazingly gentle, calm, and sweet-natured horses have been bred for purposes such as pulling heavy artillery in warfare and hard laborious tasks such as haulage, forestry, and agricultural work.

A breed that has become infamous for their incredible strength and size, coupled with their beauty and steady, docile, and friendly personalities, has won the hearts of many equine enthusiasts. The tallest horse ever recorded is a Shire horse called Noddy, who stands at 20.2 hands, though normally Shires stand between 16 and 17 hands and weigh around 2000-2400 pounds.

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This breed originated from England, but quickly gained popularity worldwide as an excellent working horse. Percheron horses originate from Western France and are an intelligent, hard-working type who have the tranquil nature of most heavy breeds.

They vary in size, ranging from 15.1 and 18.1 hands and weighing anywhere from 1900-2600 pounds. The exact ancestry of this breed is unknown, but it has been suggested that Arabian and Boutonniere horses were bred to create the Percheron.

Although this breed is stocky, well-muscled, and remarkably strong, they are also graceful and elegant and have drawn many admirers. Clydesdale horses originated from Scotland, where they are still commonly used as haulage and agricultural workhorses.

As well as being used to create other breeds, Clydesdale horses have been used as drum horses by the British cavalry, as they have an unfailingly strong bond to their owners and will obey demands to their last breath. Standing between 16-18 hands and weighing 1900-2200 lbs, this breed is an impressively strong creature characterized by friendliness and intelligence.

Belgium or “Bra bent” draft horses are another sweet, amiable breed who have been used for purposes including war, agricultural, haulage, and mine horses. The breed is known to be stubborn, but also clam, friendly, and docile.

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They are incredibly intelligent and are becoming more popular; their numbers are increasing to reflect this. The Suffolk Punch is a beautiful, intelligent, and amiable breed that is sadly currently listed as endangered.

In appearance, it is similar to a large, more heavily built Harbinger horse, to which it is closely related. It is also one of the oldest breeds in existence and has been documented in the early 16th Century.

They generally stand around 16.1-17.2 hands in height, and weigh between 1980 and 2200 lbs. They were used by the Romania people of Great Britain to pull the “caravans” in which they lived.

They are extremely intelligent and docile animals, who are renowned for their pie-bald, pinto pattern, and heavy feathering on their legs from the knees down. They usually stand at 13-16.2 hands and are very popular for their willingness to help and wonderful temperament.

Vladimir horses, as you may be able to guess, originated from Russia, and were created through the breeding of heavy draft breeds such as Percheron and Clydesdale horses. Although this breed usually weighs around 1870 lbs and stands about 15.1-16.1 hands, these horses are incredibly fast and athletic, despite their size and weight.

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They are known to have a remarkably wonderful temperament as well as being intelligent, friendly, and inquisitive. Although less popular than the better-known breeds mentioned above, Australian draft horses have been noted as strong, hardy and intelligent animals who make great companions and date back to around 1854.

They measure up to 17.2 hands and weigh around 1980 lbs, being lighter and smaller generally than the pure Shire horses, but no less friendly or calm in their nature. These horses can shift astonishingly heavy loads, whilst maintaining an elegant, calm nature.

They are brilliantly intelligent, lively, bright, and stunningly beautiful horses. They are smaller than most heavy draft breeds, standing at 15.2-16.2 hands and weighing roughly 1700 lbs.

In my opinion pantaloons a cross between Appaloosas and paints are one of the prettiest horses We farmed with a great team of Percheron mares during 1943-1950.

MIA Jasper from Ljubljana, Slovenia, EU on April 26, 2014: A friend of ours used to raise Belgians and I could spend hours watching them frolic and graze.

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